Would you like to get a sneak peek into my travel bag? – Let me share the list of travel beauty essentials on the go. This stuff helps me look and feel my best while making the most of every single trip.

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Best Travel Beauty Essentials

My Travel Beauty Essentials & Hacks On The Go

Self-care routine on the road

There’s almost nothing as challenging for our skincare routine as travel.

Countless things are working against us on the go, starting from the flight liquid limits and the dust of public transport. The plane air usually removes all the moisture – so looking dull and dehydrated is granted unless you do something to treat your skin. Moreover, on most of the trips, we face significant climate change (which can often lead to breakouts or dry patches) and as if it was not enough – the changes in water quality, the intensity of sunlight, usual diet – all these are almost inevitable on the road…

Looking good and feeling good usually go hand in hand. So, packing my travel beauty essentials is always a must. Despite a limited luggage space, I always try to embrace my usual skincare while on the road (as much as possible). These days my travel beauty routine is already an unmissable part of my healthy lifestyle.

While it´s definitely not about spending a vacation in front of the mirror, my travel beauty routine is about those little self-care moments to indulge in after a long day of sightseeing or hiking.

There are quite a few must-have travel beauty essentials I love having with me on the go. While I am currently packing for my trip to Ireland, let me show you the key items of my toiletry/makeup bag.

travel size products
With me on the go: Nomader BPA Free Collapsible Sports Water Bottle, Foldable Travel Hangers, Perfume Atomizer, Pill Organizer, Exfoliating Body Scrubber, Cotton Scrunchies

Travel Beauty Tips&Hacks On The Go

beauty packing list travel
Some of my travel beauty essentials: Bamboo Toothbrush, Silicone Bottle Covers for Travel, Solid Shampoo + the soap-saver bag, and Pranarom Chest Rub

What´s inside my toiletry bag?

Essential Oils

Years ago I took an aromatherapy course and have been making my own essential oil mixes for traveling ever since.

Here in Spain, I usually go for the French brand Pranarom (you can find it in almost every pharmacy or Spanish online store Naturitas). My Pranarom favorites are Roll-on For Headache, Roll on for Sleep, and warm-effect cream Crema Articulaciones Bio). For the winter travels I always bring with me the congestion relief rub Bálsamo pectoral junior bio (which I originally bought for the kids, but ended up using for the whole family).


On Amazon, you can get Organic Lavender Essential Oil Roll, Aura Cacia Chill Pill Oil Roll-On, and Gya Labs Frankincense Essential Oil RollOn.

To enjoy aromatherapy on the go I like the Essential Oil Clay Diffuser. While being relatively easy to break, it is just way more packable than any other Portable Travel Size Essential Oil Diffuser and helps me to create a perfect room atmosphere to rest and recharge.

looking good on the road
Some of my travel beauty essentials: Amber glass bottle kit, Pai The Impossible Glow, Benecos Matte lipstick Rosewood Romance, and Benecos Lipliner Brown

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the handiest travel beauty essentials ever.They do not take up lots of space and allow me to have a little SPA moment even on the go.

There is nothing like a vitamin-saturated skin treatment after an exhausting flight. Plus, those nutrients bring my face back to life. I like having with me Andalou Naturals Instant Brighten Facial Mask, Andalou Naturals Instant Clarity Mask, Acure Organics Eye Hydrogel Mask, and Moisturizing Foot Mask.

You can also find lots of natural sheet masks in Sephora.

Another current favorite in masks on the go is the Klorane stick mask with organic mint and clay: it´s so tiny and easy to pack. Plus, it´s not messy to apply due to its stick shape, and looks like it will last.

Products with Tea Tree Oil

For years Tea Tree Oil has been one of my favorite travel beauty essentials – it is a secret weapon that works against everything: blemished skin, pimples, dandruff, and even insect bites. All thanks to the unparalleled antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

My recent discovery is Australian Bodycare, a brand focused on creating natural tea tree oil products to treat the most common skin problems. You can get Australian Bodycare products via the UK Online Store or on the Spanish website.

travel toiletry bag products
Tea Tree Oil Products from Australian Bodycare: you can shop these via UK store or on the Spanish website

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Spot Treatment is one of my new musts on the go. Not only do I apply it for blemished skin and pimples, but it also works for mosquito and insect bites. Australian Bodycare Anti-itch Spray is another handy product for any kind of irritation on the road (no wonder it’s also on the list of my travel with kids essentials).

I absolutely love Australian Bodycare Sculp Treatment and Australian Bodycare Scalp Brush. Both are must-haves for any scalp concern, like itchiness, greasy hair, or dandruff. When at home, I apply the treatment once a week, while gently massaging through with the brush.

For traveling, I pour a bit into one of my travel/sized bottles. The last time I had a hiking weekend in the Spanish Pyrenees, my scalp felt so itchy after wearing a ponytail + hat nonstop. I was lucky to have with me the Australian Bodycare Sculp Treatment and ended up using it for the 3 days in a row.

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner

While dry shampoo spray can be a lifesaver, I always feel an urge to wash my hair on the road (especially after the flights). So I love having with me a Solid Shampoo and Conditioner (plus, the soap-saver bags for storage). In Sephora, I like the French brand Respire.

