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Let´s explore more of the Valencian Community via day trips from Valencia city! A vibrant and cosmopolitan city buzz might be just too much at times, but the good news is that you can escape the ordinary with these local day trip ideas and get to know the non-touristic side of Valencia.

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Visiting Valencia and exploring the region

If you plan a weekend in Valencia – make sure not to limit it to the city itself and Spain´s popular landmarks.

Although Valencia city break is one of my all-time favorites, The Valencian Community has quite a few places that simply can´t be missed. So after you´re done with the main sights and experience Valencia at night, it´s time to take a few day trips to discover more hidden gems of the region.

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Unique Valencia Day tours to book:

The Best Day Trips From Valencia

1.Port Saplaya and Alboraya (20 min)

Port Saplaya

Let´s start with the closest one of the day trips from Valencia. Need a little splash of colors? – Then consider visiting Port Saplaya. It´s definitely one of the most colorful villages in Spain. Plus, here you could also visit the nearby village of Alboraya, famous for its horchata drink.

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The most famous and touristic place for the horchata tasting is Horchateria Daniel. However, most of the bars and cafes in this little town also serve their horchata drinks. In summer it´s quite typical to ask for horchata and granizado de limon mix or simply granizado de horchata (ice crushed horchata drink).

One of the unique experiences in Port Saplaya is Boat Tour Little Venice.

2. Albufera (40 min)

Boat tour in Albufera, near Valencia, Spain
Barraca - a traditional Valencian adobe house in Albufera, near Valencia, Spain
Barraca / traditional Valencian adobe house

Albufera is not my personal favorite, but I can´t argue that it´s the closest place to get an authentic experience of the region´s traditions and gastronomy. Plus it is one of the easiest day trips from Valencia. You can see with your own eyes how was life in the Valencian Community before Valencia turned into the 3rd biggest Spanish city.

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Most of my friends loved it there. On the road, you could notice some traditional Valencian houses and farms. The most typical thing in Albufera is a boat tour. I´d suggest you visit during the sunset for some beautiful shots, as the landscape itself did not impress me much.

It´s easy to visit Albufera from Valencia since there are lots of tours available: Albufera Day Trip with Boat Tour and Transfer, Albufera Jeep and Boat Tour, and Cullera Old Town and Albufera Natural Park.

3. Sagunto (30 min)

The Castle of Sagunto in Spain
The Castle of Sagunto

Sagunto will be one of the most interesting day trips from Valencia for history geeks and fans of Roman Ruins in Spain. The city is famous for its gorgeous Roman Castle lying on the top of the hill, right in between the cities of Valencia and Castellon. More places nearby you could visit on the same day: Vall D´Uxo Caves, Segorbe, The Holy Cave of Altura.

A visit to Vall D´Uxo Caves (also Coves de San Josep) includes a boat ride. It is currently the longest navigable underground river in Europe. However, they have a strange requirement of not taking pictures once you´re inside. I get it when no flash is allowed, but people sneak around to take quick shots anyway. You can easily book a guided day trip to the Vall D´Uxo caves from Valencia.

cave espeleokayak san jose valencia
Caves of San Josep – one of the coolest places for kayaking in Spain

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The city of Segorbe historically has a significant Catholic influence in the region. It resulted in the construction of numerous churches, seminaries, and a cathedral. The Cathedral Museum of Segorbe offers one of the most important holy art collections in the region. While wandering around the city, you can also spot the remains of ancient walls & towers, a medieval aqueduct from Arab times in Spain, and a Roman reservoir. There´s also a museum of Olive Oil and the Bull and Horse Droving Interpretation Center. If you´re interested in visiting it all, Segorbe could be a separate day trip from Valencia.

The Holy Cave of Altura or Santuario de la Cueva Santa is a 20-minute drive from Segorbe. It is a Roman Catholic cave chapel, one of the most impressive caves in the Valencian Community. Keep in mind that they are closed from 1.30 PM till 3.3o PM.

4. Jativa (50 min)

The Castle of Jativa near Valencia, Spain
The Castle of Jativa

Jativa is one of my favorite day trips from Valencia, all thanks to its historical significance and an important connection to the famous Borja family. Check this post for more details. History geeks could check more interesting places in the area following The Borja Route.

You can book this tour to visit Jativa + Anna on a day trip from Valencia.

