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The unique diversity of Spanish landscapes never fails to amaze me. After all these years of traveling across the country, I still can´t believe the Southern charm of sunny Andalusia and the Northern ocean cliffs with its rigorous weather could actually exist within the same borders. Let´s check these must-see magical forests in Spain to fuel your wanderlust!

MustSee Magical Forests in Spain

Forest is one of my favorite places for walks with nature. Birds, trees and then just this inner peace and harmony you feel inside, completely bewitched by the silence of nature. Just imagine – silent giants, rooted deep in the earth and stretching to the sky, the eternal witnesses of things that happened long before either of us was even born!

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Well, there´s even more to the story here – some landscapes in Spain look out of this world. These three forests definitely have some magic in the air, don´t you think so?! After all, who said the enchanted forests don´t exist in real life…

As Albert Einstein once said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Let´s go for the second option, shall we?!

No matter whether you’re a family traveler, an avid hiker, or simply a nature lover – these magical forests in Spain simply belong on your travel bucket list.

Hayedo de Otzarreta / The Basque Country

Hayedo de Otzarreta in The Basque Country, Spain
Hayedo de Otzarreta / The Basque Country

Hayedo de Otzarreta in Gorbeia Natural Park is absolutely a must stop in the Basque Country. Everyone claims it is especially charming in the autumn. Well, I got a chance to visit Hayedo de Otzarreta this summer and it was still magical. Anyway, I´m going to tell you more about my trip to the Basque Country in one of the upcoming posts…

Anaga Forest Nature Reserve / Tenerife, Canary Islands

Anaga Forest Nature Reserve in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Anaga Forest Nature Reserve / Tenerife, Canary Islands

A beautiful forest, full of hiking trails of distinct difficulties and lengths. Keep in mind that some of them (for ex. Sendero El Bosque Encantado) might have limited access and you´d need to ask for permission online in advance.

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However, the most visited trail Sendero de Los Sentidos (nearby a parking lot and visitors center) does not require any previous permissions and it is suitable for kids (even partially adapted for disabled and baby strollers). Just check the weather and bring a jacket (the temperature surprisingly dips in this area) and comfortable shoes (better hiking boots). Read more…

The Painted Forest of Oma / The Basque Country

The Painted Forest of Oma - The Basque Country, Spain
The Painted Forest of Oma / The Basque Country

Painted by the Bilbao sculptor and artist Agustín Ibarrola back in 1984, The Painted Forest of Oma represents the ultimate connection between nature and art. Thousands of pine trees covered with colors and revealing different images and compositions, depending on the angle you look at them.

Unlike the first two magical forests, where you could literally park your car nearby, The Painted Forest of Oma is an actual hike (the complete circular route is more or less 7 km long). It could be done with kids, but it is not adapted for disabled people or baby strollers, at least for now. Once you´ve reached The Painted Forest of Oma – you need to walk the stairs downwards, the rest is quite plane.

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All the way back home I was wondering whether The Painted Forest of Oma felt so magical because of its strange paintings or its solitary location. A bit of both, I guess. If visiting – go there first thing in the morning (in the offseason or weekdays), the Oma Forest has lately become quite touristic. I was lucky to explore the area with no one around, but only half an hour later (around 11 p.m) it was flooded with loud tourists, and the magic was gone…

More Spanish magical forests on my bucket list?Fageda d´en Jorda/Catalonia, Monumento Natural de las Sequoyas del Monte Cabezon/ Cantabria, El Rivet / Castellon, Fragas do Eume / A Coruña, Fageda de la Grevolosa / Catalonia, Dehesa del Saler / Valencia, Bosques de Ambroz / Caceres, El bosque de Muniellos / Asturias, Faedo de Ciñera / Leon, Selva de Irati / Navarra, Hayedo de Tejera Negra / Castile-La Mancha, Parque Natural De Carrascal la Font Roja / Alicante.

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