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Check out the details of my recent weekend in Albarracin. I really enjoyed visiting one of the prettiest small towns in Spain and exploring the natural setting of Sierra de Albarracin

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About Albarracin & Sierra de Albarracin

My Trip to Sierra de Albarracin

The small town of Albarracin is known as one of the most charming and well-preserved Spanish villages on the Iberian Peninsula, while a unique natural setting surrounding it, Sierra de Albarracin, is a popular rural destination for the Spaniards. So, visiting Albarracin & Sierra de Albarracin is a great match for adventurous families who appreciate hiking and discovering hidden gems in Spain.

While Albarracin has been frequently mentioned in international travel editions as the most iconic village in Teruel, Sierra de Albarracin rarely appears on the list of top Spanish hikes. While I have previously visited the small town a few times, I was excited to plan a weekend in Albarracin to new explore hikes of the region.

While this Albarracin weekend took place in April (and I was traveling with my parents), I loved the area enough to return with the kids. Unlike the Pyrenees, hiking in Albarracin did not involve steep climbs. So, you can expect another article on our family adventures in Albarracin soon.

Sierra de Albarracin might feel exciting for travel aficionados since it is not a destination from the classy Spanish Bucket list. Most of the locals do not speak English, so the experience still feels quite authentic. Nevertheless, the landscapes I saw during this Albarracin weekend were otherworldly beautiful and the small town itself looked like a Medieval open-air museum.

weekend in albarracin teruel spain
Exploring the small town of Albarracin

Where is Sierra de Albarracin

Sierra de Albarracin is a lesser-known natural setting in the Province of Teruel / Aragon Autonomous Community.

The capital of the area is Teruel ( it can be reached by train from any major city in Spain – the closest are Madrid, Valencia, and Zaragoza). However, to explore the hikes in Sierra de Albarracin you will need to rent a car.

Since the small town of Albarracin is located only 30 minutes away from Teruel, it makes a great place to stay for exploring the landscapes and hikes of Sierra de Albarracin. Firstly, because the town of Albarracin is such an open-air museum – it´s a unique place to live. Secondly, in Albarracin, you can find nice restaurants to try traditional Spanish food.

For this Albarracin weekend, we stayed at Zahr Albarracin – an old traditional local house reformed with a modern touch (but the bed was surprisingly comfortable). Also, the apartment was right in front of the parking (which was marked as the blue zone, but the cost was quite budget-friendly: 4 euros per 24 hours).

Albarracin with Kids Checklist:

Here’s the list of places you can not miss in Albarracin with the kids. Shortly I plan to return with my girls to check out Albarracin Aventura and La Maleza Park.

Weekend in Albarracin: Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz
Hiking & Wildlife in Sierra de Albarracin: The Trail “Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz

Delicious Food in Albarracin

Some of the top-rated restaurants in Albarracion not to miss are Alizia Casa de Comidas, La Taba, and Rincon del Chorro. Let me also warn you that Albarracin is a popular dining destination in the region (especially since there are not so many great restaurants anywhere near it). So, I recommend you make a reservation before going.

Also, Albarracin is known in Spain for its cheese –Queso Sierra de Albarracin ( the small factory is located near Albarracin). Nevertheless, you can try local cheese in most of the bars, or buy it as a Spanish food souvenir in one of the shops.

albarracin sierra hiking
Exploring the small town of Albarracin

History in Albarracin & Sierra de Albarracin

According to historians the natural setting of Sierra de Albarracin has been inhabited for more than 8000 years. At Pinares de Rodeno, near Albarracion, the prehistoric Levantine paintings of deers, bulls, and warriors were discovered.

The fans of Roman Ruins in Spain will be delighted to find out that scientists believe there was a Celtiberian (and later on Roman) settlement in the region. Some think it was Lobetum, once cited in the works of Ptolemaeus. One of the exclusive proofs of the Roman presence in the area is the Aqueduct in Gea de Albarracin, dating back to the 1st-2nd centuries A.C.

After the Moors conquered Spain in 711, the city was ruled by Ibn Razin. So, the current name “Albarracin” derives from the Morrish family “Banu Razin”.

The small town of Albarracin is part of the famous in Spain Ruta del Cid, the itinerary that follows the steps of Cid El Campeador (to learn more about this historic figure check out my list of Spain Travel Documentaries). After the Christians reconquered Albarracin back in 1170 it was an independent city for a while, belonging to the noble family Los Azagra. However, in 1284 the Spanish King of Aragon Pedro III conquered the small town and made it part of his kingdom.

albarracin spain europe small towns
Rios de Piedra (or the stone rivers in Sierra de Albarracin)

Need a Longer Albarracin Itinerary?

