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Getting a few unique gifts from Spain is one of the best ways to memorialize your Spanish adventures. So how about skipping the touristy souvenir shops and ordering a few handmade products straight from the Spanish artisans?

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Local and Handmade Spanish Souvenirs

For my Blog Series Spanish Gifts, I’ve created for you a quick sum up of my favorite gifts from Spain, locally made with joy, love, and care. Conscious travel is not only about leaving no trace and protecting the integrity of natural settings. A mindful traveler aspires for more… so how about leaving a good trace behind you, while supporting local craftspeople in Spain?.

Unlike mass-produced souvenirs, each handmade gift from Spain is one and only, a piece of craft unique in its own way. To a certain extent a handmade product is the only way to have a real piece of Spain at home. Especially since these days it´s the local artisans preserving traditional arts and crafts of different Spanish regions.

The soulful touch of these Spanish handmade gifts can never be replaced by any machine, every craft is meant to share the story.

Let´s discuss some of the most unique Spanish gifts to invest in.

The Most Unique Gifts from Spain

Handmade Spanish Fans

fans seville gifts handmade spain
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The tradition of the Spanish fans can be traced to the 15th century, no wonder that a local handmade fan is still considered one of the most unique gifts one can bring home from Spain. Plus, a cool draft of air might be a pleasant addition to any sightseeing plan in Spain.

The truth is that some of the Spanish fans are authentic works of art. Maria Jose from DeAnita creates some of the most unique fans I have ever seen across the Iberian Peninsula. All of her designs are hand-painted, full of light & colors, and inspired by the artsy feel of Seville. DeAnita fans are some of the coolest Seville souvenirs, for sure.

Shop DeAnita fans on Etsy

Spanish Wineskin

bota de vino Spain handmade gifts
Shop Jesus Blasco Botas de Vino on Etsy
handmade wineskin from spain
Shop Jesus Blasco Botas de Vino on Etsy

A Spanish wineskin or bota bag is one of the most versatile and traditional gifts from Spain.

This typical liquid receptacle is usually handmade from local leather and has been used across the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. Wineskin is largely associated with the Spanish festivities and sharing drinks among family & friends.

One of the best places to shop for authentic bota bags is Jesus Blasco Botas de Vino. This family-owned company was founded in Siguenza back in 1899 and keeps crafting the most authentic wineskin products for 5 generations.

Jesus Blasco Botas de Vino offers a wide range of unique handmade products and even customization services. Therefore, it is honestly hard to think of a more useful gift for any Spain lover.

Shop Jesus Blasco Botas de Vino on Etsy

Spanish Ceramics

Spanish ceramics Barcelona
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Spanish Ceramics from Barcelona Spain
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Spain is known for its long-rooted Ceramic tradition, with vibrant tiles and pottery being an unmissable attribute of the local interior.

The sun-kissed Barcelona is often associated with vivid designs, so it is no wonder that the colorful ceramic pieces make some of the best souvenirs from the Catalan capital.

My current ceramic favorites from Barcelona are TexturaCeramics and Ladysunflowers: both create unique pottery to spark joy and coziness in any home.

Looking for more Spain-themed gifts? – Here are some other places to shop for unique Spanish ceramic: AlfarTierraCocida, Chiquirabrand, CeramicaAmaya, OhMerricat, AnAmmano, and mceramicsoul.

Shop TexturaCeramics and Ladysunflowers on Etsy

Wooden Cooking Utensils from Spain

spanish souvenirs wooden cooking
Shop Spooncraft on Etsy

Ever since I tried preparing my first meal with handmade wooden utensils, it´s been a must-have in my kitchen. Unlike metal, wood does not conduct heat, melt, or burn. Plus, I also feel like the food tastes better if using natural tools in the process.

Wooden spoons and spatulas are environmentally friendly while helping us to reduce the load of non-biodegradable and toxic plastic. But the biggest perk of using wood is the warm rural beauty it effortlessly adds to any table.

Therefore, handmade wooden cooking utensils are some of the handiest gifts from Spain to use along with your favorite Spanish cookbook.

