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Let´s enjoy the magic of Spanish fans! Here´s a new addition to my Art Lovers Blog Series featuring a lesser-known fan museum with unique handmade pieces from Spain & Europe.

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The Magic of Spanish Fans

The Museum of Fans near Valencia

Ever since my last visit to one of the secret museums near Valencia, Museo del Palmito, I was tempted to share with you more pictures of the artsy Spanish fans I discovered inside.

Museo del Palmito is a small museum in Aldaya, right near the ceramic town of Manises, and only 11 km away from Valencia. You can reach Aldaya from Valencia by bus 160, taxi, or train Renfe Cercanias from Estacio del Nord train station.

This museum is really small, but it houses a wonderful collection of Spanish fans – worth seeing at least once! The information inside is mostly in Spanish, but I hope they will change it with the growing interest of international visitors.

valencia abanicos Museo arte
Museo del Palmito

About Spanish Fans

The tradition of fans originated in China, but already reached Spain in the 15th century, quickly turning into one of the favorite attributes of the local dress code.

Due to its warm climate, the South of Spain has always been associated with fans. These days you can still find unique handmade pieces in Seville, like DeAnita fans. Not to mention that Spanish fans have become unmissable attributes of the vibrant flamenco dancers.

Valencia has a special place in the history of the Spanish fans. Since the 19th century, the Royal Fan Factory of Valencia has been the crib of the Spanish Fan Makers for a few decades. These days there are still some artisans in Aldaya handcrafting unique pieces, but the factory is unfortunately gone. Yet the small museum of Aldaya houses a stunning fan collection hinting back to the glorious past of the region.

handmade fans from spain
How the fans are made / Museo del Palmito

Where to buy Spanish Fans

If you are looking for authentic & handmade gifts from Spain, I can recommend Abanicos de Anita from Seville. Their fans are true works of art.

By the way, some fans at Museo del Palmito also had a price tag (but you will need to get there to see what’s on the display).

fans seville gifts handmade spain
DeAnita fans – one of the coolest gifts from Seville

Inspiring Photo Gallery of Spanish Fans

Below, you can enjoy a few of my favorite Spanish fans spotted during my visit to Museo del Palmito.

valencia fans spain
This is such a Valencian design with fallera outfits and oranges
flamenco fans spain
colorful spanish fan
royal fans europe
abanico hecho a mano españa
unique fans from spain valencia
wooden fans from spain
beautiful fans from spain

Aren’t they spectacular? Do you like Spanish fans as much as I do?

spanish fans museum valencia

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