Additionally, I often bring with me on the go Klorane dry shampoo, or Batiste (but only its natural line).

Cosmetics to buy for travel
Packing my travel beauty essentials: Flat Water Bottle, EcoTools Makeup Brush Set, EcoTools Retractable Face Makeup Brush, Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream, Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle for Oily Hair and Scalp, Toothpaste Tablets, Gua Sha Rose Quartz Tool, Weleda Skin Food, Weleda Clarifying S.O.S Spot Treatment, Tea Tree Oil Spot Treatment

Massage on the go

A stiff neck is my constant concern on the road, so I simply can not live without stretching and massage. Gua Sha with essential oils and massage balls are my absolute must-haves.

Although, I am currently looking for a travel massage gun (the doctor suggested to me Theragun, but since it’s not the most budget-friendly one, I am still hesitating on whether I actually need one; I will update the post once I try it).


Makeup remover wipes & cleanser

No-rinse facial cleansing is everything. Wiping all the dirt and makeup off the face is the first step for happy skin on the go.

I always have makeup remover wipes inside my travel bag. I love the ones with natural ingredients, like Sephora Soothing Cleansing Wipes, Burts Bees Clarifying Facial Cleanser Towelettes, and Petal Fresh Renewing Blueberry & Lemon Makeup Removing Towelettes.

While my post-travel skincare usually starts with makeup remover wipes, I love to follow it up with a good cleanser or scrub. The current favorite is Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream.

If I shop on the go, I usually pick on Amazon Thayers Face Cleanser, Andalou Naturals Brightening Creamy Cleanser, Honest Beauty Gentle Gel Everyday Face Cleanser, or anything from Dr.Hauska (unfortunately these are rarely available on Amazon).

More handy products for cleansing on the go: Soap Sheets, Bathing Wipes, SheaMoisture Face and Body Bar for Blemish-Prone Skin, and Body Wash in a Sponge.

travel beauty essentials Shop
Shopping favorite travel beauty essentials in Sephora this weekend: Pai The Impossible Glow, Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate, Sephora Soothing Face Mask, Respire Solid Hair Conditioner, and Soothing Cleansing Wipes

Make-up travel essentials

I usually avoid wearing heavy makeup on the road. Sometimes I can glam myself up for a nice dinner, but in most cases, the motto less is more works better for my skin.

My favorite makeup travel essentials: Lily Lolo Mineral Powder and Lily Lolo Mineral Bronze Sparkle (or mineral powder from Jane Iredale, PUR, Everyday Minerals, or Mineral Fusion), Ecotools kabuki brush, Tinted moisturizer (mine is from the Austrian brand Ringana), PAI The Impossible Glow, Creme Cheek Blush & Lip Color or Lily Lolo Burst Your Bubble, Sunscreen, Shu Yemura Eyelash Curler, and EcoTools Makeup Brush Set (exactly the same as mine is no longer available).

Most of my current lip products are from Dr.Haushka, Madara, and Benecos (you can shop them in Spain on Naturitas web here). I also love using Burt Bees and Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm.

Solid Stick Creams, Balms & All-Purpose Creams

My current all-purpose cream favorite is Weleda Skin Food for Face and Body (for some reason in Spain it is sold as face&body, but internationally the brand offers Weleda Body Skin Food and Weleda Skin Food Light for Face). It´s this one self-care product I would bring with me on a desert island lol – I literally use it on my face, lips, nails, and body. Sometimes, in order to save space, I store it in one of my Ambar jars, while adding a few drops of essential oil (for travels I prefer mandarin and vetiver).

Another possible alternative is Dr. Bronner’s – Organic Magic Balm. Also, solid stick creams, like Bee Naturals Skin Cream and Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm are the easiest to pack.

Dyson Hair Straightener & Other Hair Essentials

Dyson Hair Straightener and Oribe Maximista Spray are my favorite things to glam up my hair.

Normally, I wash my hair and apply a mask or conditioner ( while brushing it through with Janeke Detangler Brush before rinsing: it ensures an even distribution, so that the product reaches every strand of hair). Later on, I use a leave-on conditioner spray or Vita Coco Coconut serum.

Afterwards, I wrap my hair with a silk turban for 20 mins. Once dry, I style it with Dyson Hair Straightener for a straight look or use a handmade silk curling set for natural hair waves.

Even though I initially got myself the first hair roller set on Amazon, now I have stopped using it, and honestly prefer those Hair ribbon curler sets with scrunchies on Etsy.

travel beauty tips
Dyson Hair Straightener, Oribe Maximista Spray, Silk turban, Silk Scrunchies, Hair ribbon curler sets with scrunchies, Australian Bodycare Scalp Brush, and Jo Malone Cologne Orange Blossom

Silk & Sleep

I enjoy having with me on the go one of my silk masks – a Silk Eye Mask for Sleeping or a Silk Eye Pillow filled with Lavender.

Many frequent travelers love bringing on the road their own Travel Sleep sheet set. But personally, my all-time favorite is the Pure Linen Sheets Set. So, other materials don’t inspire me enough to pack extra sheet sets (except for that silk pillowcase, which I love having with me everywhere).

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