5. Chulilla (1h)

Nature and hiking in Chulilla, near Valencia, Spain
Hiking in Chulilla

Most people visit the Province of Valencia in search of beautiful beaches and sandy coastlines. Therefore, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are actually many amazing hikes in Valencia that nature lovers simply can’t miss. The route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla is definitely one of them.

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Once you decide to take one of the day trips from Valencia to escape the city buzz – you just never expect to encounter a hidden oasis of greenery somewhere in the province. Or at least I absolutely did not. It just does not fit into the general plain and dry landscape panorama.

However, the province of Valencia is full of surprises, hidden gems, and undiscovered places. One of the coolest hikes in Valencia is definitely The route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla or La ruta de los puentes colgantes de Chulilla in Spanish. Check more details&tips here.

The only warning – this hike gets quite busy on the weekends. So if you’re looking for more silent walks with nature – consider hiking in Castellon. There are so many lesser-known great hikes in the Region of Valenciablog subscribers, don’t forget your freebie with the ultimate Valencia Region Hiking Checklist)

If you do not plan to rent a car, you can book one of the organized tours: Walking Tour of the Hanging Bridges of Chulilla, Chulilla Canyon Hike: private full day tour, or Chulilla and the Hanging Bridges Day Trip.

6. Gandia (1h)

The Ducal Palace of Gandia

The Ducal Palace of Gandia (14th century) is an important part of the Valencian architectural heritage. Situated in the heart of Gandia town, the palace takes us back in time to the years of prosperity for the famous Borja family. The luxury decorations, full of significant artistic and architectural elements, make The Ducal Palace of Gandia a must-stop in the region for all art lovers.

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The modern range of artistic styles includes Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neo-gothic elements. It could be explained by the fact that the palace was built, enlarged, and restored during the last seven centuries. Check more photos and details here.

To visit The Ducal Palace of Gandia you can book one of these tours: Gandía: History, Beach & Albufera Natural Park Private Tour (with a pick up in Valencia or Benidorm) or Ducal Palace Entry Ticket with Audio Guide (if you travel to Gandia on your own).

7. Anna (1h)

The Palace of the Counts of Cervello in the secret village of Anna, near Valencia, Spain
The Palace of the Counts of Cervello

Valencia´s secret Alhambra or The Palace of the Counts of Cervello, was built in the 17th century over the ruins of Anna Castle. Seriously, did you know this place even existed?! – I´ve honestly had no clue of its existence till this year (and I live in the region lol).

You can combine your cultural visit to the city of Anna with a picnic or stroll at Albufera de Anna Lake. Only keep in mind you need to book your visit to The Palace of the Counts of Cervello in advance (by calling Anna´s Tourist Office). Only guided visits are allowed. We were lucky to book just a day before, but it was in the off-season.

You can book this tour to visit Anna + Jativa on a day trip from Valencia.

8. Bocairente (1h 15 min)

The houses of Bocairente, near Valencia, Spain

Not only is Bocairente one of the most beautiful villages in Spain in my opinion, but it also has lots of unique historical sites to explore. The historic quarter, the Moorish caves, the Ice caves, the Bullring, the fountains and bridges, and the Parish church. While you walk up&down the streets of Bocairente every corner is so beautiful that you end up … read more

You can book a tour to Bocairente from Valencia.

9. Montanejos (1h 15 min)

Up for a swim?! Montanejos is a beautiful natural area that long ago was chosen by the Arabs as a perfect leisure spot: here they´ve built their thermal baths. Since 1863 locals could enjoy the Montanejos hot springs all year round – the temperature is always around 25 ºC.

To visit Montanejos without renting a car, you can book one of the tours – Montanejos Guided Hike with Thermal Pools, Montanejos Thermal Springs & Waterfall Day Trip, and Waterfalls and Thermal Springs Tour with Swimming.

10. Navajas (1h)

The Jump of the Bride Waterfall in Navajas, Spain
The Jump of the Bride Waterfall in Navajas

Another must-stop for nature lovers in the Valencia region- The Jump of the Bride (in Spanish “Salto de la Novia”), a 60m-high waterfall with an old Spanish love legend behind it. It is a creepy legend and many mention Navajas on the list of mysterious and haunted places in Spainread more

11. Castellon (1h)

Beautiful Serradal Beach in Benicassim, Spain
Serradal Beach in Benicassim

Despite several nice places in Castellon city center like Park Ribalta, Castelló Cathedral, or the building of Correos, this day trip should be more about places outside of the city for me. Check one of my favorite beaches in SpainSerradal Beach in Benicassim.

