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Love Spain and want to share this passion with the little ones? – Check out this ultimate list of Spain Books for Kids and get your family travel wanderlust fueling straight from home.

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Reading about Spain

Bookish Travels

Books are the best to ignite the imagination of the little ones, embrace their interest in other cultures, and simply have a virtual travel moment from home at any time.

Whether you plan to visit Spain with kids, or simply enjoy having Spanish books in your library – this list of cute Spain books for kids might give all of your family additional inspiration to pursue any Spain Travel Bucket List.

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Shopping for Spanish books for kids at Casa del Libro

Spain Children´s Books for All Ages

This post about Spain Books for Kids has suggestions for ages from 3 to 9. Although most of the research was done for my own kids (they are currently 4 and 6 years old). So, I suggest you double-check the recommended age for every book (although I honestly never pay attention to it myself and simply pick the read that my kids might enjoy: even if it means explaining the story, or reading the parts of it).

Nevertheless, as kids grow in a blink of an eye – you can expect me adding suggestions for the teens as well.

Also, if you are learning Spanish and enjoy unique illustrations – you can easily get for yourself one of these Spain Books for kids. Let´s be realistic: if your level of Spanish is a complete beginner – you just do not go for Classical Spanish Reads or Trendy Contemporary Novels.

barcelona weekend with kids
Exploring Spain books for kids at the reading corner of Natural Sciences Museum (during our Barcelona Weekend with Kids)

Where do I get the books

I shop/order most of the Spain books for kids at Casa del Libro bookstores, or via Amazon.

Cute Spain Books for Kids

1. Don Quixote for Kids

If you could pick only one thing that represents Spain internationally, what would it be?

I do realize that your mind might actually roll around fiesta, siesta, sangria, or even the bullfights. But you won´t give me an argument on this: there´s nothing as authentically Spanish as Don Quixote, one of the world´s most famous books. It turned the author, Miguel de Cervantes, into one of the most famous Spaniards ever.

One of the top experiences on a first-timer Spain Bucket List should be a book-themed road trip through the Spanish region of Castile-La Mancha following the steps of Don Quixote.

So, one way or another, introducing your kids to the world of Don Quixote might be a great idea. It´s a must-have Spain book for kids around the world.

Let me warn you that the Don Quixote Region itself might not be beyond exciting for the small kids. But if your children end up enjoying the story, ages 6 and up – might be good to channel your inner Don Quixote and explore the top landmarks of Castile La-Mancha.

The books you can check out: Don Quijote Children Bilingual Book, Don Quixote (The Rogue Swan Adventure Series), The Misadventures of Don Quixote, Don Quixote Illustrated Abridged Children Classic, and Adventures of Don Quixote.

2. Barcelona & Gaudi

The vibrant Gaudi decorations in Barcelona could easily grab the attention of any small child. Check out A Dragon on the Roof: A Children’s Book Inspired by Antoni Gaudí and Antoni Gaudí: Create Your Own City Sticker Book.

Alternatively, you can also try to explore with the little ones Spain Coffee Table Books with some real-life photos of Gaudi Landmarks.

Also, if you plan to visit Barcelona with kids, you might find handy Barcelona City Trails and 50 Fun Things To Do in Barcelona with Kids.

3. Corrida & The Story of Ferdinand

Another popular children´s book set in Spain is The Story of Ferdinand. It´s a famous tale of the bull who rather wanted to smell flowers than fight in bullfights. It´s a great read to embrace talks about Spanish culture, and habits, and even exchange opinions on the subject of the Spanish corrida.

Also, Maria the Matador is an empowering read for little girls.

4. Salvador Dali & Spanish Art

If you ever plan to visit Catalonia – you´ll definitely end up making a stop at the Dali Theatre Museum in Figures. Even though I should confess that I am not a fan of Dali’s Artworks, somehow my kids loved everything inside the museum.

So, if you like surrealist art yourself – sharing this hobby with your kids might be a great idea to bond over something. It´s just one of those unique Spanish museums that spark the curiosity of the little ones (even though it is not the most child-oriented one, in my opinion).

You can start introducing your kids to the mind-blowing world of Salvador Dali with Just Being Dalí: The Story of Artist Salvador Dalí, Salvador Dalí: Activities for Kids, Salvador Dalí and the Surrealists, Salvador Dali – Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists, and Who Was Salvador Dalí?.

Also, you might like another kids’ book on Joan Miro, an iconic Spanish painter and sculptor from Barcelona – Long Journey of Joan Miro.

5. Spanish Festivities & La Tomatina

Unique local celebrations take up a huge part of the Spanish lifestyle.

Tomatina is one of the most famous festivities in Spain. One of the Spain books for kids describing the world´s biggest food fight will definitely grab the attention of your little ones. Check out – Food Fight Fiesta: A Tale About La Tomatina and 64 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids – La Tomatina.

Even though, personally, I would not take the small kids to Tomatina (since it´s extremely crowded). But as a reading piece on Spain, this book is exciting.

6. New Year & Christmas in Spain

Very much like any other country around the world, Spain is known for its own holiday rituals.

Eating grapes on New Year’s Eve (each one with the twelve-midnight chimes) is a must for every Spaniard to bring luck. So, the book The Lucky Grapes shares the story of a little boy Rafa, and the whole experience of this enchanting tradition.

Christmas in Spain is impossible without Villancicos, traditional Christmas songs, and Reyes Magos ( called Three Wise Men in English). In fact, most of the Spanish kids get their top presents not from Santa on Christmas, but from Reyes Magos on the 6th of January. In case you are not familiar with this tradition: The Three Wise Men are Melchor, Gaspar, and Balthasar. They followed the North Star to the town of Bethlehem to welcome baby Jesus into the world and bring him gifts. So, traditionally in Spain the religious celebration of Epiphany and the arrival of the Three Kings comes with children receiving gifts.

In my family, we are Santa and Home Alone people. But for instance, at school, my kids do not write a wish letter to Santa Claus, they always address it to Reyes Magos. When it comes to our Spanish friends & family – it´s 50/50. Some give the kids a small detail for Christmas and grant the real presents for Reyes Magos, others do it all the way around.

You can read more about this tradition in one of these books: The Three Wise Men: A Christmas Story, The Story of the Three Wise Kings, The Wise Men Who Found Christmas, The Story of the Wise Men, Three Wise Queens: A Story of the Nativity Gifts, We Three Kings, The Three Wise Men, Three Kings Day Bilingual Book, The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men, and If the Three Kings didn’t have their camels.

For more, details on Christmas in Spain – check my post about Christmas Madrid.

More Spain Children’s Travel Books:

Here, you´ll find more ideas on Spain books for kids:

color monster favorite childrens books
Books and board games by the Spanish author, Anna Llenas

Popular Children´s Books Authors in Spain

If you need to find a gift from Spain for the little ones – a new book is always a great idea. Let´s find out what are we reading to the kids here, in Spain!

Below, you’ll find a list of the trending Children’s book authors from Spain.

The good news is that many of these Spanish reads are already available in English. So, you can easily surprise any Spain-lover by gifting to his/her kids one of the trendy authors and illustrators from Spain:

Hope this post about Spain Books for Kids will help you and your kids to discover more unique reads from Spain. If you know of any other cool children’s books set in Spain, please, let us all know in the comments below!

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