Let me share the 10+ Best Places to Visit in Castile-La Mancha, Spain. Our recent Cuenca Road Trip has reminded me of all the unique trips to Central Spain that I enjoyed over my 15+expat years. It´s time to summarize it by highlighting the most unique gems of the Castile La-Mancha region.

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Things to do in Castile La-Mancha

Visiting Castile La-Mancha

What is Castile La-Mancha known for

The region of Castile La-Mancha has played a crucial role in the history of Spain. It was a bastion from which the Catholic Kings of Spain gradually reconquered the Peninsula from the Moors. Here, I suggest you check my post about Spain Travel Documentaries to learn more about the Reconquista.

While the Castile La-Mancha region (alongside Aragon) was one of the main pillars of modern Spain, its queen, Isabella of Castile, was the one who financially supported Columbus in his journey towards the New World. You can read more on this topic in my post about the Christopher Columbus Landmarks in Spain.

One of the top things Spain is known for is the novel Don Quixote. While the plot is set in the region of Castile La-Mancha, the book is often called the founding novel of modern European Literature. The author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, is still one of the most famous Spaniards ever.

Moreover, one of the most unique places to visit in Castile-La Mancha is the city of Toledo – a living open-air museum that has always been the jewel of the Spanish crown.

How to get to Castile La-Mancha

The region of Castile La-Mancha borders most of the Spanish autonomous communities and provinces: Castile Leon, Madrid, Aragon, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, and Extremadura. So, it can easily be a part of most road trips in Spain.

The city of Cuenca in Castile La-Mancha is a popular stop on the road from Madrid to Valencia and has a high-speed train connection with both. For train tickets, you can check RailEurope and Omio.

If you plan to travel by bus, you can also get the tickets via Busbud to the main cities of Castile La-Mancha region: Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, Guadalajara, and Toledo. But to cross off your Spain Bucket List all of the top places to visit in Castile-La Mancha, you´d need to rent a car.

Guided Tours to Castile La-Mancha

Another alternative to explore a few of the top places to visit in Castile-La Mancha is to book a day tour from Madrid:

Best places to visit in Castile-La Mancha


Toledo Spain Travel
Toledo – one of the best places to visit in Castile-La Mancha

Conveniently located 30 min away from the Spanish capital of Madrid, Toledo is one of the top destinations on every Spain Bucket List and a must-stop on any Madrid Road Trip. So, I won’t really surprise you by underlining that Toledo is one of my personal favorites in Spain.

The city of Toledo is a real-life open-air museum, full of ancient art, glorious history, and vibrant medieval architecture. Like it is shown in one of the popular Spanish TV shows, Toledo (2012), the town used to be the “City of Three Cultures”, where the Muslims, the Jews, and the Christians coexisted in peace.

Besides its famous El Greco museum, Toledo is known for one of the most stunning cathedrals in SpainSanta Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo.

Don Quixote wind mills

Don quijote mills in Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Campo de Criptana – one of the most unique places to visit in Castile-La Mancha

One of the most iconic places to visit in Castile-La Mancha is the tiny village of Campo de Criptana with its famous Don Quixote mills.

If you could pick only one thing that represents Spain internationally it would definitely be Don Quixote, one of the world’s best-selling books of all time. Its writer, Miguel de Cervantes, is still considered to be one of the most famous Spaniards ever. So, a book-themed road trip across the region is definitely a must-do in Spain. However, you can even visit the Don Quixote mills on a day trip from Madrid.

Not only is Don Quixote one of the oldest classical reads, but it is also one of the must-have children’s books from Spain.


The Hanging Houses of Cuenca – one of the most unique landmarks in Spain

Cuenca used to be the source of stories for my blog series Undiscovered Spain, but lately, it´s turned into a trendy getaway destination in Spain. All thanks to the high-speed train connection with Madrid.

Also, the city is conveniently located on the road between Madrid and Valencia.

The Spanish city of Cuenca is known for one of the top Spanish landmarks – the Hanging Houses of Cuenca (or Casas Colgadas in Spanish).

During my most recent Cuenca road trip, I was mostly surprised by the Cathedral of Cuenca with its stunning ceilings and decorations. Also, the Cathedral Museum houses two stunning paintings of El Greco.

The Enchanted city of Cuenca

cuenca cuidad encantada2
The Enchanted City – one of the most unique places to visit in Castile-La Mancha

Close to the city of Cuenca, you will find a Spanish geological phenomenon, The Enchanted City of Cuenca. This place is an absolute must-stop for all the fans of otherworldly landscapes and fairytale locations in Spain since the area is full of mysterious rock formations.

The Enchanted City is a great place to visit in Spain with kids. Plus, there is even a mystical Spanish legend behind this landmark of Castile La-Mancha. You can check more photos from my visit to the Enchanted City of Cuenca in this post.

The Castle of Belmonte

Belmonte castle spain
Belmonte – one of the top castles in Spain

The Castle of Belmonte is one of the most unique places to visit in Castile-La Mancha: it is one of my all-time favorite castles in Spain. You are probably aware of the fact that Spain is known for its far-reaching history of royals. The vast number of castles in Spain goes beyond the 2500 locations. However, only a few of them are as well preserved as the Castle of Belmonte.

It was initially built in the second half of the 15th century for Don Juan Pacheco (also known as Marques de Villena), one of the richest Spanish nobles. You might have heard of him, if you watched any of the popular Spanish TV Shows (like Isabel) or Spanish Documentaries.

The Castle of Belmonte has served as a filming location for some international filmmakers: Lord of the Rings by Ralph Bakshi, El Cid by Anthony Mann, Flesh and Blood by Paul Verhoeven, and Don Quixote Knight Errant by Manuel Gutierrez Aragon.

