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Planning to enjoy a weekend in Reus? – Check the details of my recent trip to the region of Tarragona, full of inspiring things to see and do in Reus.

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Visiting Reus

Reus is one of the main cities of the Tarragona province, located in the heart of the Costa Dorada region of the Catalonia autonomous community in Spain.

What is Reus known for

The small town of Reus is a must-stop on every Tarragona road trip. It is one of the most unique places in the Catalonia region since Reus was the birthplace of Antonio Gaudi, one of the most famous Spaniards ever.

Also, Reus is known as the Spanish capital of Vermouth. The city has a long-rooted tradition of drinking vermut: back in the 19th century, Reus was one of its biggest producers in the world.

Last but not least, Reus is famous for the second-largest number of modernist buildings in Catalonia, after Barcelona. All of these unique locations form the route “Ruta del Modernismo de Reus” (you can get the route map at the Reus Tourist Office).

Fans of adventurous activities in Spain can not miss Reus either, since this town is one of the Spanish rock climbing hubs, known for its gyms, like Monobloc and Slab.

Where to stay in Reus

For this weekend in Reus, we picked Brea’s Hotel, located outside of the city. Mostly, because we planned to spend only one day in the city and dedicate another one to Reus day trips. There are lots of great hotels to book in Reus and its surroundings: like NH Ciutat de Reus, Hotel Centre Reus, and Sant Jordi.

Weekend in Reus

To begin with, we spent the first day of our weekend in Reus exploring the city, and the second – discovering a few nearest landmarks of the Tarragona region.

Reus Weekend: Day 1 – The City of Reus

Top things to see and do in Reus

Tourist Office & Gaudi Center

The town of Reus gave the world one of the most unique architects – the famous Antonio Gaudi. His fairy-tale-looking buildings are always opening the list of top Spanish landmarks and it’s impossible to miss them out on a trip to Barcelona.

A great place to start sightseeing in Reus is the Gaudi Center (located at Plaza de la Llibertat central square), where you can learn a lot about the unique style and approach of the famous architect.

The Tourist Office is also located within the same building, so you can ask for a map of local landmarks and even book a few tours. Within a 5-min walk from the Gaudi Center, you will find the tiny house where Antonio Gaudi used to live as a child (even though you can not visit the interiors, since it is private property) and the monument to the young Gaudi, called El nen.

gaudi center reus Places to visit in tarragona things to see and do in reus
Gaudi Center – One of the top things to see and do in Reus
gaudi birthplace House catalonia spain weekend in Reus
The house of Antonio Gaudi in Reus
gaudi landmarks spain Reus weekend
“El nen”- a monument to young Gaudi near his former house in Reus
The Modernist Buildings

One of the must-have experiences of the Reus weekend is a walking route of the local modernist buildings, called Ruta del Modernismo de Reus (you can get the full map at the tourist office).

The most emblematic modernist buildings of Reus are Casa Navas, Casa Bartolí, Casa Querol, Casa Rull, and Casa Munné. I recommend you book your tickets to Casa Navas a few days in advance since they allow guided visits only.

Outside the city center of Reus, you will find Instituto Pere Mata – a psychiatric facility built in 1898, which is considered one of the jewels of Art Noveau. It was a work of Lluis Domenech i Montaner, one of the most significant figures of European architecture. He had also worked at Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona.

modernist architecture reus weekend
Casa Navas – one of the must-stops during any weekend in Reus
pere mata reus modernist
Institut Pere Mata – one of the top modernist gems of Reus
Vermouth Tradition in Reus

Every Reus weekend should involve some vermouth-tasting experiences (or vermut in Spanish).

This drink has a long-rooted tradition in Reus: back in the 19th century, Reus was one of the biggest producers of vermouth in the world. These days you can visit the Rofes Vermut factory, Estació Enològica, or simply enjoy a few original drinks at El Museu del Vermut.

During our Reus weekend, we only had time for El Museu del Vermut, but really enjoyed dinner and drinks there (go right after the opening since the place tends to get full quickly).

vermut spain catalonia weekend in reus
Tasting local vermouth during our Reus weekend

Reus Weekend: Day 2 – Siurana & Cartuixa Escalardei

We dedicated the second day of our weekend in Reus to a day trip across the region to visit the village of Siurana and the ruins of the ancient monastery of Cartuixa Escalardei.


Siurana is one of the most beautiful small towns in the whole province of Tarragona, conveniently located only 40 km away from Reus.

Years ago, it was all over the international media as “the Spanish small town that has rejected the most beautiful village title” (the local authorities explained their decision with the fact that they were already receiving way too many tourists).

In case you have read any of those headers, let me express my personal opinion, – I feel like it was a translation error. That´s to say: Siurana might have refused the title of “one of the most beautiful villages in Spain” (officially this list includes 105 places on the Iberian Peninsula) – but that’s it. This small town is beautiful, but it can t really cope with the Top 10 Beautiful Spanish Villages.

Nevertheless, you will not regret visiting Siurana, since this tiny Catalan town has a stunning hilltop location and will provide you with some magical panoramic views.

siurana Spain places to visit in Tarragona region
Visiting Siurana – one of the must-stops in the region of Tarragona

Cartuixa Escalardei

Cartuixa Escalardei is known as the first Carthusian monastery on the Iberian Peninsula. Set in a quiet valley, this place was a perfect refuge where the monks followed a life of silence and prayers.

The charterhouse was founded in 1194, thanks to a concession from Alfonso the Chaste in order to establish a settlement in recently conquered lands. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, Cartuixa Escalardei went through the times of its biggest splendor. However, in the first half of the 19th century, these lands were confiscated from the Church and this led to the abandonment and deep degradation of the complex.

Recently, Cartuixa Escalardei went through restoration work, since the monastery was in a really bad state and there was a huge risk of losing the original building. We were lucky to visit the day local authorities inaugurated the recent church makeover, the entrance was free, but the monastery was really crowded.

escalardei tarragona landmarks spain
Cartuixa Escalardei – the first Carthusian monastery of the Iberian Peninsula

Top hikes near Reus:

If you enjoy occasional walks with nature and love testing new Spanish hikes, here are a few unique trails you can enjoy on a Reus day trip:

deltebre tarragona catalonia natural park
Deltebre – one of the most unique places to visit in Catalonia

More Day Trips from Reus:

Unique experiences near Reus:

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