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Searching for top destinations to spend 4 days in Spain? – Look no further, here´s my ultimate list of destinations to plan your trip like a local.

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Planning a 4-day Itinerary in Spain

To begin with, I have a lot of personal experience with 4-day itineraries in Spain. Over my 15 expat years on the Iberian Peninsula, most of my trips lasted 3-4 days.

First, it happened because my husband had a 9 to 5 job and we mostly traveled on public holidays. Nevertheless, after having the kids, I quickly realized that a 4-day-long trip actually feels like a perfect time frame for a family getaway in Spain. You can pack light while bringing only the must-haves for the little ones. Plus, the vacation somehow always ends up on a high note (since you do not get to the point of being homesick or getting used to being on the road).

Almost all my 4-day getaways on the Iberian Peninsula have ended on the list of favorite travel experiences in Spain. So, lately, I have been trying to plan more 4-day itineraries to explore defferent Spanish provinces myself.

Of course, if you are coming from Australia or the US, you will want to spend in Spain at least a few weeks. However, if being based in Europe, I´d rather plan several 4-day itineraries in a few months than see it all at once.

Especially, since Spain is such a diverse country in terms of landscapes, food, and even local languages. So, a trip focused on one single region ends up being way more immersive and memorable. Yes, having one long itinerary for Spain often helps to make a general impression, cause you get to see a bit of everything. However, spending 4 days in one Spanish region makes you attentive to details and offers an opportunity to explore lesser-known local landmarks beyond the classy Spain Bucket List.

For those of you planning to spend 4 days in Spain, I´ve put up this quick list of 10 epic Spanish destinations. Half of them are well-established on the tourist track, while the rest are lesser-known places to avoid the touristy side of Spain.

Where to spend for 4 days in Spain: Popular Destinations

1. Madrid

Why to visit Madrid

For me, Madrid is always a good idea. It is one of the best places in Spain to enjoy cultural tours and iconic museums. No wonder that I have already lost count of my visits to the city.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the center of all the national roads. Many famous people used to live in Madrid, from Miguel de Cervantes and Francisco Goya to Ernest Hemingway (who even describes Madrid and El Botin restaurant in his famous novel Fiesta or The Sun Also Rises in English). Madrid´s Street Gran Via is known as Spanish Broadway and the world´s capital of Spanish-language musicals. Plus, the city has lots of unique museums and vibrant flamenco performances to enjoy all year round.

Nevertheless, not only is the Spanish capital a great city-break pick, but it is also known as a perfect starting point for exploring some of the iconic Spanish landmarks nearby – like the Alcazar of Segovia, the walls of Avila, and the Escorial Monastery.

The only drawback of Madrid is the summer heat in July and August. I have visited the city in summer a few times and the dry heat of central Spain feels a bit annoying. So, if you can schedule this trip for late spring/early autumn – it would be the best.

How to spend 4 days in Madrid

I suggest you spend at least one day in the city and then plan a few iconic day trips to the landmarks near Madrid. For more details on things to see and do check out my articles – One Day in Madrid and How to Spend an Epic Weekend in Madrid.

Here are the top picks for Madrid Day Trips:

Also, spending One day in Valencia could be a great addition to your 4-day Madrid Itinerary. Both cities are connected by a high-speed train and there are lots of budget-friendly tickets available (especially on the weekdays).

For more travel inspiration on Madrid and its surroundings check out my posts 7-day Madrid Road Trip Itinerary, Madrid to Barcelona Road Trip, and Madrid to Valencia Road Trip.

weekend in madrid day trips
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Madrid
one day in madrid market spain
One Day in Madrid – exploring local food markets
puerta alcala madrid
How to Spend an Epic Weekend in Madrid

2. Valencia

Why to visit Valencia

Valencia is another great place to enjoy 4 days in Spain. Under the hashtag Valencia, you can find tons of travel tips on the city & region (since it’s been my home in Spain for almost 15 years).

Valencia is internationally famous as the birthplace of Spanish paella and its futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. Plus, Valencia´s Cathedral is home to the Holy Grail (the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper) and the region was the birthplace of the famous Borgia family.

The best part about Valencia is that it´s located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, which makes the city a great destination all year round. While summer is the peak season for Valencia, the city is also considered one of the top winter-sun destinations in Spain.

How to spend 4 days in Valencia

I suggest you spend one to two days exploring the city. For the detailed itinerary head to my article How to spend a weekend in Valencia. Then, you can also plan a few Valencia day tours to explore the region.

