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Let´s talk about planning new trips in Spain for 2024. Where on the Iberian Peninsula would I like to go next and which travel stories should you expect to read anytime soon?

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Creating My 2024 Spain Bucket List

While closing my 2023 with a post about my favorite Spanish experiences, I thought of sharing with you more plans & details on my upcoming 2024 Spanish travels.

Previously, I used to share a brief post on Instagram, but this year my goals are so ambitious that I might run out of space if trying to express them fully via social media. Nevertheless, yesterday I went through my Coffee Table Books and notes, to write down for myself all the places I dream of exploring this year in Spain.

By and large, I have set one must-do trip for each month of 2024 and some extra ideas to fit into my Spanish schedule last moment.

But before we start with the list, are you interested in finding out how I usually choose my bucket-list Spanish destinations?

spain bucket list places to visit 2024
Planning New Trips in Spain for 2024: Where to next?

Planning new trips in Spain: My Inspiration

Spain Bucket Lists

The first thing that I usually do before planning new trips in Spain – I check my personal Spain Bucket List. If you think that after my 15+ expat years, I could ever run out of ideas – you could not be more wrong. Somehow the list of things that I plan to see and experience in Spain only grows every year.

Currently, on the blog, you can check The Beginners Spain Bucket List (but the full list is already in the works.)

Spain Inspiration

There´s nothing like planning spontaneous inspirational trips in Spain.

I often find ultimate wanderlust in visiting destinations that I see on screen or read about (even if those are not new to me). Need fresh Spain travel ideas? – Check the list of Contemporary Spanish Novels, Spain Travel Documentaries, Top Spanish TV Shows, Spain Coffee Table Books, and Spain Virtual Tours.

This year, I am reading a unique Spanish edition of Hemingway´s Fiesta and it made me want to return to Northern Spain and Navarra. From this Pyrenees Journal, I have also wrapped up my must-do list of Pyrenees hikes and now keep daydreaming about those all the time.

In the new book of Great Spanish Stories, I discovered amazing Catalan writers and felt inspired to visit new Catalonia landmarks.

Great Spanish Stories, also handy if you are learning Spanish


If you own at least one Spanish Cookbook, you´ll know that the local cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula may vary a lot from region to region. Sometimes foodie adventures motivate my travels too.

For instance, Gastronomic weeks are great if you want to savour top local products of different regions across the Iberian Peninsula. Over the last few years in Spain, I enjoyed Artichoke Gastronomic Weeks in Benicarlo, Hazelnut Gastronomic Weeks in Benassal, and Truffle Gastronomic Weeks in Morella.


I rarely plan my trips based on Spanish festivities (since I do not particularly enjoy overcrowded places). Yet some festivals and celebrations in Spain are worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime, like Las Fallas in Valencia, San Fermin in Pamplona, or La Feria de Abril in Seville.


There is always a temptation to use travel costs as an excuse to stay home or feel discouraged. But the truth is that some of my all-time favorite experiences in Spain were completely free.

So, whenever I calculate the costs of the new trip and they do not match my initial plans – I search for reasonable alternatives. Our Cuenca Road Trip in 2023 was initially meant to be a getaway to Zaragoza. However, it took place during the holiday weekend in Spain, and we had not booked anything in advance. As a result, visiting Zaragoza around those dates could have cost me more than my solo weekend in Paris (which did not seem reasonable). So, we went to Cuenca instead and it ended up as such a unique experience.

Writing it down

Over the last few years, I discovered that writing down travel plans often does magic. No wonder, it has quickly turned into my favorite ritual for planning new trips in Spain.

A travel planner has become one of my top self-care essentials. For me, it ends up working like a visual board: I go through my Spain travel goals as often as I can to keep my focus on them.

My 2024 Spain Bucket List: Where to next?

1. Towns & villages of Tarragona / Catalonia

While our last family trip to Cambrils was far from perfect, ever since my wonderful day trip to Tortosa, I felt excited to return to the Tarragona region in order to discover more cute small towns.

In 2024, I am planning a trip to Tarragona and Reus (the birthplace of Antonio Gaudi), and a visit to the Catalan small towns of Miravet, Siurana, and Horta de San Joan (where the painter Pablo Picasso lived for a year).

Additionally, I´d love to explore again the region of Deltebre for water skiing, a Guided Kayak Tour to Gracia Island, and a Jeep Tour with Mussels Tasting.

With kids, I´d like to visit the Apiculture Center of Muria to show them the real hives and to learn more about the bees all together.

tortosa catalonia travel
Visiting Tortosa in the Tarragona Region

2. Benidorm / Alicante

During my last week in Alicante with the kids, I was not able to see all the gems of the region. This 2024, I plan to visit Benidorm, in order to test the iconic hike El Relleu, and sail to the Tabarca island.

In May, I´d love to visit The Moors and Christians Festival in Alcoy, one of the most iconic Spanish festivities.

Alicante Garden
Jardin D´Albarda in Alicante – one of The Most Beautiful Gardens in Spain

3. The Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is one of my favorite Spanish destinations, therefore I try to visit the region at least once a year.

In 2022, I traveled to the Pyrenees of Aragon with kids for the first time, and in 2023 – to the Catalan Pyrenees and Andorra. This year I dream of visiting the Pyrenees of Aragon to test new adventurous hikes in the region.

