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How about treating yourself to some unique handmade Valencia gifts? – The region of the Valencian Community is known for its unique arts and crafts. While the older generations of Spaniards tend to commercialize their creations locally, some modern artisan businesses are offering international shipping via Etsy.

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Handmade & Local Valencia Gifts

Alongside my passion for Spanish ceramics, I have always enjoyed discovering local handmade products across Spain.

You may all know that supporting artisans is the best way to invest in the local community. Shopping locally helps to preserve unique techniques and fair labor practices, as well as to promote a sustainable economy.

In a world of mass-produced goods passing the traditional crafts down through generations isn’t an easy task, but we can all contribute. Every little bit counts: as consumers, we can easily show that we CARE about who makes our products.

In this new Blog Series: Spanish Gifts, I will be sharing with you some of the most unique artisan creations from across the country. These products can serve as perfect gifts or souvenirs from Spain since nothing is more memorable than handmade products with soul.

This Blog Series aims to introduce my international readers to the universe of Spanish artisans (which I have carefully handpicked with my sharp eye). I´ve decided to open it with a post about unique Valencia gifts (as my home region, Valencian Community has a special place in my heart).

Get ready to discover some unique Valencia gifts that you will be tempted to buy right now.

Artisan Candles from Valencia

valencia handmade candle Spanish souvenirs
Valencia Orange-scented Candle by A Candle Tale

There are no Valencia gifts without handmade candles. A Candle Tale is a local company creating space-traveling scents. In particular, you should set your eyes on their Valencia Orange-scented Candle.

You might have already heard that Valencia is unofficially called the orange capital of Europe. The grooves over here cover an area of more than 120000 hectares. So, it is hard to think of another scent that could speak more for the Valencian Community. Candles always add a unique finishing touch to any room while transforming any atmosphere through their unique scent, and changing the way we feel in space.

A handmade candle from Valencia is one of the most magical ways to bring a piece of Valencia to your home.

Shop A Candle Tale on Etsy

Valencian Espadrilles

espadrilles spain valencia gifts
Espadrilles from Valencia by CristinaLagardera
handmade shoes valencia souvenirs
Espadrilles from Valencia by CristinaLagardera

One of the best ways to rock your summer in Spain is to get a pair of handmade Valencian espadrilles.

Las alpargatas (the Spanish name for espadrilles) have their origins in the Spanish countryside, back when it was essential to have resistant footwear with a thick sole. At the same time, the warm temperatures of sun-kissed Spain required significant breathability. With time espadrilles evolved from a daily must-have to a unique piece of stylish apparel.

Nowadays, a pair of locally-made espadrilles is one of the coolest Valencia gifts to elevate any look. While espadrilles are largely produced by different brands all over the world, there is nothing like a Valencian handmade pair of alpargatas.

CristinaLagardera creates a wide range of colorful handmade espadrilles from Valencia.

Shop CristinaLagardera on Etsy

La Fallera Bag

la fallera dress valencia spain
Las Falleras in Valencia
fallera bag valencia handmade gifts from spain
La Fallera Bag by Cuartito de los Trastos

It´s impossible to visit Valencia without learning about Las Fallas, one of the most iconic Spanish festivities.

Nevertheless, while the attention of international visitors is often tied to the ninots and fireworks, the artsy heritage of the feast is la fallera traditional outfit. The average cost of the fallera dress might reach 6000 euros (although with more exclusive silk fabrics, it is possible to find festive outfits for 25000 euros). During Las Fallas you will see thousands of local women and girls wearing this traditional outfit in Valencia.

But even off the festive season, a vibrant fallera bag makes an epic Valencia gift. You can easily pair it with your little black dress to glam up for a Spanish night out.

Mariajo from Cuartito de los Trastos creates the most beautiful pieces anyone can easily purchase to express their admiration for the Valencian culture and traditions.

Shop Cuatrito de Trastos on Etsy

Bag Straps from Valencia

spanish gifts from valencia bag straps
Bag straps from Valencia by Mariasvalley

A handmade bagstrap from Valencia is one of the most unique local gifts to compliment your favorite purse or camera, while effortlessly adding a unique touch or even transforming any look.

Mariasvalley creates beautiful bag straps from Valencia that can help you carry anything comfortably on your shoulder (or make a bold fashion statement – it is up yo you!).

The best thing about bag straps is that they give you endless outfit opportunities, and can be easily changed based on your mood. Do you need to change a worn-out broken strap or find new uses for your favorite bag? – Bag straps might be the answer.

Additionally, the straps can add to securing your valuables on the road, while these help to carry all your personal belongings securely around your body.

Shop Mariasvalley on Etsy

Handmade Crochet Tops from Valencia

valencia handmade gifts shop
Crochet Top by Magic Creaciones (IG: @inma_perez_ortola_animalista)

With the warm Spanish summers, a cute handmade crochet top is another must-have in Valencia. It just fits the bill when it comes to effortless it-girl style.

Made from lightweight and breathable fibers, crochet clothing is so comfortable. Plus, unique handmade patterns give these pieces a personal touch. Inma from Magic Creaciones offers a wide range of unique garments to rock any Mediterranean outfit, from colorful tops to nude bikinis or hats. Additionally, you can find Inma’s collection of handmade toys on Amazon Spain.

Shop Magic Creaciones on Etsy

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