My top picks for guided experiences in Valencia & its surroundings would be:

For more ideas on the landmarks near Valencia, check out my posts Valencia Day trips by train, Valencia Road Trip, Valencia to Alicante Road Trip and One Week in Valencia.

Valencia 4 days in Spain
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Valencia
lonja de seda valencia
How to Spend an Epic Week in Valencia
Peñiscola Day Tours from Valencia
Peñiscola – one of the most popular Valencia Day Trips

3. Barcelona

Why to visit Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain for international travelers.

Personally, I prefer Madrid to Barcelona, but millions would disagree with me. Barcelona is especially great for the fans of the modernist architecture and Gaudi buildings. Less well-known alternatives to Barcelona would be the other Catalan cities Reus, Tarragona, and Tortosa. Also, you can travel to Girona and plan a Costa Brava road trip during these 4 days in Spain.

From the drawbacks of Barcelona, I would name the overcrowdedness and pickpocketing (not that there are no pickpocketers in other Spanish cities, but Barcelona is a whole new level of crime these days). Also, you might face occasional protests in Barcelona, as happened during our last trip to Cambrils (when even the airport was blocked).

How to spend 4 days in Barcelona

You can easily spend all of the 4 days in Barcelona. However, I suggest you enjoy 2 days in the city and plan a few exciting day trips. For the Barcelona itinerary, check out my article about our Barcelona weekend with the kids.

Cool Barcelona day trip ideas not to miss:

Alternatively, you can follow this Costa Brava Road Trip itinerary from Girona or Barcelona.

barcelona barrio gotico
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Barcelona
kayaking in spain adventure travel
Costa Brava – one of the best places for Kayaking in Spain
caduques spain with child seaside
Cadaques – one of the most beautiful small towns in Spain

4. Mallorca

Why to visit Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the top Spanish islands.

I especially love it as a family-friendly destination in Spain. However, Mallorca is a great match for any traveler. Especially for people who appreciate blue see-through waters, beaches, and gorgeous cliffs.

Mallorca´s Sierra Tramuntana area belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, while the Cathedral in La Palma is considered one of the most beautiful religious sites in Spain. Last time in Mallorca, I especially enjoyed visiting Valldemossa – a cute village where George Sand and Frederic Chopin lived for a year.

How to spend 4 days in Mallorca

To learn more about top things to see and do on the island, head to my recent Mallorca itinerary with kids.

Cool experiences not to miss in Mallorca:

Cathedral visit Mallorca Spain
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Mallorca
mallorca port palma spain
Enjoying a family trip to Mallorca
mallorca cap de forentor cliffs in spain
Sierra Tramuntana is known for some of the most beautiful cliffs in Spain

5. Seville

Why to visit Seville

Seville is one of my favorite cities in Spain and one of the most romantic places across the country. It has a bit of everything Spain globally ranks for – vibrant Moorish architecture, Baroque churches, cute tiled patios, delicious tapas, and vibrant flamenco outfits and gifts.

The only thing you need to know about Seville is that you should pick the season carefully. Check out this article of mine to choose the best time to visit Seville.

How to spend 4 days in Seville

To enjoy 4 days in Seville, you can spend one or two days in the city and then explore the nearest landmarks via day trips. For the Seville itinerary check out this post.

Best Seville day trips not to miss:

seville Southern Spain road trip
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Seville
Seville Travel tours
Real Alcazar of Seville – one of the top storybook places in Spain
fans seville gifts handmade spain
DeAnita fans from Seville – some of the most unique gifts from Spain

Where to go for 4 days in Spain: Lesser-Known Destinations

1. The Basque Country

Why to visit The Basque Country

The Basque Country is a free-spirited land located on the territories of both modern Spain and France. Its main capitals Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz, and San Sebastian are in Spain, while Bayonne is already in France. Many of you might already know The Basque Country as one of the most spectacular GOT filming locations in Spain.

This region is considered one of the top dining destinations around the world, with pintxo (a delicious small bite laid in front of you in local bars) being a must-try.

Also, The Basque Country is a peculiar place from a cultural point of view. The official local language, Euskera, is one of the oldest ones spoken in Europe and has no clear links to other EU languages. 

The only potential drawback when it comes to The Basque country is the weather since it is one of the rainiest places in Spain. Nevertheless, it is still a popular getaway destination during the hot Spanish summers for many.

How to spend 4 days in The Basque Country

You can not miss two main cities of the Basque Country – Bilbao and San Sebastian. Both deserve at least one full day and have recently become quite popular among international travelers. Nevertheless, the whole region has lots of places that can be considered hidden gems in Spain.

