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For a while, Huesca was one of a few Spanish Provinces still left on my travel bucket list. Although it was often on my way (like every second trip across the country), I’ve never really stopped to explore its surroundings and beautiful medieval villages, lost in the mountains.

Besides, my last time in the Pyrenees was almost 4 years ago. Fresh mountain air, bird´s eye views, medieval villages with cobblestoned streets… Let´s explore Huesca!

Different dynamic of traveling

Those of you who´ve been following my blog for a while know that back in December 2018, we welcomed our second baby. So now, traveling with two little babies (19 months and 3 months) is my reality.

At times I feel like I´m a mom of 20 kids: Two strollers, two cribs, different toys and clothes sets, diaper bags… I mean, every time we do a weekend getaway now, our neighbors might be thinking we are moving out forever.

One way or another, despite a completely different dynamic of traveling! One way or another, we decided to spend our first weekend getaway as a family of 4 in Huesca…

When mountains call you…

I´ve recently read somewhere that there is a connection between our feelings and different elements of nature or landscapes we seek to experience. Can you imagine?!

Forests connect us with our present: when we are at the crossroads or need to hear our inner voice – trees and greenery bring us harmony and answers. Fields help us to let go: when we´re really connected to something in our past and don’t know how to move on, a clear grassland with a mysterious horizon is the place to be.

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On the other hand, when what we really feel/think is not what we end up doing, then being around water destroys all the illusions and makes us see things clearly. And the last one, the mountains help us to embrace our future plans. Working on a new project?! – The mountains will call you.

I never really thought of this connection. Nevertheless, in my case this statement seems to work: I´m just about to start a new project and I came back from the Pyrenees energized and full of ideas!

What about you?! Any connection between your mood and your perfect vacation choice?!

Huesca: A Province in the Spanish Pyrenees

Together with other provinces of Teruel and Zaragoza, Huesca forms the Spanish Community of Aragon. Located in the heart of the Pyrenees, Huesca is famous for its national parks: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Posets-Maladeta National Park, Sierra y Los Cañones de Guara National Park, Valles Occidentales National Park.

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However, if you are looking for more sightseeing, rather than an active vacation and hikes – Huesca is a great match as well.

The Province of Huesca: Must See Places


Alquezar always comes up one of the first in all of the rankings for the most beautiful little towns in Spain. Even from this panoramic photo, you can understand why, right?!

2.The Castle of Loarre

I´m currently working on a post about The Most Beautiful Castles in Spain. The Loarre Castle was a recent discovery and it´s definitely making it to my Top Spanish Castles.


Ainsa is one of the most beautiful little towns with cobblestone streets in Huesca and Spain in general.


The most emblematic place in the city of Jaca is The Jaca Citadel. Inside only guided tours are allowed, so check the schedule before visiting. Here you could also find The Military Miniatures Museum.

5.The city of Huesca

Huesca is the capital city of the Province of Huesca. Although, if you´re running short of time – I´d rather visit more of the local villages (Anso, Torla, Montañana, Broto, Benasque, Lanuza, Graus).In our case, Huesca was a must-stop because of its beautiful park Miguel Servet (it was definitely a trip highlight for our oldest daughter).

In addition, the places I wish we had time to visit are San Juan de la Peña and Canfranc International Station.

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