Jorge from Spoonscraft creates a wide range of handmade products in his Galician countryside workshop. He uses only local wood while embracing natural designs and timeless quality.

Shop Spooncraft on Etsy

Flamenco Gifts from Spain

best gifts from spain
Shop Illustrarte on Etsy or visit Illustrarte Amazon Storefront

Spain is often associated with vibrant and passionate flamenco outfits. But the truth is that you do not need to buy a professional outfit to glam up your Spanish look with the colorful flamenco vibes.

Malena from Illustrarte turned her passion for drawing into a collection of flamenco-inspired products. Creating designs with flamenco dancers has embraced her creative spirit while living in different places across the globe. Illustrarte products give anyone a chance to integrate the vibrant flamenco silhouettes into the daily dress code.

For professional flamenco outfits in Spain, you might want to check out Chassedance.

Shop Illustrarte on Etsy

Leather Cover for El Camino Pilgrim Credential

camino credential spanish souvenirs
Shop Quercur on Etsy

Walking El Camino de Santiago (or The Way of Saint James) belongs on every Spain Bucket List.

The Pilgrim´s Credential is one of its most essential attributes. It is a walker´s passport through El Camino for collecting official stamps along the way. A handmade leather cover is a handy way to protect these from any potential damage while keeping unique memories of The Way of Saint James for decades.

Jose Ramon from Quercur creates beautiful handmade leather products for everyday carry, knives, and even bushcraft. Aside from the wide range of leather goods, his workshop in Galicia creates memorable and personalized Spanish gifts for individuals or companies. You can also visit Quercur´s storefront at www.quercur.com

Shop Quercur on Etsy

Spanish Espadrilles

espadrilles spain valencia gifts
Shop CristinaLagardera on Etsy

One of the best ways to rock your summer in Spain is to get a pair of handmade Spanish espadrilles. Las alpargatas (the Spanish name for espadrilles) have their origins in the Spanish countryside, back when it was essential to have resistant footwear with a thick sole. At the same time, the warm temperatures of the Iberian Peninsula required significant breathability, so las alpargatas have been locals’ favorites dor centuries. Nevertheless, with time espadrilles evolved into a unique piece of stylish Mediterranean apparel worldwide.

Nowadays, a pair of locally-made espadrilles is one of the coolest Valencia gifts to elevate any look. While espadrilles are largely produced by different brands all over the world, there is still nothing like a handmade pair from Spain. CristinaLagardera creates a wide range of colorful handmade espadrilles from Valencia.

Shop CristinaLagardera on Etsy

Handmade Bags from Spain

bags seville souvenirs spain
Shop YamilaLeatherGoods on Etsy
fallera bag valencia handmade gifts from spain
La Fallera Bag by Cuartito de los Trastos

The bags that are not produced by industrial machines are more durable and full of unique design features. So, there´s honestly no better place for storing your favorite travel beauty essentials on the go.

My two current favorites are YamilaLeatherGoods and Cuartito de los Trastos, both fitting the bill when it comes to the best ladies’ gifts from Spain.

YamilaLeatherGoods is a family-owned company from Seville, that creates beautiful bags from vegetable-tanned leather while preserving the artisan techniques of the region and hand-painting every single bag.

Cuartito de los Trastos is focused on embracing the artsy heritage of Las Fallas feast, through the creation of vibrant la fallera bags from premium-quality silk. These are pieces of art able to elevate any look or handy to express admiration for the Valencian culture and traditions.

Shop YamilaLeatherGoods and Cuartito de los Trastos on Etsy

Spanish Wall Art

wall art barcelona spain
Shop MacarenaOrtega on Etsy

There is no better way to set a Spain-inspired atmosphere in any room, than getting a few vivid wall art prints.

MacarenaOrtega offers a wonderful collection of artworks, inspired by the most picture-perfect corners of Spain. Her prints are based on the original paintings created with a mixture of styles, techniques, and materials: inks, watercolor, and acrylic.

In the MacarenaOrtega Etsy store, you can find something for every taste: from urban sketches of Barcelona to the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees.

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