Most people believe that the Province of Valencia is all about beaches and sandy coastlines. And they  are partially right – the Mediterranean coast of Spain definitely has a lot to offer. Even though the Valencian Community is not as green as the North of Spain you still can find some amazing hikes for the nature lovers. When you drive through the Province of Valencia – the landscapes are mainly dry and plain. So it might be hard to believe there are lots of really beautiful green places hidden somewhere in the area. The route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla is one of them.

It all started when I eventually saw a picture of a hanging bridge while investigating for my Blog Series Undiscovered Spain. So, I read all the details about this hike on one local  Spanish website for nature lovers. The trail is called “the route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla” or “la ruta de los puentes colgantes de Chulilla“. It appears none of my Spanish friends has ever heard of this place, so the next weekend we took a car and headed to Chulilla.

The area has surprised me a lot – once you park your car and follow the hiking trail you can´t imagine where on the earth the hanging bridges would be. There are no mountains in the area. But once you walk a bit – you find yourself at the cliffs of the Turia canyon.

The whole hike is more or less 2,5h and lots of people do it with kids. However, the area where you find the two bridges is all about stairs – you walk downwards and once you cross the bridges – just along the canyon river. There are some trees in the area, but honestly, before you get inside the canyon there is nowhere to hide from the sun. Nevertheless, once you walk your way through the bridges – the temperature is quite pleasant for a hike.

Even though these bridges are of a recent construction (in 2013), their story goes back to the 50s. The population of a small village Chulilla has increased due to the building of the Loriguilla Reservoir nearby. Most of the workers had the Turia Canyon on their way to work, so they decided to build two bridges to shorten their everyday route.

Nowadays, the route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla is a great hike for all the nature lovers. It is mostly visitid by the Valencians and is quite unknown among the international tourists yet. Nevertheless, creating a hiking trail was a great idea in order to bring more life to the area and commemorate the history of the village.

The highest bridge is about 15 meters high. And all over the internet people write it is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights. But, seriously, who´s not afraid of heights?! 

The Turia Canyon is also a popular destination for the rock climbers. Indeed, we saw some during our hike. But I guess I´m not at this level of adventure yet. lol

Useful info:

  • take some water with you, there are no fountains on the way
  • go earlier in the morning, on weekends it might get crowded (especially near the bridges)
  • the route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla can be accessed from the road CV-394, connecting Chulilla and Losa: once you see the sign “Ecoparque” you turn towards the Loriguilla Reservoir area, where you can leave your car

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