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Let´s have a look at my shopping basket and talk about the best local food souvenirs from Spain. It´s hard to argue that Spain is an absolute paradise for foodies. How about bringing home from your trip an authentic bite of Spain while supporting small local companies?

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Spanish Food

Those of you who´ve been following my Blog Series Spain Foodies or had a quick glimpse at my IG stories at least once might have already realized that trying local delicatessen is an essential part of my Spanish travels. Whether it´s about traditional dishes of the villages, Almuerzo in Valencia, the creative artichoke menu, or the Gastronomic weeks – I´m usually sold right from the start.

Being in love with Spanish food was an essential pro-argument regarding leaving my old life behind and moving to Spain. I knew that no matter what would expect me on this new path of being an expat in Spain, I would enjoy the journey and turn my Spain bucket list into reality. That´s what counts, isn´t it?

Shopping locally

As a student in Spain, I mostly could not afford the eco-supermarkets and lavish restaurants. But every time I got a chance to shop for groceries at the nearby herbolario or farmers market – I enjoyed it so much. These days it´s already one of my top healthy habits.

I am aware of the fact that there are way too many people in Spain claiming they do not really spot the difference between local eco products and the budget alternatives from mass markets. They say all groceries in Spain taste good enough. Well, I often wish I was one of them, honestly. Life would be much easier.

Yes, of course, your consumer taste depends highly on your country of origin. I remember when we visited Iceland, a stunning country full of beautiful waterfalls and jaw-dropping whale watching, but the foodie arena in Iceland was so not my thing. Like, if I were to live there – the lack of fruits and vegetables in the supermarkets would be killing me softly every single day.

On the contrary, nowadays thanks to my Spanish Sundays in the countryside and doing groceries in local eco-stores – I feel like buying eco food souvenirs from Spain on a daily basis is my best medicine. For sure, using local products in my kitchen has been the best health investment for me so far.

Therefore, I thought it would be great to share with you a few of my favorite things to buy in Spain. Especially since most of these would make great food souvenirs from Spain.

Last but not least, don´t forget the social impact you´ll make with this purchase. Instead of investing in multinationals, you can support small local companies creating quality products for the market. It´s typical in Spain to sell local delicatessen during artisan and medieval fairs (like the one in Matarranya that I have recently shared with you). But I honestly wish local food manufacturers would get more attention than they currently do.

Local food souvenirs from Spain online

A great place to shop local Spanish wine is 15 Bodegas. Lots of healthy Spanish snacks can be found via Naturitas.

Also, many Spanish brands are available via Amazon.es: like Turrones 1880, El Almendro, Doña Jimena, El Toro, Crusoe Treasure Underwater Winery, Camino de Cabras, Enrique Rech Gourmet, Montelueño, Natur Green, El Oro de la Tierra, Palacio de los Olivos, Javioliva, Rincón de la Subbética, Malvasia, The Basque Gourmet, La Obrera, Miel Camino de Santiago, Karkom, Exner, Marcos Tonda, Chocolates Valor, Gourmet Gallego, Turrones Fabian, La Explanada Gourmet, Santa Teresa, Los Picones Gourmet, Olmeda Orígenes, Econatura Gourmet, Espinaler, and Deliex.

Top Local Food Souvenirs from Spain

Olive oil

At least 1,5 mln tonnes of olive oil is produced annually in Spain.

While it´s one of the most obvious food souvenirs from Spain, there are quite a few Spanish local brands you won´t find in a regular supermarket, like Olis Cuquello.

olive oil local herbolario
Olis Cuquello olive oil

Remember my hikes in Castellon and the Millenary Olive Trees route? – Well, you can buy Olive Oil from the trees present in the region for more than 2000 years, since the Roman times in Spain.

Always try to get olive oil in dark glass – it preserves its beneficial properties and original taste.

At the same time, if you have some extra space and want to stock olive oil for a long while – keep in mind that local companies in Spain often sell it in 5L-plastic bottles. I´m not a fan, but that´s the way it is…

In my post about Spanish Sundays, I´ve confessed to you that my father-in-law has lots of olive trees and usually takes the olive harvest to the local cooperativa agricola (where they press oil from what you bring in).

big olive oil spain
Olive oil in Castellon

So, at home, I do use eco-oil from both plastic and crystal bottles, although I obviously prefer the second one.

Olives with spices

Another must-buy from the typical food souvenirs in Spain are marinated olives with spices. These are an essential part of traditional almuerzo in Valencia and are often served to you as a snack in bars and restaurants. My recent favorite is L’Olivateria Olivas Indicas, made by a small local company in Alicante.

olives spain delicious


While pate in Spain is usually a paste made of meat (pork, poultry) vegetables, herbs, and spices, I always enjoy the vegetarian options for this one. My current favorite is pate de aceitunas verdes (green olives´s paste) from Pla de L´Arc.

food souvenirs from spain pate


Jamon is the traditional dry-cured ham, one of the top food items of Spanish cuisine. You can find it on the food shelves under jamon serrano and jamon iberico. The second one is more expensive, as it´s made from Iberian-breed pigs. The most famous jamon in Spain comes from Extremadura, Salamanca, and Teruel. Although, Andalusia also has quite a few famous local brands.

Also, nowadays in Spain, there are ham alternatives for vegans and vegetarians, often made with wheat, rice, or lentils.

Another similar option to consider as a food souvenir from Spain is chorizo. It´s a kind of meat sausage that comes in different sizes. Chorizo is usually made with pork meat&pork fat and seasoned with paprika. Both jamon and chorizo could be traced back to the ancient times when Spaniards would store this way meat for the whole year.