Planning to spend more than one weekend in Albarracin and Central Spain? – You can combine this trip with One day in Teruel, Cuenca Road Trip, and Aragon Road Trip.

Weekend in Albarracin: Day 1

The Hiking Trail in Calomarde

In the small town of Calomarde, you will find a cute fluvial trail called Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz. You can check the details via Wikiloc here. This route is such a pleasant walk, especially cool once you reach the metal walkways. Since it is not a circular itinerary, you can return at any time – so it´s a great match for the family travels in Spain.

We left a car in the village of Calomarde and followed the sign Cañon de Los Arcos (see the photo below).

This is where the hike starts
albarracin teruel spain Hiking colomarde
Weekend in Albarracin: Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz
Weekend in Albarracin: Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz
Sierra de Albarracin: Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz
Weekend in Albarracin: Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz
Weekend in Albarracin: Ruta del Barranco de La Hoz

Visiting The Small Town of Albarracin

After a pleasant morning hike in Calomarde, we spent an afternoon exploring the small town of Albarracin.

Its reddish color, unusual hanging balconies, and uneven cobblestone streets never stop to amaze me even despite the numerous visits. The historic center of Albarracin is fully pedestrian, so you will leave your car at the parking in front of the city and walk toward the central square Plaza Mayor.

The best thing to do in Albarracin is to get lost wandering down the narrow Medieval streets and climb up the fortress walls. Top local landmarks are the Albarracin Cathedral, the famous 14th-century Casa de las Julienta building, the vintage toys museum Museo de Juguestes, and the 17th-century house Perez y Toyuela Casa Museo.

If you have extra time, the small town also has a walking route Paseo Fluvial de Albarracín (check the details here). However, the prettier alternative is Camino Natural del Guadalaviar in the village of San Blas, near the city of Teruel (check out the itinerary of Wikiloc). Last year we enjoyed this trail with the kids so much that I have included it on my list of Secret Spanish Hikes.

You can check the video from my visit to Albarracin via Tiktok.

albarracin travel guide Spain blog
Climbing up up the fortress walls in Albarracin
sierra de albarracin spain
Streets of Albarracin looking like a filming location

Weekend in Albarracin: Day 2

Pinares de Rodeno

On the second day of our weekend in Albarracin, we headed to one of the most unique natural settings in Sierra de AlbarracinPinares de Rodeno. It is a spectacular landscape that combines pine forests with enormous red sandstone rocks.

You can make a stop at Viewpoint of Pinares de Rodeno (see Google Maps) and then head to Parking Pinturas Rupestres (see Google Maps). Here, you can spend a few hours exploring local cave paintings. We walked around for a few hours while exploring the peculiar landscape and paintings (check out the trail on Wikiloc). This itinerary was brief, but interesting for all ages.

Also, many travelers visit the cave paintings of Pinares de Rodeno on a 15-km-long hiking trail from Albarracin (check out the route on Wikiloc)

Viewpoint of Pinares de Rodeno
spain weekend hiking trip albarracin
Searching for the cave paintings

Rambla de Barrachina

Another popular Teruel hike we initially planned for this Albarracin weekend was Rambla de Barrachina (check out the details on Wikiloc). However, there were some massive road works in the area, so we decided to skip it last moment.

The landscape of Rambla de Barrachina is known as Teruel´s Wild West and can be visited as a day trip from Valencia (check out the tour details). The area is not as huge as Almeria´s Wild West Las Tabernas, but the landscape feels quite unique.

However, I suggest you visit in the off-season (since during the summer months it might be really hot with no shadow on the radar).

Treuel spain hike wild west
Rambla de Barrachina – a Wild West in Teruel

The Castle of Peracense

Another epic place not to be missed out during any weekend in Albarracin is the Castle of Peracense – one of the dreamiest Spanish castles and one of the most iconic landmarks in Aragon.

The Peracense Castle has left me speechless in 2022. It was built back in the 13th century on the base of a former Muslim fortress. Throughout Spanish history, it was a feudal castle, a prison, and an important fortress during the Carlist wars.

You can check the video from my visit via Tiktok.

favourite travel experiences in Spain Peracense castle
The Castle of Peracense – one of the dreamiest Spanish castles

Other hikes in Sierra de Albarracin

Here, I´ll leave for you more cool hikes in Sierra de Albarracin:

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Weekend in Albarracin: Exploring Sierra de Albarracin

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