The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos is simply one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve ever been to. I always love visiting old churches & cathedrals in search of unique art pieces. Beautiful interiors and decorations, especially hand painted and with a story behind, take my breath away…

Burgos was one of the quick stops on our way back from the Spanish Province of Asturias. In fact, it was my second time in the city, but as my first time I visited for work – I basically saw nothing. We all know that traveling for work and traveling for pleasure are quite different, right? Unless you’re are a full-time traveler and exploring the world is your job. So, let’s say it was my first time in the city!

I particulaly was looking forward to our visit, cause most of my local friends told me that Burgos Cathedral was a must see. And many people in Spain would claim that it is the most beautiful cathedral in the whole country. They won’t get an argument from me on that! And it´s not only about the Gothic facade – it´s more about those majestic interiors!

Inside the Burgos Cathedral

No wonder The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Burgos has received the UNESCO World Heritage designation. As it was built in a long period of time (from 1221 to 1795) you could immediately notice several artistic styles displayed on its ancient walls – from Renaissance to Baroque elements. And what I also loved so much about our visit – unlike many other churches or cathedrals in Spain, which charge you an entrance fee – The Cathedral of Burgos had several expositions including unique altarpieces, paintings, choir stalls, tombs and sculptures. So, it´s not that you go inside and there’s one hall – you take an audioguide and walk, walk, and walk … Actually it felt like visiting a museum: you could absolutely spend hours inside, cause there is just so much to see.

Burgos is one of the capital cities in the Spanish autonomous community of Castilla y León. In between the locals this area has a fame of being the coldest place in Spain (so that you have an idea of the weather: I´m wearing a light sweater and leather jacket and we visited in JULY on a SUNNY day). Moreover,  if you travelled a lot around Spain, another thing you might immediately notice in Burgos – the level of life (which is above the national average). Actually, this is the reason why there are so many jokes about “North and South” in Spain. For the record, the famous unemployment rate in the Northern provinces is around 10-11% (Burgos  – 10,22%, Navarra – 10,25% y Guipúzcoa – 10,72%), while on the South it is from 25 to 30% (Melilla -29,46%, Extremadura – 29,23% y Andalucía 26,94%). Quite a difference, right?!

Have you ever been to Burgos? Any cathedral across the globe that impressed you?

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