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If you´re a fan of Spanish nature and hiking, don´t miss this list of the coolest hikes in Valencia to enjoy some lonesome walks in the greenery and even cross off your Spanish bucket list a few unique landmarks at the same time.

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Hiking in Valencia and The Valencia Community

If you´re traveling to the Valencian Community ( or La Comunidad Valenciana in Spanish) and plan to explore more of the region via Valencia day trips – hiking is one of your best options. Let me remind you that the region itself consists of three unique provinces – Castellon, Valencia, and Alicante.

So, where are the most hiking trails of the Valencian Community located? The top natural parks in Castellon are Tinenca de Benifassa, Serra d´Irta, Desert de les Palmes, Serra D´Espada and part of Serra Calderona. In Valencia – L´Albufera, Las Hoces de Cabriel, Sot de Chera, parts of Serra Calderona, La Marjal de Pego-Oliva, and La Serra Mariola. In Alicante – Parque Natural de la Font Roja, Serra Gelada, Penyal D´Ifac (with a local legend behind it), Parque Natural de Montgo, El hondo, part of La Marjal de Pego-Oliva.

If you´re based in Valencia and its surroundings, I recommend you not to discard hiking in Castellon either and check the distance to each hike from your location. For instance, a popular hiking destination Jerica officially belongs to the province of Castellon, but it´s a 1h drive from both Valencia and Castellon. Therefore, it´s a popular day trip from Valencia as well.

Also, don´t miss my blog series Valencia Hidden Gems, where I constantly add new secret locations and natural wonders off the beaten track. Blog subscribers – grab your Free PDF with a Full List of Hikes in the Valencian Community.

So if you are on a hunt for some epic Spanish hikes – let´s escape the city of Valencia for an while explore more of the beautiful nature in the Valencia Province via the coolest hikes in Valencia.

Plus, you can read more about my hiking essentials in this post.

Top Hikes in Valencia

1. Ruta del Aqueducto Romano de Peña Cortada

peña cortada hikes in valencia spain
Top Hikes in Valencia: Ruta del Aqueducto Romano de Peña Cortada

Distance: 16 km

Ruta del Aqueducto Romano de Peña Cortada is one of my favorite hikes in Valencia, as it´s extremely unique – by following the trail you walk across an authentic ancient Roman aqueduct and later on enter the impressive mountain tunnels. You can check the videos on my IG stories.

Note: I do get asked a lot about reaching Chelva/Calles by public transportation. Honestly, to do this hike as a Valencia day trip you will need a car. The bus connection is bad – you can check it here.

This route can be found between the small towns of Chelva and Calles. In my experience, most of the visitors reach Chelva and then follow a local unpaved road with indicator Peña Cortada towards the parking (also marked on Google maps). It will take you only 15 min of walking to reach the Roman Aqueduct and the tunnels – no wonder this area was packed with people on Saturday. Nevertheless, only a few visitors go on with the route, after enjoying the Spanish Roman Ruins. So I can´t say this hike is the busy one, due to the fact that most people turn back after the landmarks.

We´ve done a 16km circular route (check it on Wikiloc), but the distance can be easily reduced to 2km ( if you return after the aqueduct and the tunnels, by following back the same trail).

The only drawback of Ruta del Aqueducto Romano de Peña Cortada is that the trail is not child-friendly, as the Aqueduct has no protective barriers. Most people do it with kids anyway, but you´ll need to keep an eye on them all the time. On the other hand it´s definitely a match for those looking for adventurous things to do in Spain.

If you do not plan to rent a car in Valencia, you can book Peña Cortada Aqueduct Hiking Day Tour.

2. Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes / Chulilla

Chulilla Puentes Colgantes hikes in Valencia
Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes / while hiking near Valencia

Distance: 15,8km

Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes (also called Ruta de Los Calderones) was one of my first hike in Valencia and its surroundings. It can be translated to English as The route of the hanging bridges of Chulilla. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular hikes in the Valencia province. The official sources claim that since 2019 there´s a 1 euro fee to be paid in order to access Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes, but the last time I visited this trail in 2016 it was completely free.

There are different hiking trails in the area depending on the length at Wikiloc – I´ve done this 15,8km route.

If you plan to test this hike on a Valencia day trip, you will need to go by car. There is a Chulilla-Valencia bus on weekdays, but it is apparently set for the locals of Chulilla who work or study in Valencia (as it leaves Chulilla in the morning and Valencia in the evening). You can see the schedule here.

