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One of the top places on my travel bucket list that never goes out of style is for sure the famous island of Ibiza. Check all the things to do during an epic Ibiza vacation. Most of the places were suggested to me by a local friend, so take notes of the secrets of Ibiza!

A Perfect Ibiza Vacation

Visiting Ibiza

People think Ibiza is only “party all day and all night”. But the truth is that except those rave summer months, Ibiza is a natural paradise all year around. I´ve currently been to Ibiza three times and still willing to travel back. The fact that it could literally be a day trip from my hometown Valencia definitely helps.

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Nevertheless, you can find good flight deals for Ibiza from most of European counties including Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, France, Belgium, and Norway. You just need to keep an eye on those seasonal offers.

Alternatively, in summer Ibiza can be reached from Barcelona, Valencia, or Denia by ferry.

Beautiful pink sunset with a siluet

Best time to go

Summer is definitely the peak season for nightlife, restaurants, beaches and pretty much everything else Ibiza has to offer to its visitors.

For me, May or September (sometimes even October) are the coolest months for an Ibiza vacation. The weather is still quite summer-like and the crowds are not there anymore (or not there yet). Last time I went in September and we rented a quad to tour the whole island: it was absolutely amazing.

Ibiza Vacation: An Ultimate MustDo List

Just to make sure you won´t miss anything out, I´ve handpicked for you a few essential experiences that you absolutely must go through during your Ibiza vacation.

1. Discover Dalt Villa / The old city of Ibiza 

Dalt Villa, Ibiza, Spain
Dalt Villa on the background

There´s no Ibiza vacation without a visit to its Old City Center. Honestly, every time I visit Ibiza I just can´t help it but have a walk through one of its most famous landmarks – Dalt Villa.

From the top, you could also enjoy some views across the Ibiza town. Although my favorite part is definitely walking through Dalt Villa´s old narrow streets and exploring the neighborhood – gift shops, hidden courtyards, and local architecture.

2. Las Dalias /A Hippie Market of Sant Carlos

Las Dalias Hippie Market of Sant Carlos in Ibiza, Spain
Hippie Market

Ibiza has a strong artistic heritage which could be traced back to the 60s when artisans and designers literally gravitated to this Spanish island in search of the freedom of expression. Two main hippie markets on the island are Punta Arabi in Es Cana on Wednesday and Las Dalias in San Carlos on Saturday.

Las Dalias near Sant Carles de Peralta is a pretty place to wander around or even to shop for some boho jewelry. I couldn´t resist it and bought myself a pair of pink sunglasses. Although local friends have warned me that this market would be quite touristic (even in the off-season).

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Let´s say Las Dalias is a quite polished hippie market, everything from cafes to shops has a slightly shabby look but it is still pretty organized. Besides, as every experience focused on holidaymakers this place is honestly overpriced. Don´t expect to find some good shopping deals. However, I still really liked the hippy-boho-vibe of this Hippie Market near Sant Carles de Peralta. You don´t get to visit a hippie market on a daily basis, or at least I absolutely do not.

So, visiting a local hippie market could be an interesting twist for your Ibiza vacation.

3. Sant Antonio /Watch the sunset from the famous Cafe de Mar

Sunset with a cocktail from Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza
Sunset/ Cafe del Mar
Cafe del Mar, Ibiza
Cafe del Mar

Ibiza is worldwide famous for having some of the most beautiful sunsets around the world. But there´s one iconic place people hit for a sunset cocktail – Cafe del Mar in San Antonio.

Cafe del Mar has a cute design, but everything else about this place – cocktails, service, prices, was honestly quite average. Although it´s still one of Ibiza´s most popular spots – you should give it a go.

4. Try “Bullit de Peix” by the seaside

El Bigotes at Cala Mastella in Ibiza
El Bigotes /Cala Mastella – very local and very romantic 

El Bigotes at Cala Mastella is a very small local restaurant by the seaside, suggested to me by a local friend. It´s what the Spanish often call chirinquito, a small bar-restaurant on the beach without a permanent structure. This place is known for some really picturesque views and a quiet local setting.

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Bullit de Peix is a must-try dish of Ibiza´s cuisine. It is sort of a mix of cut fish, seafood and vegetables (mostly potatoes). The menu is quite limited, but everything is cooked in a wood oven and has a lovely homemade taste.

5. Illa es Vedra / The most beautiful sunset ever

Es Vedra sunset, Ibiza
Es Vedra / When no words are needed

Es Vedra had been leading my personal list of beautiful sunsets across the globe ever since my Ibiza vacation.

Therefore, if “sunset”  is your favorite color – Es Vedra should be your must-stop on Ibiza. Plus, if you travel with your partner this place could easily end up being one The Most Romantic Travel Experiences Around the World for both of you.

You can get the best views from Torre de Savinar or Sa Pedra (near Cala D´ort). And if that would not be enough for you – check also Cala Comte and Cala Benirras. My dream is to rent a boat for my next Ibiza vacation and literally blend into this magical sunset…

6. Ses Salines / Clouds reflection  

Ses Salines, Ibiza

Instagrammers can´t miss Ses Salines for some epic shots. These salt flats have been in use for more than 2000 years.

If you are lucky with the weather – clouds reflection on the water is simply stunning! The most beautiful symmetry is the symmetry of Earth, isn´t it?!

7. The Paradise Beaches

Beautiful beaches of Ibiza

Let´s not forget an essential attribute of every Ibiza vacation – paradise beaches. Not so many places in Europe can beat those Caribbean-blue waters. In my experience places that got close to Ibiza watercolor were only Cyprus, Sardinia, Croatia, and the Greek islands.

If you´re craving for an epic beach vacation I also really recommend you to visit Formentera, another stunning island near Ibiza.

Best Ibiza beaches you can´t miss on the island:

  • Cala Comte
  • Cala Bassa
  • Cala Salada
  • Cala Xarraca
  • Cala d´en Serra
  • Platja de ses Salines.

Additional travel tips

  • Try the typical dessert “Flao” and Ibiza´s herbal liquor
  • A few restaurants we liked: Sa Caleta, Es boldado, La escollera, El Bigotes, Can Gat, La paloma, S´espartar, Ecocentro. Bars for “tapas”: Bar Can Costa, Bar Anita, Bar San Juan.
  • Car rental: most companies will charge you a significant deposit, as a guarantee. Make sure you book your car in advance for all of your Ibiza vacation, otherwise, they make you pay much more for each extra day

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