12. Fanzara (1h 30 min)

Fanzara - a Spanish village for graffiti and street art lovers
The streets of Fanzara

Your turn street art lovers. Ever heard of Fanzara?!

Home to more or less 300 people, Fanzara was about to make it to the list of “Spain’s dying villages” until its streets were converted to an open-air Museum. Around 15 graffiti artists were invited by the young generation of locals to transform the village. Thanks to their amazing works the small village gained its unique identity and became an ultimate stop for the art lovers of the region… read more

13. Peñiscola (1h 40 min)

The views from the Castle of Pope Luna in Peñiscola, one of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain
Views from the Castle of Pope Luna in Peñiscola

One of the coolest Valencia day trips to combine history with the beach vibes is definitely Peñiscola. Recently, it was one of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain, which brought a lot of international fans to this small Spanish town.

Peñiscola Castle is one of the most dreamy Spanish castles. Rising 67m above the Mediterranean, it was the residence of Pope Benedict XIII (Papa Luna) from 1417 to 1423. Built in 13th century on the remains of the Arabic fortress, El Castillo de Papa Luna is one of the most dreamy castles to visit in Spain. You can check more details here.

Also, if your dates overlap, set your eyes on the nearest small town of Benicarlo and its Artichoke Gastronomic Weeks (from January to March).

You can easily book a tour from Valencia to visit both Peñiscola and Morella.

14. Morella (2h 10 min)

The castle of Morella in Castellon, Spain

Morella is one of these unique places in Spain, which makes you come back again and again. If your visit overlaps with one of the Gastronomic weeks in Spain, Morella can turn into your ultimate foodie adventure in Spain. Every year from the end of January till the beginning of March Morella celebrates the gastronomic weeks of Truffles. However, you can still buy some local delicatessen, like Truffle cheese, all year round.

The city of Morella is definitely one of those Fairy-Tale Places in Spain that are straight out of a Storybook. Rising 984 meters above sea level and fortified by 2 km of walls, Morella has always been of great strategic importance throughout history. Its murals have seen various civilizations – Romans, Arabs, Christians…

I guess, all these cultural influences have given Morella its uniqueness. Gothic buildings, handicrafts, artisans, and antiques – the streets of Morella are full of history and old charm… read more

You can easily book a tour from Valencia to visit both Peñiscola and Morella.

Day Trips From Valencia: More Ideas

As we´ve already crossed the 2h driving distance limit with Morella, it won´t be fair not to mention other options you have here.

The Valencian Community is formed by 3 provinces: Valencia, Castellon, and Alicante. Each of the following could be a day trip fit.


However, the province of Alicante doesn´t seem to be one of the reasonable day trips from Valencia, as it´s even more touristy than the first one.

But here you have lots of interesting places within a 2h drive: Javea, Denia, Guadalest, Calpe, Pink Lake of Torrevieja, Benidorm, Novelda, Elche, Santa Bárbara Castle in Alicante, Atalaya Castle in Villena and more. Check more details on my Alicante post.

Escalinata del Óvalo, an example of Mudejar architecture in Teruel, Spain
Escalinata del Óvalo, Teruel


Moreover, the Province of Teruel is relatively close (1.30h – 2h). Visit the city of Teruel or one of its most beautiful villages – Albarracin. I honestly, wouldn’t mind the drive here myself as I always enjoy visiting Teruel and plan to take my kids to visit Dinopolis Theme Park in Teruel soon (I´ve only visited it myself a while ago, but it´s definitely going to be even more enjoyable and educational visit for them).


Let´s not forget Madrid. With Ave, a high-speed train reaching 310 km/h, it only takes 1h52min to get to Spain´s imperial capital. It´s a pricy option though. A return ticket might cost you around 100 euros, or 60 euros if you book in advance. Ok, a day trip is not enough to explore Madrid. But let´s say you´re a huge Real Madrid fan and your dates overlap with a game. Or you´re into Musicals, Theatres, and Concerts and there´s some unique performance going on in Madrid. Or Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum hosts an exclusive exhibition you´re dying to visit. If you don´t mind spending more, why not?!

To sum up

Is it a full list of the best day trips from Valencia? – No. There are many more places you could find if diving into my blog series Undiscovered Spain and Valencia Hidden Gems.

If you have any questions, or doubts, or simply want to know something else about the Valencia region, you can always leave a comment and I´ll get back to you.

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