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Let´s discuss the most binge-worthy Spanish TV shows I have recently enjoyed myself. Whether you want to learn more about Spain, pick new bucket list destinations, improve your Spanish, or simply keep fueling your Spain wanderlust – look no further, this post is for you.

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TV Shows and Cultural insights

Travel from home

At times we all feel the need to escape reality and get utterly lost in a TV series.

Getting all cozy at home surrounded by some Hugge vibes and streaming new Spanish TV shows – is a pleasure available almost to everyone. But for those of you really passionate about traveling across Spain – it could also be an educational experience. You can use Spanish TV shows to improve your Spanish, discover new places, or simply keep your wanderlust fueling, especially if holidays in Spain are what set your soul on fire.

For me, Spanish TV shows, virtual tours of Spain, popular Spanish novels and coffee table books are some of the most relaxing ways to keep my eye traveling from the comfort of the couch. Blog subscribers can also use for inspiration my Spain Photo Books.

With the streaming platforms, the world of TV shows has Been ultimately diversified. Nowadays you can find made-in-Spain content that won’t stay behind some Hollywood premieres.

While I do not exclusively watch Spanish TV shows in my free time, over these past 15 expat years in Spain I have come across quite a few series worth suggesting you.

Made in Spain Only

Let me clarify one more thing.

For this list I won’t be including any of the Latin American TV shows, since I feel like it would be much more handy to focus on those exclusively made in Spain.

First of all, the Spanish of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin American Spanish have different accents and speeds (e.g. you can get used to the slower pace of South America, and then have troubles understanding Spaniards). Secondly, Game of Thrones with its filming locations has shown everyone that filmmakers often have a unique eye on national landmarks – so you can constantly add to your Spain Bucket List new destinations spotted on the screen.

Cool Spanish TV Shows to Binge Watch

A Different View (Get a 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial to watch it right now)

La Otra Mirada (2018), also called A Different View in English, is one of my recent favorite Spanish TV Shows to slow down. First of all, it is set in my favorite places in Spain – the city of Seville. The time frame is the 20s.

The whole plot rolls around the traditional Spanish school for girls, and all of the protagonists are women. La Otra Mirada (2018) gives a very female impression of the masculine-focused society back in the 20s, when women in Spain could not vote, and were supposed to live in the shadow of their husbands. The only plan for success was getting married and having kids. However, some were defying their right to self-identity and self-expression even back then….

Even though the world has evolved a lot since the 20s, this Spanish TV show will make you reflect on the whole meaning behind the essence of being a woman. It´s a slow, rich-in-detailed story, made for women and focused on women.

La Otra Mirada (2018) is the best plan for a cozy evening on your own with a glass of Spanish wine.

A Private Affair (Get a 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial to watch it right now)

A Private Affair (2022), or Un Asunto Privado (2022) is one of the newest Spanish TV Shows I enjoyed the most.

The action takes place in the Spanish region of Galicia and one of the protagonists is played by the famous French actor Jean Reno. The landscapes and costumes on this show are to die for, so aesthetically pleasing.

The plot of A Private Affair (2022) rolls around Marina Quiroga, a daring upper-class girl with a detective soul who sets off to catch a serial killer on her own. Unlike most of the detective stories on screen, this Spanish TV show has no particular darkness or drama. It is easy to watch, fun, and entertaining.

El Principe (on Netflix)

El Principe (2014-2016) is one of the very few Spanish TV shows I was able to watch with my husband. Usually, my taste for romantic travel movies and female-focused stories feels boring to him.

So, El Principe (2014-2016) is a drama and suspense TV series set in the Spanish town of Ceuta, located on the African continent. It tells the story of the Spanish intelligence agent, who was sent to investigate terrorist organizations on the Spanish border with Morocco. While it´s one of the oldest picks on this list of Spanish TV shows (it was filmed in 2014-2016), I mostly loved the unique mixture of Spanish and Moroccan lifestyles (quite typical to Ceuta or Melia).

While Ceuta is a part of Spain, its remote location in Africa immediately turns it into a perfect winter-sun destination. Even though I still haven´t visited the city myself – it´s in the plans. Especially, after El Principe (2014-2016), I am eager to plan a weekend in Ceuta.

Technically, the most part of this Spanish TV show was filmed in Madrid. However, the drone views, local scenes, and dress code all look so peculiar. I found the first season really entertaining. The second was a bit longer than it should be though (as it often happens with the successful Spanish TV shows).

El Cid (Get a 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial to watch it right now)

El Cid or Rodrigo Diaz Vivar is one of the most famous Spaniards from the XIth century. Although most of the things we know about his life today are based on the Spanish legends. Nevertheless, you can find his tomb inside of the Burgos Cathedral – one of the most iconic Spanish cathedrals ever and a must-stop on every Northern Spain road trip.

