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The Spanish Province of Asturias is one of my favorite regions in the whole country. It is a rare combination of natural wonders like ocean cliffs, hidden beaches, crystal lakes or foggy mountains, together with some of the most charming villages I´ve seen in my life. Significantly less touristic than Costa Brava or the South of Spain, Asturias offers its visitors a whole heap of amazing things to do. You´ll be spoilt for choice.

However, if I were you – I´d definitely start exploring the region with these top 6 most beautiful villages in Asturias.

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Asturias: Spain´s Best-Kept Secret

Asturias is often called Spain´s best-kept secret! Green forests, beautiful valleys, stunning coastline, charming little villages… and more hidden gems you won´t find in a tourist guidebook.

That´s the best thing about the lesser-known destinations: visiting somewhere that feel authentic and undiscovered makes every day of your trip a little bit of adventure.

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The weather is the only thing that might get in your way. In Asturias, it rains quite often (even in summer). You should always have a good jacket with you.

Nevertheless, if you´re a nature lover – Asturias will leave you speechless.

During our trip to Northern Spain, we´ve spent 4 days driving around and exploring Asturias. Sometimes we were lucky with the weather, like it happened in Basque Country, but mostly we were not… Look at the next picture: I was visiting the Lakes of Covadonga or at least trying my best. That thick fog was in July! I was able to touch the water but not to see an actual lake. Not to mention the whole driving experience…

Rain, fog and unfriendly weather in Asturias, Spain
So when does summer start? – You’re in Asturias, my friend...

But that´s a part of any travel experience, isn´t it? Things don´t always go as planned, routes evolve and destinations change. Despite the weather constantly messing up with us, we were still able to visit some of the most amazing beaches before we got to the rural little towns. These have completely stolen my heart.

The Most Beautiful Villages in Asturias


Cudillero is often called the most picturesque fishing village on the Asturian coast. And here I couldn´t agree more – it is definitely my favorite one. Despite being quite touristic, it has a very relaxing atmosphere, hidden in between the sheer cliffs and the Atlantic ocean

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Colorful houses, tiny streets, and great seafood restaurants – Cudillero has it all. In order to get some nice panoramic views and explore the city, I had no choice but to walk upstairs and downstairs all the time: the next day I could feel every muscle in my legs. But it was definitely worth it.

Cudillero is, for sure, one of the most colorful villages in Spain.

Panoramic views of Cudillero in Asturias, Spain


A wonderful little village, full of white houses and this traditional marine charm Northern Spain is famous for. It looked even more beautiful as we´ve finally spotted the sun (even though it was for 30 min) after 4 rainy days in Asturias.

Houses and colorful boats in Luarca, Asturias, Spain
river and houses in Luarca, Asturias, Spain
Colorful flower pots in Luarca, Asturias, Spain


Compared to the other coastal towns in Asturias, Llanes appeared to me the most touristic one. Or at least its streets had significantly more people on the day we visited. Nevertheless, it is still a very charming town and you could find lots of paradise beaches, stunning hiking routes and some of the greatest seafood restaurants in the area.

Llanes, Asturias, Spain
Flowers and plants in Llanes, Asturias, Spain
boats in Llanes, Asturias, Spain


Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Lastres is another traditional fisherman´s village, which has recently turned into an ultimate touristic destination. Don´t miss the views from the Mirador de San Roque, you could even spot the Picos de Europa National Park in the background. And keep in mind, Lastres is also all about walking upstairs & downstairs.

Lastres one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias, Spain


This hidden pearl is located in the bay formed by the estuary of the Sella river. Ribadesella has a long promenade – a great place to grab a coffee and breathe in the ocean. You could also find several scenic viewpoints. Nearby beaches surrounded by steep cliffs reminded me of Iceland.

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Near Ribadesella, you can find a very peculiar cave – Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua. It can be traversed on foot or by car and it provides access to the small town of the same name.

Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain
Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua in Asturias, Spain
Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua

6.Cangas de Onis

Located near the Picos de Europa National Park, Cangas de Onis is most famous for its Roman Bridge with “Cruz de la Victoria” in the middle. However, it is also a great place to shop for a traditional delicatessen or, if you like meat, to enjoy an amazing steak in one of the local restaurants.

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This area is famous for cattle farming, so drive carefully (especially when heading towards the Lakes of Covadonga) cause cows literally jump to the road.

Cangas de Onis in Spain
Cangas de Onis

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The most beautiful and colorful villages in Asturias, Spain

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