Here is an ultimate summary of my favorite places to visit in Aragon, based on numerous road trips to this lesser-known stunning region in Spain.

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Top Places to Visit in Aragon, Spain

Traveling to Aragon

Where is Aragon

Aragon is the Spanish Autonomous Community, located in the north-east of Spain. It borders the regions of Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon, La Rioja, Valencian Community, Navarra, and Catalonia (by clicking on each – you´ll see my collection of articles for each region).

About Aragon

The population of Aragon is 1 328 653 inhabitants and its capital – the city of Zaragoza. The Aragon Autonomous Community consists of 3 Spanish Provinces – Teruel, Zaragoza, and Huesca.

Therefore there´s honestly a lot to chew on while talking about all the must-see places to visit in Aragon. Zaragoza is the biggest city and business hub of the region, Huesca is a must-stop in the Spanish Pyrenees, and Teruel is one of the most underrated cities in the whole of Spain. But besides the three main cities, Aragon is full of hidden villages and secret hikes.

How to get to Aragon

The best way to reach Aragon is to find flights to Zaragoza. However, you can easily drive to Aragon from the airports of Tarragona, Barcelona, Reus, Castellon, and even Valencia.

Where to stay in Aragon

You can check popular places to stay in Aragon via this map:

What is Aragon Known For

Many of you might have already heard that modern Spain was created as a result of the union of the Catholic Kings – Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragon. Therefore, the Spanish Autonomous Communities of Castile-La Mancha and Aragon were both at the very origins of the Spanish state. Aragon still preserves an authentic taste and the non-touristy appeal of traditional Spain.

The most famous people from Aragon were King Fernando El Catolico, Francisco de Goya, and Agustina de Aragon (the hero of the Independence War).

Unique local foods to try in Aragon are Trenza de Almudevar, Guirlache, Fruta de Aragon, Jamon de Calamocha, and Castañas de Huesca.

My trips to Aragon

In case you are planning a jam-packed Aragon itinerary, you can not miss these articles of mine: –

The Most Unique Places to Visit in Aragon


medieval towns in spain teruel albarracin
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Albarracin

Ever since my first visit to the city of Teruel, I´ve been a huge fan of the local Mudejar Architecture and charming small villages of the Teruel Province.

Albarracin is one of the most stunning gems of Aragon. Many years in a row, and according to several international travel editions, it has been named the prettiest village in the whole of Spain. With an official population of only 1016 people (in 2018), this Spanish medieval town was even declared a National Monument in 1961.

The village of Albarracin is full of labyrinth-like cobblestone streets, tumbling into each other ancient buildings, wooden balconies, pretty churches, and ancient castle walls Murallas de Albarracin. This tiny town is so picture-perfect that I have even picked it for my post-wedding photoshoot.

You can read more about my recent weekend in Albarracin in this post.

The Peracense Castle

favourite travel experiences in Spain Peracense castle Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – The Peracense Castle

As much as I love discovering dreamy Spanish castles across the Iberian Peninsula, the Peracense Castle has left me speechless in 2022. It was initially planned as a random stop on the way to Soria, but this gem has ended on my list of favorite places to visit in Aragon.

The Castle of Peracense was built back in the 13th century on the base of a former Muslim fortress. Throughout Spanish history, it was a feudal castle, a prison, and an important fortress during the Carlist wars.

The most stunning thing about The Peracense Castle is how it camouflages itself among the surrounding otherworldly red-colored landscapes.


alquezar huesca spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Alquezar

The small town of Alquezar is one of the coolest places to visit in Aragon, and also, one of the most beautiful places in the Spanish Pyrenees. The name of the village Alquezar comes from the Arabic Al-Qsar, which means fortress.

While not much is left of ancient caste and walls, the panoramic views of the city (once you approach it by car) are stunning.

The city of Teruel

mudejar architecture of Teruel Spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Teruel

Teruel is one of the most unique cities in the autonomous community of Aragon. It is still a mystery to me how this city keeps staying on the list of the most underrated places in Spain.

