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There are some real-life fairy-tale places in Spain that will make you travel through time. Have you ever been tired of all those duties and routines that daily work-life entitles? How about jumping into the pages of a storybook for a while?

Magical castles, enchanted forests, medieval walls, incredible palaces, and other-worldly rock formations – if you think those exist only in children’s books, you’re quite mistaken!

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Fairy-tale places in Spain are my favorite kind of sights. There’s no other way to literally travel to a different dimension except stepping into a magical palace, hiking through the enchanted forest, or reading one of the fascinating Spanish legends.

Therefore, I’ve handpicked for you a few of my favorite fairy-tale places in Spain where children’s storybooks come to life.

Top Fairy-Tale Places in Spain

1. Alcazar de Segovia

No list of fairy-tale places in Spain could persist without dreamy Spanish castes. With a diverse history and traces of different civilizations, Spain is currently home to more than 2500 of them. Some are ranked among the most beautiful ones in Europe.

A few of the Spanish Castles have recently gained world fame as Game of Thrones filming locations, but GOT just cannot cover it all.

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The Alcazar of Segovia is rumored to have inspired Cinderella´s Castle, the eternal symbol of Disney. And there’s even more to the story here. Unlike many other Spanish Castles that simply served as fortresses, Alcazar de Segovia was home to the Spanish Royalty and has never been defeated. This castle is one of the top Spanish landmarks.

You can´t give me an argument on the fairytale look this place has, can you?!

Alcazar de Segovia

2. Parque Rural de Anaga

Did you know that there are a few magical forests in Spain that look completely out of this world? Parque Rural de Anaga (Tenerife, Spain) is the most enchanted-like one of all.

It is a beautiful natural park, full of top Spanish hiking trails with distinct levels of difficulty and length. One of them is even called Sendero El Bosque Encantado ( The Enchanted Forest Trail), so I was not the first one to pull up the fairy-tale comparison after all.

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By the way, if you’re into natural wonders and out-of-this-world landscapes, my all-time favorites here are definitely Iceland, New Zealand, Canary Islands, and Hawaii. Any other suggestions?!

Parque Rural de Anaga

3. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

During my trip to the Basque Country, Gaztelugatxe for sure was a bucket-list place. It is one of those otherworldly Spanish landscapes you should experience at least once in a lifetime. 241 steps (dating back to the X century) will take you to the Church of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe.

Gaztelugatxe is surrounded by myths, legends, and historical events: starting from the saint San Joan (after whom the church was named) to the pirates, wars, and even witch-hunting during the Spanish Saint Inquisition (witches would unite in the area to cast their spells).

Keep in mind that it is quite a hike to the top of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. You should wear comfortable shoes ( it rains quite often and the path might be slippery). Also, as the place has become very touristy (after being picked as one of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain)- you should book your entrance online in advance.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

4. The New Bridge in Ronda

Ronda is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and the third most visited city in the province of Andalucia. Ronda´s diverse history started with the Romans when it was first declared a city by Julius Caesar (the 1st century AD). Afterward, it went on through the Islamic era when the Moors invaded the region in the VIII century and remained in the area until the Spanish Reconquista of 1492.

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This multicultural history has left its traces on the city’s architecture. Some of the places you can’t miss are Acinipo Ruins, The Arabic baths (one of the best-preserved in Spain), Duquesa de Parcent Square, The Bullring, the Arabic walls, the city gates, and Mirador de Aldehuela.

Nevertheless, the most famous place in Ronda is its 98m high bridge. Puente Nuevo or The New Bridge was finished in 1793. It is one of the top photo locations in the area and one of the most unique Spanish landmarks. There are a few locations where you can get the best views of the New Bridge in Ronda.

The New Bridge in Ronda, Spain
The New Bridge in Ronda

5. The Enchanted city of Cuenca

The Enchanted City of Cuenca is an interesting storybook place to visit in Spain with kids. Our visit felt like something supernatural, I´d even say even other-worldly. All the rock figures looked like humans, objects, or animals: Mother Nature is definitely the best decorator on Earth.

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As a huge bonus comes the fact that The Enchanted city of Cuenca is still quite unknown internationally. This natural phenomenon is located 28 km from the city of Cuenca. It is definitely one of the top places to visit in Central Spain.

The region of Cuenca is a popular stop on every Madrid to Valencia road trip, but if you are into Spanish hidden gems – it´s honestly worth planning a whole Cuenca Road Trip.

Traveling with a baby to The Enchanted city of Cuenca in Spain
The Enchanted city of Cuenca
Peculiar rock formations at The Enchanted city of Cuenca in Spain

6. The Castle of Morella

There are many beautiful castles in Spain, but none of them has the same epic setting that Morella does. The whole landscape of this hidden gem in the Spanish province of Castellon belongs in a storybook.