Additionally, I might also plan a spontaneous weekend getaway to La Garrotxa, an epic volcanic area in Catalonia (to check out Can Serra and La Fageda d´en Jorda, one of the Spanish magical forests).

top hiking trails in the pyrenees
Mallos de Riglos – one of the most unique hikes in Spain

4. El Camino de Santiago

Walking a part of El Camino de Santiago has been in my Spain travel plans for a while.

A few years ago my husband went with his dad (our kids were too small, so I could not join them). Nevertheless, this year we finally feel like our girls have grown up enough to plan a week-long trip without them.

Most likely, we will do El Camino Ingles from Ferrol (since my husband has already tested the most popular one, from Sarria to Santiago; but I might do this itinerary alone within the next few years).

The post with my El Camino plans is already in the works, so you´ll find out all the details soon.

santiago camino ways
Walking El Camino de Santiago – one of the top experiences on every Spain Bucket List

5. Zaragoza

While I have visited Zaragoza a few times, this 2024 I want to explore the Goya Museum and visit a few beautiful nearby villages with Mudejar architecture – Pozuel de Ariza, Terrer, Ateca, Villamayor, and Cervera de la Cañada.

Also, I´d love to walk a part of El Camino de Cid in Zaragoza, to visit the nearest Laguna de Gallocanta (known for its birdwatching experiences).

Ever since my trip to the graffiti village of Fanzara, I was eager to discover more Spanish towns known for their vibrant street art. Alfamen in Zaragoza happens to be one of them. I hope that this year I´ll finally be able to show it to you.

zaragoza landmarks in spain
The Cathedral of Zaragoza – one of the top Spanish Landmarks

6. Teruel

Visiting the city of Teruel and the nearest beautiful villages always feels like a great idea for me.

Sierra de Albarracin is one of the most beautiful natural settings of the Teruel Province that I plan to explore this 2024. For my blog series Undiscovered Spain, I´d love to test new hikes: Ruta del Barranco de Cabrerizo /Pinares de Rodeno, Pasarelas Hoz Mala, and Barranco de La Hoz.

Also, I would like to take the kids to mining museum Museo Minero de Escucha and Albarracin Aventura Park.

Valderrobres Teruel Spain traveling to Aragon
Visiting Valderrobres during my trip to Matarranya

7. Galicia

Ever since our romantic stay in the stunning convent hotel in Galicia, I have been dreaming of a new road trip to explore all of the regional hidden gems.

The problem with Galicia has always been the distance – it´s at least 10 hours of driving from my home in Spain. So I´d need at least a week off for this trip (which has been difficult to fit into my travel schedule so far).

While some landmarks of Galicia can be a part of any Northern Spain Itinerary ( I have previously visited some of the local cliffs and otherworldly beaches), this 2024, I´d love to dedicate a whole week to the region to see all of it (or at least most of it).

cliffs in Spain Galicia
Visiting Praia das Catedrais in Galicia (during my trip to Asturias)

8. Camping trip with the kids

Over the past few years, we got new camping gear essentials but were not able to stay in a tent with kids. This year I´d love to have this family experience with them.

Currently, I´ve been eyeing two places – Camping Valle de Bujaruelo in the Pyrenees and Camping Estanyet in Tarragona. I´ll update you once we decide.

Torla Ordesa Spain Pyrenees
Torla-Ordesa – one of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees (located near our bucket-list Camping Valle de Bujaruelo)

9. La Rioja

During my last trip to the region, I discovered there were so many unique things to do in La Rioja. This 2024 I´d love to explore the autumn landscapes of Sierra Cebollera, visit new bodegas, and explore one of the top-secret Spanish monasteriesYuso and Suso.

If our travel dates overlap, visiting Terra Rapaz Park (which is not open all year round) with kids might end up on the list of our favorite child-focused experiences in Spain.

arnedo rioja small towns-2
The small town of Arnedo during our Rioja Weekend with Kids

10. More Ideas

Planning new trips in Spain is impossible without visiting its islands and the region of Andalusia. Even though I still don´t know how tomake it happen – these are three extra destinations I´d love to cross off my bucket list in 2024.

The Spanish Islands

While I love visiting the Canary Islands, a few of them are still on my bucket list – Gran Canaria, La Palma, and La Gomera.

Also, despite making a stop in Menorca during a Mediterranean Cruise, I´d love to return to explore the island fully (like it happened with the nearest islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, and Formentera).

Southern Spain

Despite enjoying Southern Spain road trips on numerous occasions, I still have not seen all of the top Andalusia landmarks. This 2024, I feel excited to check out: Jerez de La Frontera, Baelo Claudia, Hammam Andalusia, and Parque Doñana. In addition, I´d love to make a day trip to Gibraltar.

Barcelona with kids

Last but not least, despite our amazing weekend in Barcelona with kids, this 2024 I´d love to return to the Catalan capital to show the little once more unique museums that we were not able to enjoy last time.

Toledo & Central Spain

While Toledo is already one of my favorite places in Spain, this 2024, I plan to return to this wonderful city in order to visit the EL Greco Museum and explore the nearest small towns in Central Spain.

International Trips

I do not mention on this list of Spain Travel Plans my international trips. Eventually, I´d like to return to Istanbul / Turkey and visit European Christmas Markets. But there might be other spontaneous getaway decisions – I´ll keep you updated.

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