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There are lots of unique things to see in Huesca (Province), Spain that you simply can´t miss: unique natural landscapes, impressive hikes, dreamy castles, panoramic views, medieval villages with cobblestoned streets…

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Top things to see in Huesca (Province), Spain

When mountains call you…

I´ve recently read somewhere that there is a connection between our feelings and different elements of nature or landscapes we seek to experience. Can you imagine?!

Magical forests connect us with our present: when we are at the crossroads or need to hear our inner voice – trees and greenery bring us harmony and answers. Fields help us to let go: when we´re really connected to something in our past and don’t know how to move on, a clear grassland with a mysterious horizon is the place to be.

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On the other hand, when what we really feel/think is not what we end up doing, then being around water destroys all the illusions and makes us see things clearly. And the last one, the mountains help us to embrace our future plans. Working on a new project?! – The mountains will call you.

Views on the road in Huesca

I never really thought of this connection. Nevertheless, in my case this statement seems to work: I´m just about to start a new project and I came back from the Pyrenees energized and full of ideas! Check my latest Spanish Pyrenees Itinerary.

What about you?! Any connection between your mood and your perfect vacation choice?!

Huesca: A Province in the Spanish Pyrenees

Together with other provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza, Huesca forms the Spanish Community of Aragon. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees (one of my favorite Spanish travel destinations) Huesca is mostly popular for its national parks: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Posets-Maladeta National Park, Sierra y Los Cañones de Guara National Park, Valles Occidentales National Park.

This trip was my first brief visit to the Spanish Pyrenees, you can check more recent travel stories here. Also, do not miss: Top Beautiful Places to Visit in the Spanish Pyrenees, Exploring the Pyrenees of Catalonia, 5 Epic Reasons to Visit the Spanish Pyrenees with Kids, and The Spanish Pyrenees Road Trip.

However, if you are looking for more sightseeing, rather than an active vacation and hikes – Huesca is a great match as well. Let me share with you the top things to see in Huesca, along with some of my bucket list locations for future travels.

The Province of Huesca: Must-See Places

1. Alquezar

things to see in Huesca, Spain Alquezar
Things to see in Huesca – the small town of Alquezar

Alquezar always comes up as one of the first names in all of the rankings for the most beautiful small towns in Spain and top Spanish Medieval towns. Even from this panoramic photo, you can understand why right?

The name of the village Alquézar comes from the Arabic Al-Qsar, which means fortress. You shouldn´t miss Portal Gótico, Plaza Rafael Ayerbe, Calle de los Dragones, and The Castle of Colegiata Santa María la Mayor.

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Besides the charming cobblestone streets, in Alquezar you will find one of the top Spanish hikes, Pasarelas de Alquézar Route. Although it’s not as high as one of Andalusia´s iconic landmarks, El Caminito del Rey, the trail is still quite impressive.

2.The Castle of Loarre

Things to see in Huesca - the castle of Loarre
Things to see in Huesca – the castle of Loarre

I´m currently working on a post about The Most Beautiful Castles in Spain. The Loarre Castle was a recent discovery and it´s definitely making it to the top of my list.

It was built in the 11th century and declared a Spanish National Cultural Heritage Site in 1906. The Castle of Loarre is considered one of the best examples of civil and military architecture in the whole of Europe. Historians claim that it was built on the ruins of the local Roman city Calagurris fibularia due to the fact that a few ancient Roman and Iberian coins were found in the area.

However, the decision to build the present-day-looking Castle of Loarre was tied to the Catholic-Muslim conflict between the Spanish and the Arabs. This castle has survived several epochs in such a good estate mainly because the Spanish went expanding their territories towards the South. Therefore, its defensive role was abolished.

3. Ainsa

Things to see in Huesca - the small town of Ainsa
Things to see in Huesca – the small town of Ainsa

Ainsa is one of the most charming medieval towns in Spain absolutely worth visiting. Don´t miss La Plaza Mayor de Aínsa, Castillo de Aínsa and Iglesia de Santa María.

For some gorgeous views head to Mirador Balcón de Aínsa and Mirador del Cinca. By the way, only 18 km from Ainsa there’s another epic panorama at Castillo de Samitier.

4. Jaca

Things to see in Huesca - the city of Jaca
Things to see in Huesca – the city of Jaca

One of most emblematic things to see in Huesca is The Jaca Citadel or La Cuidadela de Jaca. Inside only guided tours are allowed, so check the schedule before visiting. Here you could also find The Military Miniatures Museum.

Also don´t miss Catedral de San Pedro and Puente de San Miguel ( it slightly reminded me of the Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis, Asturias). For gorgeous views of the city head to Mirador del Fuerte de Rapitán.

If you enjoy Spanish cathedrals and churches consider visiting a small village of Santa Cruz de la Serós and its Iglesia de San Caprasio and Iglesia de Santa María. Another architectural gem in the area is Canfranc Station (22 km from Jaca).

Those of you who are into hiking and Spanish natural wonders should check Cueva de las Güixas in Villanúa and 7 Lagos de Astun hike (one of my favorite 2022 experiences in Spain).

5. The city of Huesca

Things to see in Huesca - the city of Huesca
Things to see in Huesca – the city of Huesca

Huesca is the capital city of the Province of Huesca. In our case, Huesca was a must-stop because of its beautiful park Miguel Servet (it was definitely a trip highlight for our oldest daughter). Plus, you shouldn´t miss The Cathedral, Plaza Lopez de Allué, Plaza de la Universidad, Monasterio de Pedro el Viejo.

Although, if you´re running short of time – I´d rather visit more of the local villages like Anso, Torla, Montañana, Broto, Benasque, Lanuza, Graus.

In addition, the places I wish we had time to visit are San Juan de la Peña and Canfranc International Station.

Things to see in Huesca - the city of Huesca Park
Park Miguel Servet

More Epic Things to See in Huesca

Here, I’ll be sharing more of my Huesca bucket list places for future travels. As I’ve already mentioned, this Pyrenees getaway was our first trip with two babies and some experiences were just not doable for this time, but for sure they might be a perfect fit for you.

  • Odresa y Monte Perdido Park: hikes 1. La Cola de Caballo + Grades de Soaso 2. La Cascada de Cotatuero 3. Cañon de Añisclo
  • Waterfalls: Cascada de Sorrosal, Cascada de Aigualluts,
  • 7 Lagos de Astun ( a gorgeous route you can do by cable car Telesilla Truchas)
  • Monasterio de San Juan de la Peña
  • Villages: Anso, Torla, Montañana, Broto, Benasque, Lanuza, Graus, Fiscal
  • Valle de Aguas Tuertas
  • Los Mallos de Riglos and Roques de la Villa (both on the list of otherworldly Spanish Landscapes)
  • Tirolina Valle de Tena ( the longest zip line in the Pyrenees) – one of the most adventurous things to do in Spain.

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