Check this list of Spain documentaries to make the most of your trip to the Iberian Peninsula. These will provide you with unique cultural insights and basic historical data on Spain and its interesting past and present.

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Top Spain Documentaries

Learn more about Spain

These days there is no shortage of sources we can use to plan an epic trip. On this blog, you might find lots of helpful articles to explore Spain like a travel pro and create your own Spain Bucket List.

In the section Books&Movies you may discover lots of inspiring Spanish reads and movies to enjoy from home. Do not miss: Spain Virtual Tours, Spain Coffee Table Books, Contemporary Spanish Novels & Writers, and Spain Books for Kids.

With the holiday season around the corner, I though you could enjoy this list of Spain Travel Documentaries at home.

These can help you to learn more about Spanish culture, habits, and history while enjoying the perks of armchair travel. Not only is Spain extremely diverse when it comes to landscapes and weather, but it´s also rich in unique landmarks and historical events.

Below, I will be sharing with you some Youtube suggestions, as well as travel documentaries from Amazon.

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Documentaries about Spain to watch before your visit

Free Spain Documentaries on Youtube

Let´s begin with free Spain Documentaries that anyone check on YouTube right now:

1. Reconquista

If you plan to visit Asturias and Northern Spain, you just owe it to yourself to learn the basic historical data on the Spanish Reconquista.

It was a Christian campaign to recapture Spain from the Moors, which officially started about 718 with the famous Battle of Covadonga. Even though back then it was more of a simple resistance. Only in the 11th century, the Christians started to gain back the Spanish territories.

The documentary also shares some interesting insights on Navarra and the Basque Country.

2. How Spain Bacame Worlds First Super Power

If you love reading about the Age of Discovery and plan to explore Columbus´s sights in Spain, make sure to check this brief documentary on how Spain turned into the Mighty Empire, where the sun would never set.

Another interesting alternative is The Conquistadors, a series dedicated to the life stories of the Spanish conquistadors, like Hernan Cortez or Francisco Pizarro.

3. El Cid – The Knight of Spain

If you love medieval castles, fairs, and knights – learn more about El Cid, the most famous Castilian Knight of the Medieval Spain.

You can also check one of the popular Spanish TV Shows about him. El Cid was born in Vivar, a small town near Burgos. So, if you plan to visit the region of Castile-Leon in Spain, you will not miss the famous Camino Del Cid.

4. The Gaudi Code

If you dream of visiting Barcelona to explore the vibrant Gaudi Landmarks, do not miss The Gaudi Code, one of the newest Spain documentaries. For more details on the life of the iconic architect, you can check God´s Architect and Vida de Gaudi (in Spanish).

Don Quixote

If you dream of a book-themed Don Quixote road trip, check the following Spain Documentaries on YouTube: A Deep Dive into the Tale of Don Quixote (in English), Buscando a Cervantes (in Spanish), Cervantes y la leyenda de Don Quixote (in Spanish), and Historia detras del Quixote (in Spanish). Unfortunately, the best ones are only available in Spanish for now.

Camino de Santiago / The Way of Saint James

Camino de Santiago is one of the top ideas for Spain Bucket List.

El Camino de Santiago (or The Way of Saint James) is an extensive network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together at the tomb of St.James in the City of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia).

While some simply call it one of the oldest hikes in the world, Camino de Santiago is so much more: it´s about the long-rooted Catholic tradition in Spain, personal challenge, contact with nature, and a unique spiritual journey.

You can check these Spain documentaries to learn more about El Camino de Santiago: Way of St James Full Documentary, Pilgrimage to Santiago, and The Way of Saint James Video Guide.

The Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War took place right before World War II, but it is still a topic for debate in modern society.

Back then, many famous writers (like Hemingway or Orwell) actively supported the Republican side and served as war correspondents in Spain. The conflict ended with the rise of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. You can check the following Spain documentaries to learn more about him: Franco The Spanish Dictator and The Truth About Franco.

But let me warn you that this is something you do not usually talk about with the Spaniards.

During the Civil War, lots of people had relatives fighting on both sides. Following the political debate back in 2019, the remains of the Spanish dictator were moved from a vast mausoleum to a low-key grave. Ironically, I visited the Valley of the Fallen near Madrid (where Franco was originally buried) back in 2018, right before the exhumation.

The mausoleum inside of the mountain was actually quite impressive in terms of the structure and grandiose decorations, but the atmosphere was a bit frightening.

If you are a fan of Hemingway, check out one of the vintage Spain films he was involved in – The Spanish Earth. Also, Spanish Civil War and Litterature, and a documentary in Spanish Hemingway y los Corresposales Extranjeros.

The Canary Islands

If you loved my posts about the beautiful nature of the Canary IslandsGo Wild Canary Islands will be one of your favorite picks on this list of Spain Documentaries. It is full of the Spanish otherworldly landscapes.

Northern Spain

If you plan a Northern Spain road trip, you might enjoy this travel documentary Spain´s Atlantic North Full Nature Film.


If you dream of exploring the top landmarks of Southern Spain and planning an Andalusia Road trip, check out this DW Documentary on Visiting Andalusia.

The Basque Country

The Basque country is such an interesting region with rich historical roots and intriguing past.

I have briefly mentioned (during my trip to the Basque Country) that the local language is completely different from all the other languages in Europe. Historians still debate where exactly the Basque language came from, how developed, and why it is so distinctive.

Some researchers claim that Basques descended from Neolithic Farmers who were genetically isolated from other European nations (due to the geographic location).

The inhospitable terrain of the Basque Country helped locals preserve their land and traditions through the times of the Arabs and the Romans in Spain. Even during the Spanish Civil War, while the Basque Country suffered the forbade of language and the destruction of Guernica, the region was granted relative economic and political autonomy by the Spanish dictator Franco.

Amazon Prime Spain Documentaries – (Get a 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial)

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More Spain Documentaries to Buy on Amazon:

  • Rick Steves Episodes on Spain (get it now)
  • Anthony Bourdain Season 2 (get it now)
  • Bon Appetit: Gerard Depardieu’s Europe (get it now)/Catalonia: episode 6 and the Basque Country: episode 3

If you know other cool Spain Documentaries, please, let me know in the comments below.

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