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Looking for places to enjoy snow in Spain with kids? – I got you covered. Check this list of Spanish winter destinations to make the most of your family holidays in Spain!

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Spain in Winter

Winter trips in my family

Ski trips in winter were unmissable attributes of my childhood. Ever since I had kids of my own I felt excited to show the real snow to them. People living in the colder parts of the world might not get it, but living in Valencia for 10 + years with minimum temperatures of +10C (50F) has its perks and drawbacks. If you are into winter sun holidays, then yes – the Mediterranean coast of Spain is an epic idea. But if you are dreaming of a white Christmas over the holiday season – your only chance to find it in Spain is to travel all the way up to the mountains.

While during the past few years we have done a few December trips to Christmas Madrid and Torrejon de Ardoz (during our Cuenca road trip), the best winter memories have always been created up in the Spanish Pyrenees.

andorra grand valira ski Enjoying snow in Spain with kids
Enjoying snow in Spain with kids

Tips for Finding snow in Spain with kids

For those of you, who plan to visit the Iberian Peninsula and want to enjoy some winter activities, I have put up a list of places where you can find snow in Spain with kids.

Even though Spain does not belong on the list of top European Christmas destinations (in my opinion), you can still enjoy lots of cool winter activities with your little ones. Cause when it comes to exploring Spain with kids, there is nothing more exciting for the little ones as to play in the snow.

Since the climate of the Iberian Peninsula is quite warm, in order to find some real snow, you will need to drive all the way up to one of the nearest ski stations. These are also popular for non-skiers, sinsce of them have sledding parks for families, or even ski lifts with panoramic vises and adventure parks.


However, it´s always better to bring your own snow tube or sled (you can easily get it on Amazon), since some ski stations do not rent them. Or simply charge double: unfortunately, it might be cheaper and easier to buy a sled from Decathlon and then donate it, rather than to rent it. I like the Inflatable toboggans less, but they are handy when you need to travel extra light.

Another important tip!

Unless you go for the Grandvalira slopes (in Andorra) or the Baqueira slopes (in Vall D´Aran) – these two always have snow in winter, check the current situation at your ski station of choice a day before traveling. Many of the Spanish ski slopes have Facebook groups or Instagram pages, where they constantly post weather updates. Otherwise, you might drive a few hours towards a certain ski station only to find it closed with no snow on the radar.

Additionally, this winter has been particularly warm so far and therefore particularly bad for skiing in Spain. So, make sure you research well.

Snow Chains

Even though all of the roads to the ski slopes in Spain are being cleaned regularly, it is always recommended to have snow chains inside your trunk. Personally, I have never needed them. But it´s one of those things that it´s always better to have and not use than lack once. Years ago, my husband went to ski with friends, and they got into a heavy snowfall on the road to Valldelinares. No need to tell you that the snow chains were their life-savers.

Best Places to enjoy snow in Spain with kids

Day tours from Barcelona

The easiest place to take day tours to the Pyrenees is Barcelona. You can easily plan experiences like Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees; Guided Day Trip to Andorra and France; Barcelona: 3 Countries 1-Day Tour to Spain, France, Andorra; or Private tour to Andorra from Barcelona.


naturlandia winter activities andorra travel guide
Naturlandia Park in Andorra

First of all, Andorra is not part of Spain.

It is a separate state nestled between Spain and France. However, Andorra is located only 197 km away from Barcelona. The truth is that Andorra is one of the most well- prepared winter destinations for family travelers.

From 25-11-2023 to 24-12-2023 you can visit the Spanish Father Christmas, Papa Noel, in Andorra – check the details here.

Moreover, in Andorra, you will be perfectly fine with English, even though the official language is Catalan and both Spanish and French are widely spoken. But the best part about Andorra is the large number of winter activities for families, like:

One of the most adventurous places in the Pyrenees is Naturlandia Park ( for children 3+). Older kids will have a blast, for sure. But the little ones might enjoy ponis, labyrinths, and rides for their age too. (You can check the details in Spanish here)

Also, Andorra is a great place to do some winter hiking with the kids (like the trail Find the Tamarro or Quela the Witch´s potion), make a family visit to Caldea SPA (get an early-bird access, otherwise it gets too crowded), or try Snake Gliss at Granvalira. You can easily take a Funicamp Cable Car to the top and enjoy the views of the Pyrenees (without renting skis).