The city of Teruel is mostly known for its beautiful Mudejar architecture, the romantic legend of The Lovers of Teruel, and Dinopolis Park for the kids.

Mudejar Architecture of Teruel is one of the most impressive national landmarks in Spain. If you ever visited Andalusia and the South of Spain you you have definitely made a stop at Alcazar of Seville, one of the most fairytale places in Spain and an iconic Game of Thrones filming location. It is one of the better-known Mudejar phenomenons, but the vibrant geometry of decorations in Teruel isn’t any less impressive.

The top places you can´t miss in the city are the Cathedral of Teruel, San Pedro Church, Escalinata Neomudejar, and the Towers of San Pedro, San Miguel, and Salvador.

Sos Del Rey Catolico

sos de rey catolico spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Sos del Rey Catolico

Sos del Rey Catolico is one of the lesser-known places to visit in Aragon, but it has mad it to my list of 2023 Favorites in Spain.

While it was a stop on our recent Aragon Road trip, we did not mind some extra driving to finally cross this remote village off the Spain bucket list. While forming part of the Aragon autonomous community, Sos del Rey Catolico is actually a better match for any Northern Spain itinerary.

So, depending on your Aragon travel plans, it might be easier to combine Sos del Rey Catolico with Navarra landmarks or a visit to La Rioja.

Mallos de Riglos

mallos riglos hike spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Mallos de Riglos

Mallos de Riglos is one of the most adventurous destinations in Spain since it is a popular spot for rock climbing.

Nevertheless, anyone can check out the popular hiking trail El camino del cielo por Mallos de Riglos. It´s a 5,4 km-long intermediate circular route, which takes one up and around the peculiar rock formations of Mallos de Riglos.

Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña

secret and beautiful monasteries in spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña

If you love secret and beautiful monasteries in Spain, your top sight to explore in Aragon is Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña.

This place was one of the highlights of my Spanish Pyrenees road trip. The monastery dates back to the 20th century, but it houses the remains of an ancient Mozarab church. To visit the oldest part(the one you see in the picture) you must book a guided tour.

Perrizal de Beceite

spanish hikes parrizal beceite
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Perrizal de Beceite

Parrizal de Beceite is one of the most unique hikes of Aragon. I enjoyed this unique landscape during our trip to the Matarranya region, often called the secret Spanish Toscana.

The trail of Perrizal de Beceite is one of the most unusual Spanish hikes as most of the itinerary you spend walking on the wooden pathways. If you start your trail at the parking, it´s only 8 km both ways – but the views are so worth it.

You can check the details via my IG Reels from Perrizal de Beceite.

The Castle of Loarre

Loarre Castle Spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – The Castle of Loarre

The Castle of Loarre is one of the dreamiest Spanish castles, located in the region Hoya de Huesca. It was built in the 11th century and declared a Spanish National Cultural Heritage Site in 1906. 

The Castle of Loarre is considered one of the best examples of civil and military architecture in the whole of Europe. Like many other castles in Spain, it has traces of the Roman presence on the Iberian Peninsula. Historians claim that it was built on the ruins of the local Roman city Calagurris fibularia.

The castle does not have any furniture or lavish decorations inside, but its setting and architecture are absolutely stunning.

The Cathedral of Zaragoza

zaragoza landmarks in spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – The Cathedral of Zaragoza

If you enjoy visiting religious sites in Spain, dont miss the Cathedral of Zaragoza. The Baroque Basilica Cathedral of Our Lady Pilar was constructed in 1872, while three of its four towers were finished later in 1907, 1959, and 1961. Each of them has a height of 92 m.

This place is also known for the vibrant Spanish FestivitiesFiestas del Pilar. This annual festival is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the city, the Virgen del Pilar.

