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Here´s a handy addition to my last Benicassim post, a new article full of Benicassim day trips, so that you can make the most of your holidays in the Castellon region.

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Visiting Benicassim

Benicassim is one of my favorite places for a family-friendly beach getaway in Spain. This article is an addition to my previous post about the Benicassim Beach Holidays. I´ve put it up for travelers who seek to combine lazy holidays by the Mediterranean coast with occasional sightseeing.

Benicassim is known as an epic coastal destination, but you can easily plan a few Benicassim day trips to explore the whole region.

Aside from the festivals of FIB and Rototom, this small town is off the radar for mass tourism. In August, Benicassim gets lots of Spanish visitors from Castellon, Madrid, and Zaragoza. However, the rest of the year it is a quiet seaside town with smooth waters and endless white-sand beaches.

The bike path in Benicassim goes along the whole coastline, so a morning ride with the sea breeze is one of my favorites.

Plus, locals usually go to the beach around 11 a.m., so the early birds can have the shore for themselves for a few hours.

sunset benicassim spain
A typical Benicassim sunset
benicassim beach spain castellon
Beach vibes in Benicassim

If you add to this natural setting a few interesting Benicassim day trips, the whole experience might easily turn into a perfect vacation plan:

  • you will get a chance to unplug by living somewhere that is so beautiful & serene ( waking up to the sound of waves crashing the shore is priceless)
  • a few hours at the beach per day and you´ll return home with a nice Spanish tan (plus, a long beach walk at sunset is worth the whole trip)
  • via Benicassim day trips you can discover a few unique places and hidden gems of the Castellon region ( getting new cultural insights is what usually creates the best travel memories)

Top Benicassim Day Trips

Here are a few places near Benicassim that you simply can not miss…


benicassim day trips oropesa
Benisassim Day Trips – Oropesa

Oropesa is one of the most popular Benicassim day trips due to its greenway Via Verde, a 6 km-long trail that starts behind Voramar Hotel ( where there´s a huge parking area to leave your car).

While I usually do Via Verde by bike, lots of locals plan it a day-long hike with lunch in Oropesa. There are only a few things I need to warn you about: on the weekends this trail is packed with locals and there is almost no shadow along the way. So, during the summer peak season, I recommend going earlier in the morning.

Last time in Oropesa, I discovered Museo del Naipe, a small museum with the Guinness World Records certificate for the biggest collection of playing card decks in the world.


Castellon Valencia Spain
Benisassim Day Trips – Castellon

Castellon is one of the closest and easiest Benicassim day trips. The plus here is that you do not even need to rent a car since there’s a bus every 30 minutes connecting Castellon and Benicassim (check the schedules here: they may vary a bit depending on the season).

If you plan to visit Castellon, do not miss: Park Ribalta, Castellon Cathedral, the building of Correos (Post office), Central Square Plaza Mayor, and Museu de Belles Artes of Castellon. The last one used to have a free entrance and a whole floor dedicated to the Spanish Ceramics of the region.

In my opinion, Castellon is not as interesting as other Benicassim day trips on this list – but it will work for those of you who do not want to drive.


Peñiscola Day Tours from Valencia
Benisassim Day Trips – Peñiscola

Peñiscola is a popular Valencia day trip and a well-known Game of Thrones filming location in Spain, set only 40 minutes away from Benicassim. For more details, you can check this article from one of my first visits to Peñiscola.

Also, near Peñiscola you will find Benicarlo (known for its Artichoke Gastronomic weeks in February) and the beautiful garden to interact with parrots – Jardin de Papagayo (one of my kids’ favorites).


morella Valencia Road Trip
Benisassim Day Trips – Morella

Morella is one of my favorite small towns in Spain, so I honestly plan a new visit it every year. For more details about Morella head to this post.

Near Morella, you can visit Ares del Maestre, one of the secret villages in Spain, and Santuario de la Virgen de Balma, a small sanctuary carved in a rock near the village of Zorita del Maestrazgo (especially if you enjoy visiting mysterious places in Spain).