To learn more about Andorra, head to my travel stories Andorra Travel Guide, and Romantic Things to do in Andorra. Also, you can check it via TikTok and Andorra IG Hightlights.

Vall D´Aran / Lleida

dog sledging baqueira beret spain adventure
One of my most adventurous experiences in Spain – dog sledging in Baqueira

Lleida is known for 11 ski stations with 505 km of the slopes. The biggest ski resort in the region of Lleida is Baqueira Beret. A few years ago, together with my husband and parents, we had a wonderful ski trip to Baqueira Beret. We loved it so much that this year we have also returned in October for hiking in the Pyrenees of Catalonia.

Other popular ski stations you can visit in Lleida to enjoy snow in Spain with kids are Port del Comte (in Solsonès), Espot y Port Ainé (in Pallars Sobirà), Boí Taüll (in l’Alta Ribagorça), and Tuixent (in l’Alt Urgell).

With my husband in Baqueira Beret


During our past Catalonia road trip, we haven’t made it to the ski slopes of Girona. However, these are the most popular ones to visit if you are based in Costa Brava: La Molina, Estacio Vallter 2000, and Vall de Nuria.

Next time I will probably take my kids to La Molina, since they have lots of interesting activities for the whole family: Panoramic ski lift ride, Snowshoe Circuit, Slalom Nissan X-Trail, Fun Park for kids, Tubbing Slopes, Trees Adventure park, Segway, Tandem Adapted Ride, Bowling and Spa. You can check the details on their website.


While Huesca is one of my favorite regions in the Spanish Pyrenees, so far I haven’t get a chance to visit this province in winter. Here, popular ski stations to enjoy snow in Spain with kids are Formigal, Astun, and Candancu. My kids still recall taking the ski lift of Astun, to complete the hike Ruta de los 7 Ibones de Astun, one of the top trails in Spain. So, it would be amazing to revisit in winter.

Also, one of the most adventurous things to do in Spain, Tirolina Valle de Tena is open in winter. It is the longest in Europe double zipline, but with the frozen winter landscapes, the whole experience might be unforgettable. Tirolina Valle de Tena was one of the highlights of my 2022 in Spain. My oldest daughter is dying to try it as well, but they only admit kids starting from 10 years old and with a min weight of 40 kg.

Read more details about visiting the Spanish Pyrenees of Aragon with kids here.

snow pyrenees kids spain
Seeing and touching snow in summer was an epic experience for my kids in the Pyrenees


The closest ski slopes to visit from Valencia (or Castellon) are Valdelinares and Javalambre, in the province of Teruel.

These can be combined with Dinosaur theme parks of the region – Dinopolis of Teruel (one of my kids’ favorites), or the small museum of dinosaurs on the road, Region Ambarina (in Rubielos de Mora).

Valdelinares was the first place where my kids got to see the snow (right after the pandemic). The slopes are quite average for the pro skiers, but Valdelinares houses a nice sled area for the kids. You can check the details here (only in Spanish).

snow in Spain with kids
Enjoying snow in Spain with kids for the first time


While the biggest part of the Spanish ski slopes can be found in the Pyrenees of Aragon and Catalonia, you can also enjoy snow in Spain with kids during your visit to Navarra or the Basque Country, by visiting the Irati Abodi center.


One of the most unique places to visit in Southern Spain is the mountain range of Sierra Nevada, near Granada. It´s a one-of-its-kind experience: one can enjoy the beaches of Costa Tropical in the morning and then take a bus from Granada to Sierra Nevada and hit the ski slopes in the afternoon.

Besides skiing, Sierra Nevada is known for lots of non-skier activities: a winter roller coaster, sleds, and slides. Check more details via their official web.

Know more places to enjoy snow in Spain with kids? – Let me know in the comments below.

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