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A weekend in Mallorca is one of the best travel ideas in Spain when it comes to a family vacation. Follow our 3-day Mallorca itinerary to enjoy this Spanish island with kids.

Visiting Mallorca

Everyone knows that Mallorca is one of the most visited islands in Spain. Nevertheless, in my personal experience, it is absolutely one of my all-time favorites for relaxing family holidays in Spain – alongside Alicante, Benicassim, Tenerife, and Lanzarote.

While our last trips to the Balearic Islands took place without kids (as a couple we previously traveled to Ibiza and explored Formentera in the off-season), Mallorca has always been marked on my personal Spain Bucket List with a child-friendly tag. Even though I have already visited the island of Mallorca four times over these 15 expat years in Spain, if offered plane tickets tomorrow – I´d rush packing up without a second thought. Because Mallorca is simply amazing!

Plus, the last time we visited Mallorca on a Mediterranean cruise, our time there was quite limited, so I was dreaming to return one day for another weekend in Mallorca.

For me, Mallorca falls under the definition of a perfect family vacation in Spain. It is globally known for great weather, beautiful beaches, delicious food, unique landmarks, and lots of child-friendly places. The hotel offerings are also great since you have everything from 5-star all-inclusive resorts to cute locally-owned rentals.

Since this Mallorca weekend took place when our kids were 1 and 2,5 y.o, it was actually one of the first family getaways without our own car. But I loved how it turned out. Our travel plan was supposed to be quite fast-paced, but somehow we managed to relax and disconnect instead. I guess the island lifestyle is contagious.

Let me be honest with you, if you have a full week for this trip – that´s probably the best way to explore the island. However, even a weekend in Mallorca is enough to make some unique family memories together. Let me share with you our 3-day itinerary for Mallorca.

A weekend in Mallorca with kids

Day 1 – Palma de Mallorca

There´s no better way to get the first impression of Mallorca´s capital, Palma de Mallorca than to have a seaside stroll through the port area. It somehow reminded me of the romantic French Riviera, where anywhere you looked, there were hundreds of yachts and luxury seaside apartments.

Since we were traveling with our Babyzen Yoyo strollers, our kids fully enjoyed this first walk in Mallorca as well. Once they were asleep, we were even able to enjoy together with my husband a quiet coffee with the seaside views.

mallorca port palma spain
Weekend in Mallorca – Palma

Later on, we headed to Palma´s city center.

You can´t visit the island of Mallorca and miss La Seu, one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain. Although I did not plan to get inside this time, since I have previously visited the cathedral. However, once we got there, we saw the main doors were actually open. Therefore, it felt like such a great opportunity to enjoy the interiors once again. But then I realized my daily crop-top outfit might not be fit for the church tour. Before my trip to Savona, Italy (where I was asked to cover up my shoulders at Cappella Sistina) I would not even have these kinds of thoughts. But now, every time I visit secret monasteries across Spain I always hesitate about the dress code (even though no one has ever told me anything like that in Spain, ever)

Curiously, we were stopped by the local security at La Seu entrance, who asked my husband to take his hat off. Once again I thought about how much I love living in Spain: I’m almost wearing a bikini, but he´s the one getting called out on his hat.

La Seu is one of Europe’s tallest Gothic cathedrals. Built in the 14th century on the site of the mosque, Mallorca´s cathedral has 61 stained-glass windows and is often called the Cathedral of Light. The famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí was invited to assist in restoration works at La Seu. An enormous crown-of-thorns illuminated canopy that hangs over the altar today was the result of his modernist vision.

Weekend in Mallorca – La Seu

After visiting La Seu, we made stops at the popular street Carrer D´en Morei, Llotja de Palma ( a beautiful XVth Gothic building), and the local Market Mercat de l´Ólivar. Since it was a hot summer day, I really enjoyed the ice cream at the popular Rivareno Heladeria.

If spending a weekend in Mallorca without kids, we´d probably have some extra time to check other top landmarks of Palma – the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and Belver Castle.