I´ve always wanted to visit the Belmonte Castle during the Spanish Medieval Fairs, but haven´t had a chance to do so yet.


spain with kids cool places to visit
Siguenza – one of the top small towns in Castile La-Mancha

If you enjoy visiting medieval towns in Spain, don’t miss Siguenza, a charming village in the region of Guadalajara.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Siguenza was of great strategic importance. Nowadays, it´s a quiet town you can easily visit on any Madrid Road Trip. You can not miss Siguenza Cathedral and its museum.

One of the most unique places to stay in Siguenza is Parador de Siguenza Hotel, a modern hotel set inside the 12th century Arab fortress.


Alarcón Cuenca Spain beautiful small towns
Alarcon – one of the secret places to visit in Castile-La Mancha

Those who enjoy visiting secret small towns in Spain, simply can not miss Alarcon. This village is an authentic gem of the whole Spanish province of Cuenca.

Alarcon is an absolute storybook location in Spain, as it is known for some of the best-preserved medieval walls in the whole of the country. The castle of Alarcon houses a luxury hotel, Parador de Alarcon, – a great place for a romantic getaway in Spain.

You can check my IG Reels on Alarcon for more details from Alarcon.

Alcala de Jucar

Alcala de jucar - places to visit in Castile La-Mancha
Alcala de Jucar – one of the most unique places to visit in places to visit in Castile-La Mancha
Casa Cueva el Castillo en Alcala de Jucar
The cave-house Casa Cueva El Castillo in Alcala de Jucar

Alcala de Jucar is one of the most unique places to visit in places to visit in Castile-La Mancha. This secret small town has been populated since ancient times due to the surrounding landscape (which allowed an easy defense) and the proximity to the river (which granted the fertile fields). While the name alcala has Arab origins, it was reconquered by Alfonso VIII in 1213.

Aside from the traditional picturesque attributes of all the Spanish villages, Alcala de Jucar is full of unique caves. Some of these served as warehouses (like El Diablo and Masago Caves), and others have been inhabited since ancient times (like Agraden Cave).

Another unique landmark of Alcala de Jucar is its ancient bridge, originally built by the Romans in Spain, but largely reconstructed in the 18th century.

Tablas de Daimiel

birdwatching in Spain daimiel tablas flamingo
Birdwatching at Tablas de Daimiel / Photo by Dani Argandona via Unsplash

Tablas de Daimiel is one of the must-stops in Castile-La Mancha for nature lovers, located 30 min away from the village of Almagro in the Spanish Province of Cuidad Real.

It is one of the most unique national parks in Spain, full of wooden walkways across the endless wetlands. No wonder, Tablas de Daimiel is the ultimate bird-watching destination in Spain: it is currently one of the most unique and protected ecosystems in the whole country.

Lavender Fields of Brihuega

Lavender fields in spain
Lavender fields in Brihuega, a must stop in Castile La-Mancha

If you enjoy exploring flower fields in Spain, do not miss the lavender fields of Brihuega, another top place to visit in Castile-La Mancha. You can check more details about finding Lavender fields in Spain in this post.

Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park

Lagunas de Ruidera natural park in Spain
Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Parkone of the most unique landscapes of Castile-La Mancha

The Lagunas de Ruidera National Park is located in the Upper Valley of the Guardiana River, between the Ciudad Real and Albacete provinces of Castile La-Mancha. The 400 hectares of the park territory are spread over 16 lakes, most of which are interconnected by small waterfalls. So, it is exactly as you perceive it from the picture – magical and serene.

Nevertheless, Lagunas de Ruidera is a great place to enjoy adventurous activities in Spain, like kayaking, paddle surfing, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, or biking.

Segobriga National Park

segobriga cuenca spain
Segobriga – one of the top places to visit in Castile-La Mancha for history geeks

Fans of the Roman Ruins in Spain can not miss Segobriga Archaeological Park.

The Segobriga Archaeological site is one of the top places to visit in the Spanish province of Cuenca. It was once a prosperous Roman city with a great strategic location, conveniently situated between Carthago Nova (present-day Cartagena) and Toletum (present-day Toledo).

You can get a quick glimpse of this place via Spain Virtual Tours since this archaeological site offers a web with an online visit to Segobriga.

Right near Segobriga Archaeological Park, you can visit another gem of the region – Monasterio de Ucles, one of the most secret and beautiful monasteries in Spain.

Talavera de la Reina

talavera de la reina ceramic art spain

If you love discovering beautiful Ceramics in Spain, Talavera de la Reina is one of your must-stops in Castile La-Mancha. This small town, located only 1h away from Toledo, has always been one of the top creative hubs for traditional Spanish pottery.

Art lovers can not miss Museo Ceramico Ruiz de LunaBasilica del Prado, Bridges of the Alameda, Prado Gardens, Ethnographic Museum, and local ceramic shops (see the full list here).

On a local tourist website of Talavera de la Reina, you can enjoy 360-degree murals online. You can also arrange a visit to one of the local ceramic workshops (unfortunately the web is only available in Spanish for now).

Ceramica de Talavera is also a well-known handmade style in Mexico. Back in 1575, when the country was a Spanish colony, a group of ceramic artists from Talavera de La Reina was sent to a Mexican village Puebla de Los Angeles with the aim of establishing a traditional workshop. Since 2019, Ceramics of Talavera from both Spain (Talavera de la Reina and El Puente del Arzobispo) and Mexico (Puebla and Tlaxcala) have been included in the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

More Places to Visit in Castile-La Mancha

Here, I´ll leave you a few other suggestions for Castle La-Manca landmarks from my own Spain Bucket List:

places to visit in castile la-mancha spain

For more Spain travel tips and itineraries check my Pinterest boards Best of Spain and Spain Travel Collection.

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