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Thanks for stopping by, dear reader, and welcome at At Lifestyle Crossroads!

I´m Anna, a passionate world traveler and visual storyteller from Odessa, Ukraine. While roaming around the world is what sets my soul on fire, Spain is the country that holds my heart for the past 15 years.

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First time I visited Spain back in 2006 as a tourist and have been secretly dreaming to make it my home ever since. While living miles away, I´ve started learning Spanish, hitting popular books and newspapers, listening to trendy music bands, getting pen friends, and even catching up with football. Spain, together with its language and culture, has unexpectedly become my biggest hobby.

No wonder that when I was choosing a study-abroad program for my Master’s Degree in Business, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to combine my education with an expat life in Spain. So, I’ve packed my bags and jumped on a plane, excited to blend in with the locals and feel myself a Spaniard for a while.

Despite my love for Spain, I’ve initially planned to be a temporary resident here and to go on with my international career somewhere in Nothern Europe or in the States. But life is what happens while we are busy making other plans, isn´t it?

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By now you´ve already imagined that I’ve never left Spain. As someone said: Be careful what you wish for – it just might come true…

Matters of the heart and twist of fate have made me stay. Back in 2011 I started dating my future husband Carlos and in 2013 we’ve celebrated our big fat Spanish wedding. A new chapter in my life started and it marked the beginning of my Spanish travels.

There´s no better way to explore a country rather than being its resident. Your eye captures what´s hidden from the regular visitors. Additionally, being a part of the Spanish family has brought into my blog stories a bit of a local perspective. In the end, we´re all products of our surroundings, aren´t we?

Traveling across Spain is an essential part of my life. I’m never tired of discovering new places and destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. While I also love international travel, I believe we do not always need to go far to have our breath taken away.

Moreover, after I´ve visited every single province and major city in Spain, including its islands, I´m currently on a hunt for the places off the beaten path. Secret villages, magical castles, challenging hikes, beautiful beaches, and delicious local fiestas – Spain really has it all for a perfect vacation.

Let me provide you with a short escape from your daily routine and be your insider guide to Spain!

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Let´s share some Spanish Wanderlust along the way

It´s never too late to learn, question, explore and discover: curiosity is what really keeps us alive. Let´s leave no stone unturned and share some Spanish Wanderlust along the way!