Every time I get a chance to explore the beautiful villages of Castellon, like Vilafames, I buy a few jars of honey Miel de Vilafames. Although, there are quite a few honey-making regions in Spain besides the Valencian Community, Catalonia (here I like Las Dehesas), Extremadura, Andalucia, Castile and Leon, and Galicia. So, the same type of honey might have a different taste across Spain.

I remember even getting once a few homemade jars from the local old lady on the road toward the Pyrenees.

Another delicious alternative to honey could be a Spanish jam with an unusual taste from Guimarana. For instance, red wine jam or orange blossom jam.

faforite spanish foods honey


Unlike Switzerland, Spain is not globally famous for its chocolates. Although you should know that one of Spain´s most colorful villages, Villajoyosa, is often called the Spanish chocolate village. The village is home to 3 Spanish chocolate factories since the XVIIIth century – Chocolates Valor, Chocolates Clavileño, and Chocolates Perez. The first two even offer guided tours to showcase their chocolate-making process.

Although my personal favorite recently is Chocolada – gluten-free, vegan, no-sugar, and handmade.

foodies in spain chocolate


There´s no trip to Valencia, without tasting the famous local drink horchata (also called orxata in Valencian). It is a plant-based drink made from soaked, ground, and sweetened tiger nuts. While it´s one of the most traditional delicatessens of Valencia, you can still find horchata across the whole of Spain.

But in case you get a chance to buy an authentic one – Horchateria Daniel (in Alboraya, an easy day trip from Valencia) is the best place to experience the original taste.

spain food gifts horchata
Horchateria Daniel in Alboraya


Turron is definitely one of the most popular food souvenirs from Spain of all time.

In my post about Spanish flower blossoms, we discussed numerous almond trees across Spain, as the country is the second-largest producer of almonds in the whole world. It´s obvious that almonds have been an essential part of national cuisine.

Turron is a traditional nougat-like sweet in Spain, which locals usually buy for the Christmas holidays. Although you can find the traditional varieties all year round, for the winter holidays in Spain – it´s honestly the whole another level which involves an endless list of brands&tastes in every supermarket. Turron is usually made with almonds, honey, sugar, and egg whites and is served in a rectangular slab form. This sweet might be derived from the Islamic times in Spain or even ancient Greek or Roman recipes.

The most famous village in Spain related to turron is Jijona in Alicante. Here they´ve been making traditional turron de Jijona for five centuries in a row.

gift ideas spain turron

My current local turron favorite is Agut de Benlloch. Although there are lots of sugar-free alternatives on the market, I still go for the sugared ones. Mainly because the sweeteners they always add for the sugar-free options are not stevia or erythritol, but fructose or maltitol (which I prefer to avoid).

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss polvorones and mantecados (crumby Spanish shortbreads).

Also, fried Spanish almonds with spices DÁrmela could be one of the coolest food souvenirs from Spain. Especially for those who seek to avoid the sugar overload of turron.

food gifts from Spain almonds


Spain is home to 70 protected wine regions, with Rioja being the best-known worldwide. On most of my northern Spain road trips, I try visiting new bodegas (local wine cellars). Despite my initial expectations, this plan works even if in Spain with kids: when traveling last time across Navarra, we made a family visit to Bodegas Franco Españolas (following the steps of Ernest Hemingway). Also, no need to mention that wine-tasting tours are some of the most romantic Spain travel ideas.

However, the wine arena in Spain does not end with La Rioja. You could go for the sherries of Andalusia or cava in Catalonia. My favorites for Spanish wine are Muga or Habla, for the red one. Also, Marques de Riscal and Mar de Frades for white wine. Nevertheless, if you are a pro in wine-tasting you can always stop by the local eco-shop and search for the lesser-known wine bottles from a particular Spanish region.

Also don´t forget Spanish liquors and beers. The most unusual liquor tastes to bring from Spain are rice, turron, and horchata.

eco foods spain liquors
Unusual Spanish liquors

Spanish Cheese

While Spain is globally known for its Manchego cheese, almost every province across the country has its famous type of cheese. You´ll need an entire life to try it all. I´ll try to name a few though.

For Extremadura it´s Torta de Casar, la Serena, Ibores, for Galicia – Queso de Tetilla, Queso de Cebreiro, Arzua-Ulloa, for AsturiasCabrales, Bellos, Afuega´l pitu del Aramo, in Cantabria – Liebana, Queso de Cantabria, in Basque CountryIdiazabal, in Navarra – Roncal, in Zamora – Queso Zamorano, for MurciaQueso de Murcia, for CataloniaLa Garrotxa/ pell Florida, for Valencia (Xativa) – Servilleta/tovallo, for the Balearic islands – Mahon-Menorca, and the Canary IslandsMajorero.

All these are famous both nationally and internationally. Although the list of Spanish cheeses does not end here.

Personally, I love sheep and goat cheese and my local favorites in Castellon are truffle goat cheese from Morella, and sheep cheese Brull D´Ovella.

what to buy in spain cheese


One of the easiest food souvenirs from Spain to carry on the road is local spices. Two of them are essential for traditional Spanish cuisine – smoked paprika (pimentón) and saffron (azafran).

The paprika from the small town of La Vera is considered the best one (in Spanish – pimentón de La Vera). Saffron is known for being the most expensive spice in the world, yet it´s an essential ingredient for authentic Spanish paella.

spanish delicatessen wine
Wines in local eco store of Castellon Province ( I haven´t heard any of these names before)

More ideas

If bringing food souvenirs from Spain back home might cause you problems at customs, you can always opt for some food-related gifts:

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