El Cid (2020) is one of the few Spanish TV Shows that combines action, history, and legends. It was mostly filmed in the Castile-Leon and Aragon regions of Spain – so will be a perfect match for the fans of Undiscovered Spain.

If you enjoy this Spanish TV Series – check out the Spanish Documentaries about el Cid.

Money Heist (on Netflix)

Money Heist (2017), or La Casa de Papel (2017) in Spanish, is one of the most popular Spanish TV Shows of all time, which needs no introduction. Moreover, it´s one of the most-watched non-English TV Shows on Netflix ever.

Money Heist (2017) is an epic crime series full of action & drama. The plot rolls around an attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history – stealing 2,4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain.

Personally, I was never really obsessed with this Spanish TV Show. The first season felt entertaining (everyone in Spain was talking about the Money Heist once it was released). But honestly, I have not seen the second one. At the same time, my husband really enjoyed all the seasons and watched every single episode of Money Heist (2017).

Valeria (on Netflix)

Valeria (2020) is one of the Spanish TV shows that will slightly remind you of the famous Sex and The City (1998 – 2004).

It´s a story of a young Spanish writer from Valencia, who is living in Madrid and trying to find herself, both professionally and personally. Her girlfriends are always there to share all the life challenges and simply to have fun together.

By the way, fans of modern Spanish books should know that Valeria (2020) is based on a popular novel of Elizabeth Benavent. By and large, it´s a fun Spanish TV show to watch with friends or solo.

Honestly, it helped me to discover some cute new places in Madrid, as well as some trendy Spanish songs I have never heard before (even though I have always liked romantic Spanish songs and vintage vinyl records).

Isabel (Get a 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial to watch it right now)

Isabel (2012) is one of the most handy Spanish TV Shows for those of you seeking to get new insights into Spanish history.

Many know that Spain as a country started with the union of the Catholic kings – Isabel of Castile and Fernando of Aragon back in the XVth century. It was the time of strict Catholic rules, but also the Era Discoveries (Christoper Columbus sailed from Spain towards the Americas, sponsored by the Spanish crown).

This Spanish TV series was filmed in Arevalo and Madrigal. It features some of the most iconic Spanish castles – The Belmonte Castle in Cuenca, and the fairytale-looking Alcazar of Segovia.

Elite (on Netflix)

If Valeria (2020) is Spanish Sex and The City (1998 – 2004), Elite (2018) is closer to Gossip Girl (2007-2012).

This Spanish TV Show is about the rich and exclusive private school of Las Encinas in Madrid. Some of the protagonists are studying on a scholarship: so the series somehow portrays the difference between the working class and the rich in Spain.

Elite (2018) is very modern and beautifully filmed, full of lavish parties, exclusive outfits, and trendy filming locations. I have seen myself the first two seasons and liked them. So far that I know, they are still filming the new seasons of Elite. But in my case, after the second one, I started getting the feeling of each new season being much of the same (even though most of the cast always got replaced).

The Cathedral of The Sea (on Netflix)

If you love Barcelona and can´t get enough of Barcelona Coffee Table Books, you might enjoy The Cathedral of The Sea(2017). The plot is set in 14th-century Barcelona and rolls around the life of Arnau Estanyol, the son of a fugitive peasant who ends up turning into a rich moneylender. The series is based on one of the bestselling novels in Spain.

My first impression was that this TV show was too cruel (but I felt the same way about Game of Thrones, so it wasn´t entirely unexpected). Yet, Cathedral of the Sea is still one of the most original Spanish TV Shows I have recently seen. We all enjoy medieval fairs and medieval towns these days, but the truth is that back in the Middle Ages daily life for peasants was terrible.

Like I have shared my visit to the secret museum of mummies in Spain: I felt slightly uncomfortable discovering that the oldest of the dead were in their 30s (it was an average life expectancy through the Middle Ages). So, seen from this angle you start to appreciate the realism of the Cathedral of the Sea series.

More Popular Spanish TV Shows to Binge Watch

Still need more ideas? – Here you have more popular Spanish TV shows to consider:

  • Pequeñas coincidencias (2018) – will update the post once I finish watching it
  • Velvet (2014) – it´s been popular in Spain for years (I have only seen a few episodes and got bored)
  • El Internado (2007) – one of the first Spanish TV shows of Ana de Armas, before she became successful in Hollywood
  • El Tiempo Entre Costuras (2013) – it is based on a popular Spanish book by Maria Dueñas (but very much like Velvet, it did not manage to capture my interest)
  • Hache (2019) – I had high expectations for this Spanish TV Show, but in reality – dropped out after the first season

Have you seen any of these Spanish TV shows?

Let me know if you’d like to read more suggestions on Spanish books and movies on the blog

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