Caves of San Josep

cave espeleokayak san jose valencia
Caves of San Josep – one of the coolest places for kayaking in Spain

Coves de San Josep is a group of ancient caves with the longest navigable underground river in Europe. It is a popular Valencia day tour, yet also an interesting experience to test at least once (since you navigate by boat). The coolest option is Espeleokayak Experience of Coves de San Josep (but it is easier to book via agency from Valencia) than to get tickets directly (these are often sold out on the official web).


montanejos spain adventurous things to do in valencia
Benisassim Day Trips – Morella

Montanejos is a beautiful natural area that used to be the thermal baths during the Moorish era in Spain. Since 1863 locals can easily enjoy the Montanejos hot springs all year round: the water temperature is always around 25 ºC.

You can also visit Montanejos and test a local hike Ruta Sendero de los Estrechos (you´ll walk along the Mijares river, which flows through a 25-meter-wide gorge with walls exceeding 100 m in some areas). Here´s this trail on Wikiloc.

Keep in mind that in summer the swimming area gets packed with visitors from Valencia.


Fanzara Castellon Spain
Benisassim Day Trips – Fanzara

The tiny village of Fanzara is one of the most colorful places in Spain. It is located close to Montanejos – you can easily visit both places on the same Benicassim day trip.

Home to more or less 300 people, Fanzara was about to make it to the list of Spain’s dying villages until locals decided to invite a few graffiti artists to transform it into an open-air museum. You can read more about Fanzara in this post.


benicassim day trips vilafames
Benicassim Day Trips – Vilafames
Benicassim Day Trips - Vilafames
Benicassim Day Trips – Vilafames

Vilafames is one of the most beautiful villages of the Castellon region, almost undiscovered by international visitors. Aside from its picture-perfect streets, you can visit a cute local museum Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.


Sagunto roman ruins in spain
Sagunto, known for its unique Roman ruins
garbi hikes in valencia spain
Mirador Garbi near Sagunto

Sagunto is known for some of the most unique Roman ruins in Spain

The former Saguntum has a similar heroic resistance story as the one of Numantia/Soria (except for the fact that the city of Sagunto was Rome´s ally in a war with Ancient Carthage). Its important geographical location in between Carthago Nova and Tarraco (present-day Tarragona), made Sagunto an important strategic town. Historians claim that when the ancient city of Sagunto was losing its battle against Ancient Carthage, the locals first waited for help from Rome (which never arrived) and then burned every property and object of wealth in order not to leave a thing for the enemy. Only 5 years later the Romans reconquered the city back and started to rebuild it.

Mirador Garbi is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Spain, located in Serra Calderona Natural Park. The road to the top is a bit narrow, but it is still one of the most popular hikes in the Valencia region. Once you get to the parking, you will have to walk 15 minutes to reach the viewpoint ( but it is an easy route).


deltebre tarragona catalonia natural park
Benicassim Day Trips – Deltebre

Deltebre (or Ebro Delta National Park) is one of the most unique natural settings in Spain and also one of the most important wetlands on the Mediterranean. It is considered one of the top gems of the Catalonia region.

Delteble can be one of the most unique Benicassim day trips due to a large number of fun experiences & tours:


things to do in tortosa
Benicassim Day Trips – Tortosa
colegios reales things to do in tortosa
Benicassim Day Trips – Tortosa

While Tortosa is rarely mentioned on any list of Benicassim day trips, it is actually only a one-hour-long drive.

My last visit to Tortosa has surprisingly ended up on the list of 2023 Favorite Experiences in Spain. Tortosa is such an underrated town full of unique architecture and landmarks. You can check the details of my visit to Tortosa here.

The Penyagolosa Peak

penyagolosa castellon valencia hiking

The Penyagolosa Peak is one of the highest mountains in the whole of Valencia region. Known for its beautiful hike, the trail offers the most stunning views of the Valencian community. For details, you can check this post from my recent visit to Penyagolosa.

Hiking near Benicassim

If you love hiking & nature, here are a few trails close to Benicassim:

Seasonal Benicassim Day Trips

  • a boat tour to Columbretes island ( from El Grau de Castellon port during the summer months)
  • La Madalena Feast in Castellon ( 2/10 March)

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