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Let´s discuss the most unique Seville gifts created by local artisans. These can be meaningful souvenirs from Seville or even unforgettable gifts for all the fans of Spanish handmade crafts.

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Spanish Arts&Crafts

Let me introduce you to this new addition to my Blog Series Spanish Gifts. Following my articles about handmade must-haves of Barcelona and Valencia, I have handpicked once again some of the most unique and vibrant Spanish artisan products, but this time, let me take you to the vibrant Seville.

In this post, you will find my list of the most wanderlust-fueling things one can get to manifest his or her admiration for Seville, as well as support local handmade businesses.

About Seville

Seville is one of my favorite places in Spain, known for its unmatched fiesta, vibrant flamenco, and some of the most unique landmarks on the Iberian Peninsula. Everything about the city is lively, dazzling, colorful, and passionate. Being the crown jewel of the Andalusia region, Seville is a must-stop on any Southern Spain road trip. Do not miss the details of my last Seville weekend in this post.

Arts&Crafts of Seville

Seville is a great place to search for Spanish pottery and hunt for colorful arts and crafts. If you love supporting local craftspeople and need a few unforgettable Spanish souvenirs, check out this list of unique Seville gifts.

Unique Seville Gifts to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Fans from Seville

fans seville gifts handmade spain
Some of the most unique gifts from SpainDeAnita fans

A fan is one of the most beautiful cultural symbols in Spain. While the tradition itself can be traced to the 15th century, a fan is still considered one of the most unique gifts one can bring home from Spain. While a cool draft of air might be a pleasant addition to any sightseeing plan, during the summer months in Andalusia, a fan turns into a must-have on the go.

Maria Jose from DeAnita creates some of the most unique fans I have ever seen. Her designs are true works of art. DeAnita fans are hand-painted, full of light & colors, and inspired by the artsy feel of Seville. Therefore, they could be unmatched Seville gifts or souvenirs.

Shop DeAnita fans on Etsy

Handmade Bags from Seville

best gifts from seville spain
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bags seville souvenirs spain
Some of the most unique Seville gifts – the bags by YamilaLeatherGoods

YamilaLeatherGoods creates beautiful bags from vegetable-tanned leather that can be handy Seville gifts.

Through their designs, this family-owned company preserves the artisan techniques of Seville, while hand-painting every single bag. YamilaLeatherGoods deeply believes in the importance of local crafts and the need to make them part of a modern dress code. Their handmade bags are known for unique vibrant designs and high quality.

Shop YamilaLeatherGoods on Etsy

Colorful Macramé Earrings & Stones

gifts souvenirs from seville
Macramé earrings from Seville by CateMacramor

CateMacramor creates beautiful macramé earrings and necklaces that can elevate any night-out outfit. If you plan to go out in Seville, this is a great way to give any look an extra fiesta touch.

Caterina from CateMacramor created her company after being inspired by her travels across the Andalusia region. The woven knots and unique stones help her to create authentic stories with her macrame jewelry. No wonder CateMacramor aims to create pieces that help one enhance the magic we have within.

Shop CateMacramor on Etsy

Handmade Soaps from Seville

handmade seville gifts soaps
Unique Souvenirs from Seville – products by PompaSoaps

Hand-made cosmetics give us all the unique enjoyment of using on our skin something that was made with love. From my travel beauty essentials, you might already know that I love natural products and bar soaps are my must-haves on the go.

PompaSoaps is a Seville-based company, which creates a range of cute hand-made soaps and creams with delicious smells and pleasant textures.

Shop PompaSoaps on Etsy

Unique Jewelry from Seville

seville handmade earings
Unique Seville Gifts – Kitxeti earrings

Kitxeti is another unique place to hunt for inspiring Seville gifts.

Carmen, the artisan behind the collection, creates colorful earrings from polymer clay using a mixture of techniques and tools: acrylic paint, alcohol inks, resin, and sometimes even dried flowers. Kitxeti offers a selection of minimalist and timeless pieces that can easily match any outfit or season. I especially love how Carmen creates her color palettes, making every creation truly unique: you can enjoy her work-in-process on IG @kitxeti.

Shop Kitxeti on Etsy

Ceramics from Seville

seville gifts ceramics spain
Beautiful ceramics from Seville by Chiquirabrand
handmade ceramic pottery from seville
How the ceramic pieces are created – to learn more, follow @chiquirabrand on IG
ceramic gifrs from seville
Unique creations of Chiquirabrand, inspired by the sea

The fans of unique Spanish ceramics can´t miss a Seville-based company, Chiquirabrand.

Laura, the creator of these unique pieces, named the brand after her father´s fishing boat to honor his memory. This is also where her artworks’ blueish colors and wavy textures come from: they are largely inspired by the sea. Creating ceramics is Laura´s creative outlet, where every item turns out absolutely unique.

Shop Chiquirabrand on Etsy

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Unique Seville gifts

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