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Check my list of The Impressive Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Spain. Game of Thrones is no doubt the biggest TV Show of the last decade with millions of loyal fans all across the globe. Many of its impressive landscapes and castles were filmed here in Spain. Who wouldn´t like to visit those fantasy locations in real life?!

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Game of Thrones Locations & Travel

When it comes to beautiful “out of this world” places on screen – it is hard to beat Game of Thrones. Magical castles, enchanted gardens, fascinating landscapes… Come on! Even if you´re not a GoT fan, you can´t possibly argue the exceptional job the show’s creators have done in showing us how beautiful the world around us is.

While I´ve had my second thoughts on whether I´m that much of a fan to post a whole blog story about the Game of Thrones – I´ve realized that it´s not only about the TV show anyway. The internet is full of posts revealing the GoT filming locations across Europe and I was lucky to visit many of them in Malta, Dubrovnik, and Iceland. Now I really hope to visit the Game of Thrones places in Ireland and Morocco anytime soon…

However, all these posts across the internet world are so popular for a reason – the filming locations in Game of Thrones are often synonyms to the most marvelous landmarks in a certain country.

Don´t you think so?!

Therefore, as someone constantly traveling my way through Spain and trying to explore everything on the road – from the country´s most touristic sites to its hidden gems, I really feel like I can´t ignore the Game of Thrones boom any longer. Let´s check my favorites.

Game of Thrones Locations to Visit in Spain

1. Gaztelugatxe in The Basque Country / Northern Spain

spanish landmarks gaztelugatxe

Welcome to Dragonstone.The spectacular isle of Gaztelugatxe is located in the Basque country. Although the castle we see in GoT Season 7 is not real, in real life it is a 10th-century hermitage, dedicated to John the Baptist. Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington have filmed many scenes along this winding bridge, which connects the mainland and the isle.

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It is also quite a hike all the way to the top. And as the place has become very touristic lately, you should book your entrance online in advance.

2. The Royal Alcazar of Seville

 The Royal Alcazar of Seville - Pinterest

Welcome to Dorne or Seville’s Alcazar. The Royal Alcazar is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Spain and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. It is also one of the top Fairy-Tale Places in Spain that are straight out of a Storybook.

Almost everything from Dorne Palace to its gardens from Season 5 was filmed here. Also, The House Martell’s Water Gardens were set in The Alcázar’s Courtyard of the Maidens, one of the most beautiful gardens in Spain.

No idea why, but I used to believe that The Great Pit from season 5 (when Daenerys escapes on the back of her dragon from the Sons of the Harpy) was also shot in Seville. However, the scene was shot in Osuna, a small rural town 87km from Seville.

3. Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

Another two Game of Thrones real-life filming locations in Andalusia are the Roman Bridge of Cordoba (one of the top Roman Ruins in Spain) and Castillo Almodovar del Rio (30 km from Cordoba). The bridge doubled for the entrance to the Free City of Volantis, while The Castle was a setting for two different kingdoms – Tyrell´s Highgarden and Casterly Rock (the dungeons).

4. The castle of Pope Luna in Peñiscola/Castellon

The castle of Pope Luna in Peñiscola, Castellon
The castle of Pope Luna in Peñiscola, Castellon

Welcome to Meereen or The Castle of Pope Luna in Peñiscola/ The Province of Castellon. Here you have several filming locations including the Plaza Santa María, Peñiscola Castle and the Parque de la Artillería. 

Rising 67m above the Mediterranean, the Peñiscola castle was a residence of Benedict XIII (Papa Luna) from 1417 till 1423. Built in 13 century on the remains of the Arabic fortress, “El Castillo de Papa Luna” is an important monument of our history which survived several époques. Read more…

5. The Tabernas Desert in Almeria/Southern Spain

Almeria, Spain

Welcome to the lands of Dothraki or Almería, a province in Southern Spain.

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Full of wide and dry expanses, Almeria actually has a long history with filmmakers. The iconic Wild West from movies like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was also set at The Tabernas Desert. In GoT Season 6 scenes depicting Vaes Dothrak, Dothraki’s capital, as well as a part of Meereen (Cabo de Gata Natural Park) were filmed in this sunny Spanish Province. Another GoT filming location with similar lunar landscapes was Bardenas Reales Natural Park in Navarra / Northern Spain.

6. Girona, Catalonia

Girona, Spain

Several Game of Thrones places from season 6 are located in Girona, Catalonia. The city’s old town appears on the TV Show as the Free City of Essos, Arya Stark´s home in Season 6. And Girona´s cathedral doubles as the Great Sept, burned with wildfire by Cersei Lannister.

Another filming location in Catalonia was Castell de Santa Florentina – the House Tarly´s home castle in GoT Season 6.

7. The Castle of Zafra

The last impressive Game of Thrones filming location is the 12th century Castle of Zafra in Guadalajara. In the TV Show, it appears as Tower of Joy: home of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. It was also a birthplace of their son Aegon Targaryen (not to give any spoilers for people who haven´t watched the last seasons, but you know who he is if you´re a fan).

Zafra, Spain

8. The Zumaia beach in Basque Country

And back to the North of Spain again. I know I´ve already said on numerous occasions how much I love their nature. The Zumaia beach is a perfect example of all the magical landscapes that characterize Northern Spain. Honestly, no photos can do this beach justice.

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No wonder the epic scene from Season 7 of GoT, when John Snow arrives at Dragonstone, was filmed here. In summer Zumaia beach gets crowded and make sure you visit at low tide. Plus, you should also check The Muriola Beach (Barrika), which was another filming location doubling for the Dragonstone surroundings.

Zumaia beach is known for some of the most epic cliffs in Spain and is a must-stop on every Basque Country Itinerary.

Zumaya beach, Spain

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