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Here’s a fresh travel story from my recent weekend in Sierra de Guara, in the Pre-Pyrenees of Spain.

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The Pyrenees mountain range is one of my favorite destinations in Spain, so I try to visit this part of the Iberian Peninsula at least once per year. While the Spanish Pyrenees are spread between three autonomous communities of Catalonia, Aragon, and Navarra, each region is full of its very own otherworldly beautiful landscapes and iconic Spanish hikes.

My Trip to The Pre-Pyrenees

Since my last adventurous weekend in the mountains took place in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, this time I decided to focus on Sierra de Guara Natural Park, located in the region of Aragon, in the so-called Pre-Pyrenees of Spain.

Where is Sierra de Guara

Sierra de Guarra is a mountain massif in the Province of Huesca, in the north of the Aragon Autonomous Community. The full name in Spanish is Parque Natural de la Sierra y Cañones de Guara.

This stunning natural setting is located in the Pre-Pyrenees of Spain, the foothills of the famous mountain range. Nevertheless, in many guidebooks, you can find Sierra de Guara described as part of the Pyrenees.

Sierra de Guara is known as one of the most adventurous destinations in Spain. The altitudes of this natural park range from 430m to 2077m, with Tozal de Guara being its highest peak.

While I have previously made a stop in Sierra de Guarra during my Aragon road trip, the area is worth spending at least a few days.

weekend in sierra de guara adventure travel
The unique landscape of Sierra de Guara in the Pre-Pyrenees of Spain

Where to stay in Sierra de Guara

One of the most important towns in the area is Alquezar, often mentioned on the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It is a popular place to stay for exploring Sierra de Guara.

Nevertheless, for this new trip to the Pre-Pyrenees, I have found a cute local flat Apartamentos Casa Vidal in Adahuesca (near Alquezar). Inside the rental we found a huge folder with all the hikes of Sierra de Guara (which was so handy).

Traveling to the Pre-Pyrenees of Spain

You can find more travel stories about the region under the hashtag Pyrenees. For a longer itinerary, you can combine this trip with my 10-day Itinerary from Madrid, 7-day Itinerary from Barcelona, and Aragon Road Trip.

My Wonderful Weekend in Sierra de Guara

Day 1 – Pasarelas de Alquezar

Pasarelas de Alquezar is a popular hike in Spain, but this does not make it any less impressive. It is a must-do in Sierra de Guara.

The trail is also called Pasarelas del Vero and it starts right in the picturesque small town of Alquezar. The route takes you to the stunning gorge via metal walkways. On the road, you’ll see tiny waterfalls and even a stunning cave Cueva de Picamartillo. The entrance fee is 4 euros per person and you get the tickets at the Tourist Office of Alquezar. Check out the details of the trail on the official web.

Last time I even explored Pasarelas de Alquezar with the kids, as a part of our Aragon Road Trip. So it´s a great hike for all ages worth repeating. You can check the views on IG Reels and TikTok.

You can check out the route on Wikiloc.

pasarelas alquezar hike spain
Pasarelas de Alquezar
alquezar medieval village spain
Alquezar is known as one of the prettiest medieval villages in Spain

Day 2 – Rodellar

While Pasarelas de Alquezar is well-established on the tourist track, the second hike of this weekend in Sierra de Guara, S3 Rodellar-Otin, turned out as a complete discovery and ended up on my list of secret Spanish hikes.

The trail starts in the small town of Rodellar and takes one through the Barranco de Mascun canyon towards the abandoned village of Otin and some of the best panoramic views of Sierra de Guara. At the beginning of the hike, you will even cross the river a few times (which I loved).

The whole route is around 12,9 km. Officially, it takes around 4,35 hours to complete, but in our case, it was 5,30 hours (not sure why).

Here, you can check out the route on Wikiloc. Also, do not miss this IG Reel and TikTok video (since there are so many trails, it is hard to find the right one).

pyrenees sierra de guara
The small town of Rodellar
pyrenees natural parks spain
Descending towards the river (follow the sign “Sugerencias del rio Mascun”)
sierra de guara pyrenees hiking
This area is popular for rock climbing
pre-pyrenees beautiful places
El Delfin (e.g. the dolphin)
sierra de guara nature travel destinations
Depending on the season, you will need to cross the river a few times in order to follow the trail
travel hike in sierra de guara
This is an important point where the circular part of the trail begins (here we went left, and everyone else – right)

In the photo above you can see the sign where the circular part of the hike starts.

My recommendation is that you turn left and do the itinerary clockwise (following the sign towards Dolmen de Losa Mora). Almost all of the Spaniards we met on the go were doing it all the way around (as described on the Spanish blogs). However, this way, the last part of the itinerary will involve a steep climb. We felt so lucky doing it clockwise since at the hardest stage we were already descending.

Your next stop will be Dolmen de Losa Mora – a peculiar Prehistoric tomb built by the Neolithic shepherds more than 4000 years ago.

pyrenees mountains spain travel
On the way towards Dolmen de Losa Mora
pyrenees europe itinerary dolmen losa mora
Dolmen de Losa Mora

Halfway through this hiking trail, you will reach the abandoned village of Otin. Walking around this ghost-village was such a unique experience. Last people left it back in 1965 due to the lack of jobs and remote location.

sierra de guara otin rodellar hike
The abandoned village of Otin
sierra de guara hiking nature
After Otin, you will return back to S3 Rodellar
sierra de guara best hikes spain
The eerie trees of Otin
sierra de guara spain destinations
Stunning views of Sierra de Guara (on the way from Otin to Rodellar)

By and large, for following this S3 Rodellar-Otin Trail, you will leave your car at Rodellar Parking (see Google Maps), then cross the whole village and follow the signs Sugerencia de Mascun / Otin. The trail will make you descend towards the famous El Delfin (the Dolphin window in the rocks).

At this point, you might need to take off your shoes and cross the river a few times. Many locals were wearing special waterproof boots, but hiking with those might be so annoying. So, I did not mind refreshing my feet.

After you cross the river, you’ll see the sign (check out one of the photos above) marking the beginning of the circular itinerary. At this point, go left towards Dolmen de Losa Mora. Afterward, follow the route to Otin and return to Rodellar.

weekend in sierra de guara
Stunning landscapes during my weekend in Sierra de Guara
pyrenees hiking trails
Barranco de Mascun – one of the most beautiful places in the Pre-Pyrenees

Day 3 – Cogost de Montrebei

While this trip to the Pre-Pyrenees was primarily focused on Sierra De Guara natural park, it was also a great location to visit Cogost de Montrebei, a spectacular Spanish hike set in between the regions of Aragon and Catalonia. Travelers usually combine Cogost de Montrebei with a weekend in Lleida Province. However, the driving distance from Lleida and Sierra de Guara to Cogost de Montrebei is almost the same. So, we couldn’t miss a chance to visit.

You can read more about my visit to Cogost de Montrebei in this post. Note that the previous booking is required to do this hike.

cogost de montrebei hike Tips
You can read more about my visit to Cogost de Montrebei in this post

More Hikes in Sierra de Guara Natural Park

Nevertheless, you have plenty of alternatives to Cogost de Montrebei, located right in Sierra de Guara Natural Park.

Here are a few hiking trails that are still on my bucket list for future trips to Sierra de Guara:

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