Day 2 – Valdemossa + Cap de Formentor

On the second day of our weekend in Mallorca, we rented a car to drive around the island. The must-do daily plan was to visit Valdemossa and Cap de Formentor.


Valdemossa is one of the most beautiful Spanish villages and one of the most Romantic places in Spain. So, we could not really miss it during our Mallorca weekend (even though its cobblestone streets were not the best for kids and baby strollers).

valdemosa mallorca travel
Weekend in Mallorca – Valdemossa
coca de patata valldemosa mallorca
Coca de patata + horchata de almendra – traditional dishes in Valdemossa (read more in this post)

Located only 17km from the island´s famous capital, La Palma, Valldemossa is hidden in between the gorgeous landscapes and magical cliffs of Sierra de Tramuntana, one of the top Spanish national landmarks.

Back in 1828 the composer Frederic Chopin and the French writer George Sand spent a winter enjoying the quietness of this small town. According to Chopin, Valldemossa was ”the most beautiful place in the world”. Not to mention numerous Hollywood celebrities, like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who visited or stayed in this charming small town during the last decades.

Valldemossa is also the birthplace of Mallorca´s Saint – Santa Catalina Thomas.

We got there around 10 a.m and it was extremely charming. However, Valdemossa lately gets very touristy during the summer months – if you can, try to visit earlier in the morning.


A cool thing to do in Mallorca with kids is to take a vintage wooden train in Soller (at Ferrocarril de Soler), but unfortunately, we did not book in advance and there was a huge line for the tickets. So this experience was left for future family trips to Mallorca.

Cap de Formentor

After skipping Soller train, we drove to Cap de Formentor in the north of the island, known for some of the most beautiful cliffs in Spain.

mallorca cap de forentor cliffs in spain

This place was definitely one of my favorite views from this weekend in Mallorca.

Day 3 – Palma Aquarium, Drach Caves, Playa Romantica

The 3rd day of our weekend in Mallorca was more focused on the places for kids – Palma Aquarium and Cuevas de Drach.

I really thought that after Valencia with kids and its l´Oceanografic, no aquarium could surprise me, but I honestly loved Palma Aquarium.

mallorca aquarium spain
Weekend in Mallorca – Palma Aquarium

The Drach Caves are known as some of the most spectacular caves in Spain. It´s an interesting place for kids in Mallorca, but this highly depends on their personalities. Since staying quiet for most of the visit is not a match for every child. Plus, you´ll need to have baby carriers and comfortable shoes.

These caves were discovered by French geologist Edouard Martel in 1896 and have always been one of the top sights in Mallorca. I really loved the classical music show with lights myself – not sure I have seen anything of a similar level in the other caves across Spain.

drach caves weekend in mallorca spain
Weekend in Mallorca – Drach Caves

After the daily sightseeing, we made a stop at the nearest beach Playa Romantica, to enjoy a nice swim. It was such a beautiful way to end up this Mallorca weekend. Afterward, we dropped off the rented car and headed back to the hotel in order to have some rest before an early flight to Valencia.

Mallorca with kids

By now, you have probably figured out that we don´t mind returning for another weekend in Mallorca one day. Especially, since the kids grow up so fast and you can try new activities every year. So, what´s in our future plans?

playa romantica beach
Weekend in Mallorca – Playa Romantica
  • Aquland, the biggest water park in Mallorca
  • Sport Xperience by Rafa Nadal, a museum with lots of interactive panels
  • Rancho Grande Park (the biggest in Mallorca horse ranch with lots of family-friendly activities)
  • Karting Magaluf ( for kids from 3 y.o and up)
  • House of Kathmandu (the newest attraction in Mallorca for families)
  • The historic tram ride from Soller to Puerto de Soller
  • Western Water Park
  • as a fan of the beautiful gardens in Spain, hope to visit Jardines de Son Marroig, Jardines de Alfabia, Botanicactus, Jardines Sa Torre Cega, Parc de la Mar, Jardi Botanic, S´Hort del Rei

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