Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia with kids has been one of the most unique experiences this year. Let me share the vibrant photos and details of this iconic Spanish fiesta.

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Las Fallas in Valencia with Kids

About Las Fallas

Spanish Festivities

Festivities in Spain form a huge part of the local lifestyle. Along with national holidays, every small town in Spain goes through at least a week of fun local celebrations per year. While enjoying fiestas to the fullest is one of the most typical Spanish habits, some of Spain’s festivities are unmatched and worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

What is Las Fallas

The History of Las Fallas

Las Fallas is a Spanish feast taking place every year (from March 1 to 19) on the streets of Valencia. This festivity is so unique that it´s been added to UNESCO´s cultural heritage list.

While the origins of Las Fallas could be traced back to the Middle Ages (back when the carpenters were burning wood to celebrate the arrival of spring), these days it is still a big deal for the locals to partake in the preparations and celebrations.

valencia march fallas festival
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia

The Fallas Statues

The biggest attraction of the fiesta is the huge paper-mache statues (called fallas) built across the different neighborhoods of Valencia. The figures usually create a scene (often with political or satirical motives, cause Spaniards love both).

Near the main falla you will also find falla infantil (e.g. the children´s Falla). While the whole celebration lasts 2 weeks, the statues are only erected for a few days (usually from March 15 to 19).

The first day when the fallas are built is called La Planta (March 15). It marks the beginning of the contest for the best statue of the year.

By the way, all of the Fallas will have fencing, but for an extra fee (usually from 2 to 5 euros per person) you can access it.

las fallas Spain valencia
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia
valencia spain fallas guide
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia
valencia fiesta fallas ninots
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia
spain travel blog valencia
Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia

The Competition of Las Fallas

Different neighborhoods of Valencia prepare for the feast during the whole year to win the competition for the best Falla.

While you can easily find around 750 fallas of all sizes, these are divided by categories (with Seleccion Especial being the most spectacular one). The winner is announced on March 16 and is called ninot indultat. It will be the only one saved and exposed at Fallero Museum after the feast.

The rest of the paper-mache statues will get burned during the last day of Las Fallas, called La Cremá. It is such a crazy spectacle of huge bonfires in the middle of the city (carefully supervised by the local fire brigades though).

valencia spain with kids
Different contests of Las Fallas Feast

La Mascletá

La Mascletá is a loud display of firecrackers, which is one of the locals´ favorites.

Lots of mascletás are held in different neighborhoods of Valencia, with Plaza del Ayuntamiento being the most iconic one. Personally, I have only visited it once and never returned (since it was so jam-packed).

Instead, I am way more into fireworks. The good news for people like me is that every midnight (from March 15 to 19) one can also enjoy the fireworks show at Paseo de Alameda.

festivities in spain fallas mascleta
La Mascletá in Russafa neigborhood

Las Falleras

The artsy heritage of the feast is la fallera traditional outfit.

The average cost of the fallera dress might reach 6000 euros (although with more exclusive silk fabrics, it is possible to find festive outfits for 25000 euros). During Las Fallas you will see thousands of local women and girls wearing this traditional outfit in Valencia. A cute souvenir to bring home from Valencia is a handmade fallera bag.

la fallera dress valencia spain
Las Falleras in Valencia

La Ofrenda

Another important event of Las Fallas in Valencia is Ofrenda de Flores (March 17-18) – a flower offering at Plaza de Virgen Square. The statue of the Virgin is placed on a pedestal and covered with flowers to recreate a giant cape.

valencia las fallas ofrenda flores
La Ofrenda

Visiting Las Fallas in Valencia with the Kids

During my 15+ expat years in Spain, I was lucky to visit Las Fallas of Valencia numerous times.

However, this year we decided to give it a try and take the kids with us. My girls are currently 5 and 6 years old. So, it felt like the timing was right to show them one of the most iconic fiestas (so that they could actually understand what was going on and enjoy it).

The celebration of Las Fallas is vibrant and fun for all ages, but a stroller might be one of your top travel essentials on the go (since you will need to walk a lot, getting the little one tired is granted). The reason we did not visit the feast with kids before is that I did not want to move around with the stroller: due to a large number of people, this would have significantly slowed down the sightseeing plan.

If you visit Valencia with the kids, go earlier in the morning. Starting from 11 a.m. the streets get really crowded with national and international visitors.

las fallas infantiles  fiesta valencia
Falla Infantil
visiting las fallas feast in valencia
Las Fallas in Valencia with the Kids

How long to stay in Valencia for Las Fallas

If you want to see most of the Fallas, you´ll need at least 2-3 days.

However, since I get a chance to go every year, I usually pick one day to see the most spectacular ones. Each of the Fallas from Seleccion Especial is worth seeing ( I often disagree with the winner since it is always quite subjective).

So, if you plan to visit Las Fallas in Valencia for a day, do not mess up the whole itinerary to see the winner. It is often the neighborhood of Campanar, but Gran Via and Russafa are both close to the train station (and are always making it to the top 8 of Seleccion Especial).

You can check this year´s winners on the official website. Additionally, there are lots of extra contests taking place – so most of the fallas get any sort of distinction.

Where to stay for las Fallas

If you are traveling to Valencia exclusively for Las Fallas, pick the hotels in the city center and do not rent a car( traffic will be a nightmare and the old city center will be blocked anyway). If you want to see more of the region beyond the feast, you can still plan a few Valencia day trips by train or one of the guided tours.

Another alternative is to stay outside of the city center while reaching it by public transport or taxi.

Las Fallas in Valencia: Itinerary

We we lucky to find a parking spot near Alameda metro station (around 9 a.m.), close to one of the top Fallas of 2024 – Exposicio Micer Masco. After breakfast, we walked towards the center of Valencia via the neighborhoods of Gran Via and Russafa.

Since the kids were starting to feel tired, we had an early lunch at Bastard Coffe & Kitchen. While this place did not make it to my list of favorite cafes in Valencia, the service was fast (which is a rare thing during any of the Spanish festivities).

Afterward, we went to the neighborhoods of L´Eixample and Cuitat Vieja. Since we were visiting Las Fallas for a day with kids, we did not aspire to see it all. For instance, we did not go to Campanar (this neighborhood often wins the competition, but it´s a bit far away from the rest).

By and large, we really enjoyed visiting Las Fallas in Valencia and plan to return next year.

Have you ever visited Las Fallas or would you like to experience it?

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visiting las fallas in valencia with kids

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