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Need to know:

First of all, At Lifestyle Crossroads is a personal blog where I share all the details of my travels and life in Spain.

Therefore, I do not accept guest posts and limit all the content to my personal experiences & opinions.

Back when I started At Lifestyle Crossroads, it felt exciting to experiment with my blogging style by publishing interesting interviews with other content creators or giving friends&family a platform to share their travel experiences. However, it was all about finding my inner voice and having a creative outlet. These days I do not plan to open guest post opportunities.

While you can still read some of those amazing old guest articles on the blog, they represent less than 5 % of At Lifestyle Crossroads content. 

For sponsored posts on At Lifestyle Crossroads, I insist on creating the whole piece of content by myself. The product or service must be relevant to my readers.

What I Write About

Life & Travels in Spain

Most of At Lifestyle Crossroads readers are people who share my passion for Spain: they either visit the country frequently, live in Spain, or simply enjoy reading about it every single week. I love sharing local tips and itineraries to help blog subscribers get a first-hand experience of the vibrant Spanish culture and unmatched national landmarks.

My Interesting Travel Experiences Around the World

Even though my blog is focused on Spain, sometimes a change of scenery feels so great! I do not share the details of every international getaway, but whenever it´s something unique – I just can´t keep it to myself and write an article.

Books & Travel

As a bookworm, I find an ultimate joy in reading and sharing inspiring books from across the globe. Most of my reading lists are focused on Spain, but you can find suggestions for other countries too.

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