Rising 984 meters above sea level and fortified by 2 km of walls, Morella has always been of great strategic importance throughout history. Its murals have seen various civilizations – Romans, Arabs, Christians… Therefore, all these cultural influences have given Morella its uniqueness. Gothic buildings, handicrafts, artisans, and antiques – the streets of Morella are full of alluring details.

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For such a small town, Morella is surprisingly full of monuments and museums, revealing its magnificent historical past. Tiempo de Dinosaurios Museum, Sant Francesc Castle, Sant Miquel Towers, Sexenni Museum, La Fuente Vieja Tower – all of the following places can be visited in a day. Besides, The City Council often hosts temporary expositions.

The Morella Castle looks amazing from the distance, but basically, the only remains of the castle are the murals themselves. For an extra fee, you could go all the way to the top and enjoy some panoramic views of the Castellon region.

Castle of Morella in Castellon, Spain
The Castle of Morella
morella fairy-tale places in spain
Visiting Morrella, one of the top gems of the Castellon Province

7. The Medieval walls of Avila

We´ve already seen castles, forests, and bridges on this list of fairy-tale places in Spain. But how about walking the Medieval walls of Avila?!

Many castles and medieval villages in Spain are surrounded by walls, but none are as impressive as those of Avila. Avila’s city walls are considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval walls in Europe and the city itself is one of Spain’s six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Therefore, the walls of Avila lead the list of the top national landmarks in Spain.

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This photo was taken from the Cuatro Postes viewpoint, which offers a fantastic view of the city and its walls. You can’t miss it because of the tourist buses, but the stop is worth it anyway.

Medieval Walls of Avila in Spain, as seen from Cuatro Postes Viewpoint
The Medieval walls of Avila – one of the top fairy-tale places in Spain

8. The Holy Cave of Covadonga in Asturias

Famous for its stunning natural landscapes and charming fishing villages, the Province of Asturias has stolen my heart during our last Asturias Road Trip.

The Holy Cave of Covadonga, The Collegiate Church, and The Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis are the most fairy-tale places in the area. However, the first one – the historic Christian holy place nestled within a spectacular natural cave – was the natural wonder that grabbed my attention the most.

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Covadonga has a huge place in Spanish history. It was where Christian forces of Iberia defeated the Moorish army, setting the beginning of the famous Reconquista. There’s a version of history telling that the statue of the Virgin Mary from this cave has miraculously helped Christians defeat their enemies.

Nowadays, the Holy Cave of Covadonga is still a place for religious pilgrimages.

Covadonga Holy cave
The Holy Cave of Covadonga
Visiting Covadonga during my last Asturias Road Trip

9. The Real Alcazar of Seville

The Real Alcazar of Seville was one of the highlights of my magical weekend in Seville. This landmark is an absolute must-stop on every Sothern Spain road trip.

Despite the grandiose structure of most Spanish castles, most of them are empty once you get inside. But there’s one place where you will definitely feel the magic flowing through your system – the Real Alcazar of Seville. The lively geometry of decorations and the Alcazar´s Devine gardens will teleport you to the pages of One Thousand and One Night.

The Real Alcazar of Seville is the residence of the Spanish Royal family in Seville, a UNESCO world heritage site and of course, one of the prettiest Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain. The complex was a work in process from the XI to the XVI century. Art lovers will end up in awe of the Mudejar architecture (which in my case, I first saw in Teruel and admired ever since).

Although the rooms inside the Real Alcazar are not furnished, this only highlights the stunningness of the magical wall tiles. Its garden is also some of the most beautiful ones in Spain.

Real Alcazar of Seville in Spain
Real Alcazar of Seville

10. El Hayedo de Otzarreta

Even though I could keep on talking about the castles and medieval villages forever, otherworldly landscapes also deserve a place on this list of top fairy-tale places in Spain. I loved El Hayedo de Otzarreta during our last Basque Country road trip.

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If you’re lucky enough to visit El Hayedo de Otzarreta (located in Gorbea Natural Park) during the fall season – this location might be the most magical one of the fairy-tale places in Spain. Photos simply don’t do this place justice.

So far, I’ve only been to El Hayedo de Otzarreta in August, but the landscape was still quite epic.

hayedo de otzarreta nature spain
El Hayedo de Otzarreta in The Basque Country

11. The Peracense Castle

The Peracense Castle is one of the most beautiful places in the Aragon region – it left me speechless during my 2022 Spanish travels.

The Castle of Peracense was built back in the 13th century on the base of a former Muslim fortress. Throughout Spanish history, it was a feudal castle, a prison, and an important fortress during the Carlist wars. The most stunning thing about The Peracense Castle is how it camouflages itself among the local red-colored landscapes. You can enjoy the best views of the castle from San Gineshill.

favourite travel experiences in Spain Peracense castle
The Peracense Castle – one of the most unique castles in Spain

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