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Here are some of my favorite places to enjoy graffiti art in Spain. The are a few Spanish villages you simply can´t miss in search of the most unique urban paintings across the country!

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Graffiti Art in Spain

The street art movement in Spain began in Madrid in the 80s, with the works of the local artist Muelle

While lots of people these days admire graffiti art in Spain, it is not always easy to find stunning urban paintings in Spanish cities. The fine for painting walls illegally might reach 6000 euros and getting official permission to create vibrant murals in public spaces is not easy (actually, nothing is fast or logical when it comes to the bureaucracy in Spain).

So, while you can find occasional street art in most of the Spanish capitals, like Barcelona, Madrid, or Malaga, a few Spanish villages represent the top destinations to enjoy lots of unique murals in one single place.

graffiti street art in spain fanzara
Graffiti Art in Spain: Fanzara

Street Art Villages in Spain

Like many countries around the world, Spain is facing a huge problem with dying villages. Younger generations of Spaniards move to the big cities in search of better job opportunities. Therefore, a few small towns in Spain decided to reinvent themselves and embrace street art to attract travelers from across the globe with their modern appeal. 

Hopefully, with time more artsy hubs will keep appearing across the Iberian Peninsula. Filling up the streets with vibrant murals supports local communities and attracts thousands of visitors, both national and international.

As of today, only 5 Spanish villages have officially declared themselves open-air museums:

  • Fanzara in Castellon
  • Alfamen in Zaragoza
  • Villangomez in Burgoz
  • Romangordo in Caceres
  • Penelles in Lleida

Since I travel across the Iberian Peninsula non-stop, I keep discovering new places to enjoy graffiti art in Spain. Therefore, I have put together some of my favorite murals for the Blog Series Art Lovers and will keep updating this article with new inspiring artworks every once in a while.

Fanzara in the Castellon Province

The tiny village of Fanzara was my first encounter with the unique Graffiti art in Spain. Home to more or less 300 people, Fanzara was about to make it to the list of Spain’s dying villages until locals invited graffiti artists from across the world to transform the village.

Back in 2016, I visited Fanzara for the first time and recently got to revisit it with the kids. You can check out more details in this post.

How to visit Fanzara: You can combine your visit to Fanzara with this Castellon road trip or a Valencia Road Trip.

Fanzara Castellon Spain street art in Spain
Graffiti Art in Spain: Fanzara
graffiti art in Spain
Graffiti Art in Spain: Fanzara
Graffiti Art in Spain: Fanzara

Penelles in the Lleida Province

The vibrant village of Penelles is located just a couple of kilometers off road C-53, connecting Tarrega and Balaguer, in the province of Lleida / Catalonia.

Travelers usually drop by the local Tourist Office for a map. However, since we visited Penelles early in the morning, everything was closed. So, we ended up using Google Maps. To my surprise, almost all of the current murals of Penelles were well-marked.

You can check out more details from my visit in this post.

How to visit Penelles: You can combine your visit to Penelles with a Weekend in Lleida, a 7-day Pyrenees road trip from Barcelona, a Weekend in Reus, or Tarragona Road Trip.

street art europe spain penelles
Graffiti Art in Spain: Penelles
penelles catalonia graffiti
Graffiti Art in Spain: Penelles
Street art in Penelles catalonia spain
Graffiti Art in Spain: Penelles

Alfamen in the Zaragoza Province

Alfamen is a secret Spanish village near Zaragoza, that I recently got a chance to visit on the way back home from my weekend in the Pre-Pyrenees.

Back in 2017, Alfamen was housing the street art festival Festival Asalto, which was a huge success. So, since 2019 this village has a permanent collection of street art.

Alfamen does not have a Tourist office, but you can get a map of the murals in Zaragoza or follow Google Maps. Most of the paintings also have a QR code to learn more about the author.

How to visit Alfamen: You can combine your visit to Alfamen with this Madrid to Barcelona road trip, a weekend in Zaragoza, a Weekend in Albarracin, or an Aragon Road Trip.

Graffiti Art in Spain: Alfamen Zaragoza
Graffiti Art in Spain: Alfamen
Graffiti Art in Spain: Alfamen
Graffiti Art in Spain: Alfamen
Graffiti Art in Spain: Alfamen
Graffiti Art in Spain: Alfamen

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