Also, in Zaragoza, you simply can not miss the Aljafería Palace and the Goya Museum.


ainsa beautiful places to visit in the pyrenees
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Ainsa

Ainsa always appears within the top 3 destinations on the lists of beautiful medieval villages in Spain. While last time I visited this small town on the way to Andorra, it´s been a must-stop on many of my Spanish road trips.

With its well-preserved medieval architecture and inspiring mountain setting, Ainsa is considered one of the most picture-perfect small towns in Spain and one of the must-stops in the Spanish Pyrenees.


beceite haunted ruins spain
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Belchite

History geeks and fans of mysterious and haunted Spain, can not miss the abandoned town of Belchite.

These ruins are rumored to be one of the spookiest places in Spain (especially during a night tour). Built in the mid-XXth century, Belchite was once a prosperous small town of the Aragon region. However, it was destroyed by the important battle of the Spanish Civil War, taking the lives of more than 5000 people.

After the end of the Spanish Civil War, Franco ordered the construction of a new town nearby, leaving the old Belchite the status of a ghost town.

Till the present day, Belchite is surrounded by countless stories from its visitors about strange war sounds, voices, temperature drops, and even the unexplainable feeling of “being watched by someone”.

You can only access Belchite with a locally guided tour (during the day and also at night).

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park

spanish pyrenees road trip itinerary
Beautiful Places to Visit in Aragon – Ordesa y Monte Perdido Natural Park

Ordesa y Monte Perdido is one of my favorite National Parks in Spain. It is one of the most unique Aragon destinations for all nature lovers.

Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park can be divided into 4 main valleys: Ordesa, Añisclo, Escuain, and Pineta. Its most unique landmark is Monte Perdido (or “the lost mountain” in English) – the highest limestone massif in Europe. 

Pinares de Rodeno

pinares de rodeno albarracin
Viewpoint of Pinares de Rodeno

Pinares de Rodeno is one of the most unique natural settings in Sierra de Albarracin. This spectacular landscape combines pine forests with enormous red sandstone rocks.

You can make a stop at Viewpoint of Pinares de Rodeno (see Google Maps) and then head to Parking Pinturas Rupestres (see Google Maps). Here, you can spend a few hours exploring local cave paintings. To explore Pinares de Rodeno, I followed this easy trail – check out the trail on Wikiloc.

You can read more about my recent hikes in Sierra de Albarracin in this post.

Sierra de Guara

sierra de guara spain destinations
You can read more about my recent weekend in Sierra de Guara in this post
pasarelas alquezar hike spain
Pasarelas de Alquezar Hiking Trail

Sierra de Guarra is a mountain massif in the Province of Huesca, in the north of the Aragon Autonomous Community. It is set right next to the beautiful town of Alquezar.

This stunning natural setting is located in the Pre-Pyrenees of Spain, the foothills of the famous mountain range. Nevertheless, in many guidebooks, you can find Sierra de Guara described as part of the Pyrenees.

The region is known for some of the most iconic landscapes and hikes in Spain, like the famous trail Pasarelas de Alquezar.

You can read more about my recent weekend in Sierra de Guara in this post.

Lagunas de Gallocanta

Lagunas de Gallocanta is an endorheic lake, located close to ZaragozaAlbarracin, and Teruel. It is considered one of the most singular ecosystems in the whole of europe Europe and popular for the fans of birdwatching in Spain.

To make the most of your visit to Lagunas de Gallocanta, you must have a basic birdwatching gear (check out this post): the birds always keep the distance and you are not allowed to step out of the wooden pathways). Drop by the visitors center (see Google Maps) for the map or download it online (they can also suggest where to find the birds at any moment). During our visit to Lagunas de Gallocanta, we saw a group of flamingoes and cranes.

birdwatching in Spain wildlife lagunas de gallocanta
Lagunas de Gallocanta – a popular birdwatching destination in Spain
birdwatching in Spain essentials gallocanta crane
Birdwatching at Lagunas de Gallocanta / Photo by Santiago Lacarta via Unsplash

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