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For all of you planning to visit Valencia with kids, let me share the top places in the city that your little one should not miss.

Visiting Valencia with kids has been one of our favorite weekend getaways in Spain during all of my expat years.

Since the city of Valencia is an easy 50min drive from our home, exploring Valencia’s child-friendly places has always been one of our favorite family activities. Based on my impression and my kids’ experiences, I´ve curated for you a list full of amazing ideas to test in Valencia with kids, so that you could turn this Valencia getaway into an unforgettable experience for the little ones.

Places to visit in Valencia with kids

1. The City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the top places to visit even if you only have one day in Valencia. But if you are traveling to Valencia with kids, your top stops here should be L´Oceanographic and Principe Felipe Science Museum.

L´Oceanographic is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. My kids have enjoyed it more than the ones we saw in Mallorca or Barcelona.

This giant aquarium displays different ecosystems of the ocean. Inside you’ll be able to see dolphins, penguins, crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish, and many other unique species of fish from all over the world.

If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Spain, you can book the experience of swimming with sharks. Also, L´Oceanographic has an underwater restaurant, where you can have a meal while viewing numerous species swimming around you.

Principe Felipe Science Museum is a place for all ages, but kids will love it for its numerous interactive panels and scientific games and experiences.

art sciences valencia
Valencia with Kids – The City of Arts and Sciences

2. Parque Gulliver

This huge play park is constructed to resemble a giant Gulliver ( the main character of Gulliver`s Travels by Jonathan Swift) which kids and adults can both climb all over and slide. It´s one of the most popular things to do in Valencia with kids (especially since the entrance is currently free).

However, I honestly have mixed feeling about this place, as I felt like it was not entirely safe (it was easy to slip and fall).

Additionally, it is usually very crowded. So, personally, I was a bit stressed while chasing my kids around. Nevertheless, if you´d ask the little ones – they´d say they had a blast.

gulliver park valencia
Valencia with KidsParque Gulliver

3. Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia – is another popular place to visit in Valencia with kids. It´s a bit different from the traditional zoos, since animals live in natural, open spaces, similar to their own habitats. In Bioparc Valencia you will see lots of different species – giraffes, elephants, gorillas, lemurs, lions, and many others.

Also, there´s a nice seating area with a playground to rest and enjoy a meal or a coffee.

bioparc valencia spain
Valencia with kids Bioparc

4. Museum of Prehistory of Valencia

I did not expect that my kids would enjoy the Valencia Museum of Prehistory so much.

This place showcases the 8000-year-old history of human presence in the Valencia region. But at the same time, inside the Valencia Museum of Prehistory, you´ll find interactive panels, drawers with stones to pull and touch, coloring images from the Iberian times, and other exciting child-friendly activities.

prehistory museum valencia
Valencia with kids – Museum of Prehistory


L’ETNO (or Valencian Museum of Ethnology) was one of my biggest discoveries while exploring Valencia with kids.

This museum is dedicated to Valencian popular culture and aims to ensure that traditions are exposed and transmitted within modern society. While combining modern and traditional, L’ETNO definitely sparks the imagination of little minds. Inside the museum, you will find lots of cool and surreal rooms that fit the bill for both adults and children.

etno museum valencia
valencia with kids museum
etno museum valencia spain
Valencia with kids – L’ETNO

6. Natural Science Museum of Valencia

Another great museum for kids in Valencia is Natural Science Museum. It houses Europe’s most important palaeontological collection of American mammals of the Pleistocene, a mollusk shell collection, and an exhibition dedicated to different Valencian ecosystems.

The museum has lots of interactive pannes, crystal floors, and giant animal skeletons.

natural sciences museum valencia spain
natural sciences museum valencia
Valencia with kids – Natural Science Museum

7. L’Iber

L’Iber is one of the lesser-known museums in Spain, but its collection is absolutely unique.

Inside this museum, you´ll find 15 rooms and around 95.000 figures of toy soldiers on display. It is currently the biggest collection of Toy Soldiers in the world (since they have more than a million figures shown during the temporary exhibitions).

iber museum valencia spain
Valencia with kids – L’Iber

8. Lego Fun Factory

This cute Lego place can be found in the Aqua Shopping Center and has a 250square-meter exhibition of Lego. Last time we visited, you could leave your child for one hour for free (kids up to 5 could get in with one parent).

Lego Fun Factory is divided into two different areas Lego Duplo aimed for the little ones, and Lego Classic for older children.

lego fun factory valencia
Valencia with kids – Lego Fun Factory

9. Fun Jump

Fun Jump is the biggest 2500sq. meter- indoor trampoline park in Spain. It will be great for the active kids. This park is meant for children aged 3 and up (as well as teenagers and adults).

Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Also, for this experience, you should have non-slip socks.

10. Centro Ferroviario Camp de Turia

Centro Ferroviario Camp de Turia valencia
playground valencia spain
Valencia with kids – Centro Ferroviario Camp de Turia

Only 30min away from Valencia city you´ll find a cute spot to enjoy Valencia with kids on Sundays. Located in the Maldonado Municipal Park, the Centro Ferroviario Vaporista de Riba-roja de Túria is a miniature railway where children and parents can sit on the tiny locomotives and enjoy the ride. It´s a similar experience to the one we recently had in Benicassim.

Centro Ferroviario is open on Sundays, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and closed for holidays from mid-July to mid-August. The price is 2 euros for the adults and 1 euro for the kids.

More ideas:

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  • Cycling Through the Turia Park With Four-Wheel Bikes
  • Antiguo Almacén de Dientes (if you speak basic Spanish)
  • HAPIK indoor climbing park
  • Casa de Gatos ( e.g House of Cats ) – kids usually get curious about it

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