Following my previous post full of magical rock formations from The Enchanted City of Cuenca, I´ve decided to sum up my weekend getaway and to share with you a short list of places you can´t miss in the area if visiting them yourself one day…

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Cuenca: Off the beaten track

For those hearing about Cuenca for the first time: it is the capital of Castilla La Mancha Province in Central Spain. Despite some unique sites and amazing nature, Cuenca (and Central Spain, in general – except, probably, the Don Quijote route) can barely compete with the coastal Spain in terms of international fame…

I know, I keep saying it all the time – but I feel like every year tourism in Spain grows significantly. For instance, I´ve been postponing a trip to Catalonia forever, cause it seems like the concept “off-season” doesn´t exist there any longer… [lol] And my favorite thing about traveling has always been – exploring place off the beaten track, while crowds of people in a constant search of fiesta and sangria hardly add wanderlust to any trip…

Anyway, over these years I´ve learned to appreciate places off the beaten path (More: Undiscovered Spain). Even though these often end up being not the best choices in terms of price/quality. For instance, it was much harder to find nice hotels and restaurants in Cuenca, than it was in Andalusia. Nevertheless, some unique views, cobblestone streets, picturesque squares and hidden corners of Cuenca made my trip completely worth it. So what can’t you miss?

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1.The Hanging Houses

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The most famous touristic spot in Cuenca, UNESCO World Heritage Site, also called “Casas Colgadas” in Spanish. Only three of the Hanging Houses remain till nowadays, carefully restored in the 20th century. You get the best view of the Hanging Houses from the San Pablo bridge (especially impressive at night).

2. Cuenca´s City Center and Santa María la Mayor Cathedral

Plaza Mayor One of the old city´s streetSanta María la Mayor Cathedral

3. The Enchanted City of Cuenca

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This natural phenomenon is actually located 28 km from the city of Cuenca. The Enchanted city rises almost 1,500 meters above sea level and it is a circular route full of impressive rock formations, sculpted over the centuries by ice, wind, and water. ( Read more: The Enchanted City of Cuenca )

4. Ventano del Diablo / The Devil´s Window

Amandella ScriptA natural cave with views of Jucar river (located close to the Enchanted City). According to the legend, Devil practiced his magic and witchcraft here, he also threw to the river all those who dared to look out of the windows at the viewpoint…

5. The source of Cuervo River

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I know what you´re thinking right now… A rock, seriously? That´s a MUST SEE in Cuenca? – Well, this was supposed to be a beautiful waterfall. In Spanish the place is called “Nacimiento Del Río Cuervo”, just google it – looks amazing, especially in winter. Unfortunately, in our case, it´s been a while since the last rain, so there was no water (and I don´t really like using photos that are not my own). So check it online or trust my word, your choice!

More to the story…

Other must-see places in the province of Cuenca that I don´t include into this post (but you should also keep in mind if planning your visit) are La Ruta de las Caras and  The Castle of Belmonte … But it´s already another blog post story that I plan on sharing soon!



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