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Despite a popular cliche, lavender fields are no longer an exclusive attribute of the French region of Provence. What about the Iberian Peninsula? Where to find lavender fields in Spain?

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Lavender fields in Spain

Lavender love

So many reasons to love lavender. Famous for its anxiolytic abilities, this marvelously smelling flower has been used in aromatherapy for centuries. Smelling lavender calms the mind and lightens the soul. Moreover, a lavender room&body mist spray has been a must-have on my bed table for years. It’s my personal happiness in a bottle.

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No wonder I’ve wanted to experience the lavender blooming fields in years. However, my trip to the South of France happened in May and it was not the lavender time. Spain, on the other hand, is a perfect setting for me all year round, as we´re on the road around a lot. It was about a time to include the lavender fields on our ongoing road trip routes.

Enjoying the smell and purple colors of the lavender fields in Spain
Lavender fields near Brihuega

Where to enjoy lavender in Spain?

1. Brihuega, Guadalajara

Brihuega is located in the region of Guadalajara, only 1h drive from Madrid. July is considered to be the peak bloom season. It´s also when the local Lavender Festival takes place. However, we got a chance to stop by at the beginning of August and fields were still great. We stopped to take pictures on the road, 8 km before our actual arrival to Brihuega. There was no one around. However, we were not coming from Madrid, but from the small town of Molina de Aragon. So, start eyeing your perfect instagrammable spot before your final destination.

Tip! For the better lighting, I suggest you visit early in the morning (8 a.m) or before the sunset. We visited around 10 a.m and the lighting honestly could have been better. But as we were on the road trip and had more stops planned for the day, we just couldn’t give this photoshoot the whole day.

2. El Bierzo, Castille and Leon

Castille and Leon is officially the third lavender producing region in Spain. 148 hectares of lavender are split between the provinces of Palencia and Valladolid. Here, I should thank Instagram for bringing my attention, as I haven’t visited these lavender fields myself, but have seen other people doing amazing photoshoots in the region.

3. Ossa de Montiel, Albacete

Castille la Mancha is one of the key regions for the Spanish lavender industry. Nevertheless, Ossa de Montiel came onto my radar by a pure accident. While road tripping the famous Don Quijote Route in Spain, the hosts in one of the local homestays informed us about the lavender distillery and the nearby fields. The place is called Penarrubia del Alto Guardiana and it´s a small family-owned company, where besides visiting the fields you could buy some local eco products.

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4. Moratalla, Murcia

Campo de San Juan in the region of Moratalla, Murcia is another place lavender lovers shouldn´t miss. Also, one of the lavender fields in Spain I still haven’t visited myself. However, I have a trip to Murcia planed soon – hopefully will share more insights on the region with you ASAP.

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