If you do not plan to rent a car, you can book one of the organized tours: Walking Tour of the Hanging Bridges of ChulillaChulilla Canyon Hike: private full day tour, or Chulilla and the Hanging Bridges Day Trip.

3. Ruta al Mirador Garbi / Sierra Calderona

garbi hikes in valencia spain
Mirador Garbi

Distance: 8km or 1,8km

Mirador Garbi is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the whole Valencia Region. Located 40 km from the city of Valencia, it is the heart of Serra Calderona Natural Park. Mirador Garbi can be found on the top of the 593m-high mountain and offers some truly unique views of the region.

There are two main hiking routes taking one to the Garbi lookout – La Ruta de las Cadenas (also called La Canal del Garbi) and a short walk from Parking Mirador del Garbi. The first option, La Ruta de las Cadenas, is an 8-km long hiking trail for more prepared visitors that begins near Segart. However, if you are in Spain with kids or aim for an easy walk – consider parking at Pla de Garbi (also called Parking Mirador del Garbi in Google Maps) and taking a short circular route (1,8 km) towards LlosarMirador GarbiLa Ermita de la Santa Cruz.

4. Ruta de Marjal dels Moros / Sagunto

marjal dels moros hikes in valencia
Marjal dels Moros with kids

Distance: 5km

Marjal dels Moros is a wetland full of unique bird species, declared a protected area back in 1996. It is located 26 km from Valencia, between the Spanish towns of Sagunto and Pucol. The hiking route starts at Pucol´s Beach Playa de Pucol. Along the route, you´ll see lots of wooden viewpoints (for birdwatching) and walkways (to cross the water-covered areas).

Besides our recent Castillo de Gaibiel hiking trail, Marjal dels Moros was my kids´ favorite from all the hikes in Valencia.

Marjal dels Moros hiking route is especially beautiful at sunrise or sunset due to water reflections. This route is most likely the easiest one on this list of hikes in Castellon due to the absence of elevation

5. Ruta de los Molinos / Alborache

molinos de alborache hikes in valencia spain

Distance: 3,4 km

Ruta de los Molinos de Alborache is one of the shortest and easiest hikes in Valencia. It´s an easy walk, only a 1,7km- long one way. Some do it even with baby strollers. The hiking trail begins at Aparcamiento del Molino Galan.

You can download PDF with more details in Spanish at www.alborache.es, the map of the route can be found here.

6. Ruta del Agua / Buñol

cueva turche hikes in valencia spain
Cueva Turche / Hiking in the Province of Valencia

Distance: 11,5 km

Ruta del Agua de la Hoya de Buñol is a circular hiking route that begins at Parque de San Luis in Buñol (40 km from Valencia). One of the biggest Valencia natural gems of this itinerary is Cueva de Turche with its 60m-high waterfall. The other main stops on the trail are Charco Mañan and Cueva de las Palomas.

Alternatively, you can reach Cueva de Turche by car, but the only option to leave your car is the nearby parking (costs 5 euros)

For more inspiring hiking trails in Spain check my Pinterest boards – Travel to Spain and The Ultimate Spain Travel Collection.

7. Ruta Monasterio de Santa Maria de la Murta / Alzira

hiking valencia monasterio murta
Monasterio de Santa Maria de la Murta, Alzira – a beautiful hiking trail near Valencia

Distance: from 1,5 km and up

One of the newest hikes in Valencia on this list – you can check the views on Tiktok and IG Reels.

This trail is one of the most versatile options on this list, as you basically arrive at La Murta Paratge Natural Municipal in Alzira and have quite a few hiking options since you park. The valley where you´ll find yourself is called Valle de La Murta, and it’s a popular place for a quiet weekend picnic or hike. The area is opened from 8h to 19h throughout March and October, from 8h to 20h from April to September, and from 8h to 18h from November to February.

Initially, you must book your entrance a few days in advance via the local website of Alzira, but for some reason, de facto no one checked our tickets. Not sure whether it was an occasional thing or a constant one.

Within the natural area of La Murta, you have quite a few hiking trails, we´ve tried this one. But many visitors simply walk their way towards the ruins of an ancient monastery of Santa Maria de la Murta (it’s only a few kilometers along the unpaved road and you can see lots of people doing it with the baby strollers, so it´s obviously an easy option for the unprepared hikers).

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