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The Spanish Province of Asturias is one of my favorite regions in the whole country, let´s check the most beautiful villages in Asturias that simply belong on every Spain Bucket List.

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Visiting Asturias

About Asturias

Asturias is a Spanish autonomous community, located in the North of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of my favorite places in the whole country and an absolute must-stop on every Northern Spain Road Trip.

The region of Asturias has an important place in the Spanish history. The famous Reconquista(when the Christians took the country back from the Moors) started here, in Covadonga. To learn more – check my list of Top Spain Documentaries. Till the present day, the heirs to the Spanish throne are given the honorable title of Prince or Princess of Asturias following this sacred 1300s tradition.

The most iconic place in Asturias is Picos de Europa, one of the oldest National Parks in Spain, known for some of the most stunning trails in Spain, like Ruta del Cares.

Traditional food in Asturias

The most typical dishes of Asturias are fabada (a bean stew), cachopo (was one of my 2023 favorites in Spain), the Cabrales cheese (one of the top Food Souvenirs from Spain), casadiella (typical local dessert), and tarta de frixuelos (a cake from pancakes). The most typical local drink is sidra (e.g. cider), across the region of Villaviciosa you will find lots of apple tree fields.

Landscapes&legends of Asturias

Thanks to the endless local greenery, Asturias is home to some Spanish magical forestsRobledal de Muniellos (the biggest oak groove in Spain) and Hayedo de Montegrande. The region is also known for some unique Spanish legends, full of mythological creatures, like Busgosu (the protector of the forests) and Les Xanes (the fairies, spirits of nature).

Exploring the charming villages in Asturias was one of my favorite experiences during our stunning Asturias road trip. Let´s check these top 6 villages in Asturias you must see with your own eyes.

The Most Beautiful Villages in Asturias

1. Cudillero

Cudillero is often called the most picturesque fishing village on the Asturian coast. And here I couldn´t agree more – it is definitely my favorite one. Despite being quite touristy, it has a very relaxing atmosphere, hidden in between the sheer cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean. 

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Colorful houses, tiny streets, and great seafood restaurants – Cudillero has it all. In order to get some nice panoramic views and explore the city, I had no choice but to walk upstairs and downstairs all the time: the next day I could feel every muscle in my legs. But it was definitely worth it.

Also, Cudillero is known as one of the most colorful villages in Spain and is a popular stop on every Northern Spain road trip.

Panoramic views of Cudillero in Asturias, one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Cudillero – one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
cudillero northern spain
Visiting Cudillero during our stunning Asturias road trip

2. Luarca

Luarca is another one of the most unique places to visit in Asturias. This small town was home to Severo Ochoa, the winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The most unique place in Luarca is its tiny port, full of colorful boats. Another peculiar landmark in Luarca is the bridge Puente del Beso, known for one of the most romantic Spanish legends – the story of the pirate Cambaral.

Houses and colorful boats in Luarca, one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Luarcaone of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
river and houses in Luarca, one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Luarca – one of the top places to visit in Asturias

3. Llanes

Compared to the other coastal towns in Asturias, Llanes felt less touristy. Yet it is another top-charming Spanish small town, where you could find lots of paradise beaches, stunning hiking routes, and some of the greatest seafood restaurants in the area.

Llanes, one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Llanesone of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Flowers and plants in Llanes, Asturias, Spain
Nature in Llanes
boats in Llanes, one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
The tiny port of Llanes – one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias

4. Lastres

Often called one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Lastres is another traditional fisherman´s village, which has recently turned into an ultimate touristic destination.

Don´t miss the views from the Mirador de San Roque, you could even spot one of the top Spanish national parks, Picos de Europa, in the background. Keep in mind, that Lastres is also all about walking upstairs & downstairs. Nevertheless, during our last Asturias road trip, we enjoyed some snacks with views at a local restaurant El Mirador.

Lastres one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias, Spain
Lastresone of the most beautiful villages in Asturias

5. Ribadesella

This hidden pearl is located in the bay formed by the estuary of the Sella River. Ribadesella has a long promenade – a great place to grab a coffee and breathe in the ocean. You could also find several scenic viewpoints – Mirador de Ardines and Mirador de la Cuesta.

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Near Ribadesella, you can not miss Cueves, one of a few villages in the world that can be accessed exclusively via the cave of La Cuevona.

Ribadesella, one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Ribadesellaone of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua in Asturias, Spain
Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua

6. Cangas de Onis

Located near the Picos de Europa National Park, Cangas de Onis is one of the most famous places in Spanish history due to the famous Reconquista. One of its most iconic landmarks is the Roman Bridge with its Cruz de la Victoria in the middle. However, it is also a great place to shop for a traditional delicatessen or, if you like meat, to enjoy an amazing steak in one of the local restaurants.

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This area of Spain is famous for cattle farming, so drive carefully (especially when heading towards the Lakes of Covadonga) cause cows literally jump onto the road.

Cangas de Onis in Spain one of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
Cangas de Onisone of the most beautiful villages in Asturias
asturias spain nature
Evening Primrose in Cangas de Onis, for the fans of Flower Fields in Spain

More beautiful villages in Asturias:

  • Tazones
  • Arriondas
  • Puerto de Vega
  • Avilés
  • Candás
  • Bulnes
  • Salas
  • Cangas del Narcea
  • Taramundi

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