San Sebastian is one of my favorite places in Spain, you can check out my one-day itinerary for San Sebastian in this post and then combine it with this Basque country road trip.

Top experiences not to miss in the Basque Country:

basque country itinerary bermeo
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: The Basque Country
pintos in the Basque Country
Trying pintxos in the Basque Country
spanish landmarks gaztelugatxe
Gaztelugatxe – one of the most famous GOT filming locations in Spain

2. Asturias

Why to visit Asturias

Asturias is one of the lesser-known destinations in Spain, located in the North of the Iberian Peninsula.

The region is known for its crucial role in Spanish history and houses one of the top National Parks Picos de Europa. The famous Reconquista (when the Christians took the country back from the Moors) started here, in Covadonga/Asturias back in 718. For more historical insights, you can check out my list of Top Spain Documentaries.

The only drawback of Asturias is that it is also a rainy destination, which might completely mess up your hiking plans for these 4 days in Spain (like it happened to me last time).

How to spend 4 days in Asturias

To spend 4 days in Asturias, you can dedicate one day to the region’s capital city of Oviedo and then follow my 3-day Itinerary for Asturias.

Asturias ALC covadonga spain bucket list
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Asturias
asturias road trip northern spain
Cudillero – one of the most beautiful villages of Asturias
Asturias Best Beaches Northern Spain: 3 Beaches to Awaken Your Wanderlust
Playa del Silencio – one of the most unique beaches in Northern Spain

3. The Spanish Pyrenees

Why to visit the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is one of the most epic destinations for all nature lovers in Spain. It is such a spectacular mountain range separating Spain and France. In the Pyrenees, you will find some of the highest peaks and spectacular hikes of the Iberian Peninsula.

The Spanish Pyrenees is another one of my all-time favorite destinations in Spain. In summer, it is popular for hiking, and in winter – for skiing in Spain. I have already visited the Pyrenees during all seasons and it has always been an epic experience. Under the hashtag Pyrenees you will find my numerous travel stories & tips.

How to spend 4 days in the Pyrenees

To marvel at the most spectacular landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula during these 4 days in Spain, follow my Pyrenees Road Trip: An Ultimate 4-Day Itinerary

spanish pyrenees road trip itinerary
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: The Pyrenees
spanish pyrenees with kids mountains
5 Epic Reasons to Visit the Spanish Pyrenees with Kids
spanish pyrenees road trip itinerary - tirolina valle de tena zip line
The Pyrenees is a great destination for Adventurous activities in Spain

4. Almeria

Why to visit Almeria

Almeria is the lesser-known region of the famous Andalusia province, set in the South East of Spain. It is known as the Spanish Wild West from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966), the land of Dothraki in Game of Thronesand the Arabic deserts in Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

This is the only place in Europe where you can channel your inner cowboy while walking the streets of a Wild West Town.

How to spend 4 days in Almeria

To check out the list of Almeria landmarks, head to my Almeria Holiday Guide.

Top experiences not to miss in Almeria:

Wild-West-Almeria Spain 4-days itinerary
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Almeria
Wild West Almeria adventurous things in Spain
Walking the streets of a Wild West Town in Almeria
Playa de los Muertos – one of the lesser-known beaches in Spain

5. Murcia

Why to visit Murcia

Murcia is mostly known in Spain for its vegetables, meat industry, and the unique salt lagoon of Mar Menor. The region houses popular national feasts – Semana Santa de Lorca and Caballos del vino de Caravaca.

One of my favorite experiences in the Murcia region was visiting the city of Cartagena, known for some of the most stunning Roman ruins.

How to spend 4 days in Murcia

To spend 4 days in the Murcia region, I suggest you leave at least one full day for the cities of Cartagena and Lorca.

For me, a half-day in Murcia city was enough (but you can easily spend one day in the region´s capital too). Then, you can dedicate another day to exploring the closest natural wondersGredas de Bolnuevo and Geoda de Pulpi.

Additionally, you can visit the prettiest white village in the whole of AndalusiaMojacar (technically it belongs to the nearest Almeria province, but it can be easily combined with other Murcia landmarks).

Top Murcia experiences not to miss:

things to do in murcia region spain
Where to spend 4 days in Spain: Murcia
gredas de bolnuevo murcia spain
Gredas de Bolnuevo – one of the top otherworldly landscapes in Spain
lorca secret museums in spain
MuBBla – one of the secret museums in Spain

I hope that this quick guide has helped you choose a perfect vacation spot to enjoy these 4 days in Spain. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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