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This year I set my eyes on Andorra to plan a magical couples’ getaway in the mountains. Check this list of romantic things to do in Andorra to learn more.

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Romantic Getaway to Andorra


With St. Valentine’s Day around the corner, there´s no better moment to plan a magical weekend getaway and experience the romantic side of Spain. After my epic Pyrenees road trip this summer I was dreaming of returning.

So, together with my husband, we planned a child-free trip to spend a Valentine’s Day weekend in Andorra, one of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees.

Why Andorra? – Mainly because the Pyrenees is one of my favorite travel destinations in Spain. But my last few Pyrenees adventures took place in the Spanish region of Huesca, and the winter wonderland of Baqueira Beret. So, even though I´ve already visited Andorra on two occasions – time flies. I was dreaming of returning in search of new experiences with a romantic twist.

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Andorra fits the bill when it comes to vacation ideas for couples. First of all, it has a beautiful and isolated mountain setting to escape the rest of the world. Secondly, you’ll be surprised to find out there are lots of unique and romantic things to do in Andorra. You can plan a getaway for all tastes and preferences.

In this post, I will share all the things with a romantic twist that we have done during our Valentine’s Day weekend in Andorra this year.

About Andorra

In case you haven’t heard of Andorra before – let me share a few facts. Andorra is a beautiful and tiny country, landlocked in the Pyrenees mountain range between Spain and France. It is the 6th smallest nation in Europe, known for the lowest VAT and the world-class ski resorts. I have already visited Andorra three times but will return more for sure.

If you’re looking for more information and travel tips on Andorra check out my Andorra Travel Guide.

Romantic Things to do in Andorra

Waking up to the mountain views

andorra mountain vies hotel

The best things in life are often quite simple.

There’s no better morning for me than the one you wake up in a new place to inspiring landscapes, excited about your upcoming travel plans. No way you can get off on the wrong foot with a morning like this one.

While in my Andorra Travel Guide, I have already confessed to you trying to live in different places during my trips to Andorra, this time I enjoyed it more than ever. Abba Xalet Suites Hotel, where we stayed, was located in the small town of La Massana, only 11km from the country´s capital of Andorra la Vella. Staying here felt so quiet and serene.

Taking Funicamp Cable Car in Andorra

andorra grand valira views

Even non-skiers can visit one of Europe’s top ski stations Grandvalira and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Pyrenees.

In the small town of Encamp, you’ll find the Funicamp Cable Car, which will take you 2,502m above sea level in 25 min. The ticket for non-skiers costs 15 euros and includes 2 rides up and back (valid for the same day only). We took the cable car around 3 p.m. and were the only ones inside it. However, on our way back, as the slopes were closing, it was fully packed with skiers.

Once up, we headed to the nearest Restaurant Solanelles to enjoy hot chocolate with the views.

Living a new adventure together in Andorra

naturlandia winter activities andorra travel guide
Naturlandia, a place full of adventurous things to do in Andorra

What I really like about Andorra is its large number of adventurous activities available both in summer and winter. You’ll be spoilt for choices: dog sledding in Port d’ Envalira, snowmobiling, snow tubing, Magic Gliss in Grandvalira, ice skating at Palau de Gel d´Andorra, cross-country skiing, Tobotronc and other wither adventures in Naturlandia Amusement Park.

For couples ready to go out of their comfort zone – a new adventure together will definitely feel like one of the most romantic things to do in Andorra.

Since, you can easily visit Andorra from Spain on a day trip – I’ve included Naturlandia in my list of Adventurous things to do in Spain.

Getting each other gifts in Andorra

andorra la vella travel shopping

Due to its low taxes Andorra is one of the ultimate shopping destinations in Europe. Although you can take products out of the country up to a value limit of 900 euros without having to pay customs duties. Read more in my Andorra Travel Guide.

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Av. Meritxell, c.Bonaventura, and av.Carlemany – all these are the main shopping streets in the city of Andorra La Vella. In Andorra, you can easily surprise each other with a few souvenirs. Or what´s even better – find for each other a new sweater or dress. I’ve recently read in one of the psychology books that these might end up being the best lovey-dovey gifts ever. A new dress from your partner sends a powerful message, especially the one he’d chosen with love and inspiration. It literally says to you I am with you, I am hugging you, I support you.

Therefore, this year there is a new tradition we’ve established with my husband – for some holidays we make each other clothing gifts to send those virtual hugs.

With it large number of shops, Andorra is a perfect place to find gifts during your romantic getaway.

Planning a SPA day in Andorra

caldea spa andorra
The outdoor pool at Caldea Spa (9.15 am)

One of the most romantic things to do in Andorra is to go to a SPA together with your loved one. With such a spectacular natural setting and plenty of active sports, no wonder that Andorra is a trendy wellness destination for the Spaniards. It feels so enjoyable to soak in after a day full of winter activities. Many of the Andorra hotels house their own spa centers.

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Also, one of the popular things to do in Andorra is to visit its Caldea Spa, the largest spa in Southern Europe. The Complex has a family-friendly area and the adults-only Inúu Spa section. I have mixed feelings about Caldea Spa though, as it gets so crowded in winter that it sometimes feels more like a water park, rather than a relaxing Spa Center. Nevertheless, we had such a great time at Caldea on this trip. Mainly because we got an early 9 am entrance and were able to enjoy the place to the fullest with no crowds around.

You can check my Andorra IG Stories to get a glimpse of the outdoor pool with panoramic views.

Enjoying dinner in la borda

arroz montaña andorra
Arroz a la montaña / Borda Eulari

A must-experience in Andorra is to have a dinner in la borda.

La borda was once an annex of many local high mountain houses, where the grass and cattle were kept. Nowadays, Andorra has at least 20 restored bordas turned into beautiful restaurants. They are the best to enjoy the local vibe and try traditional foods.

Andorra’s cuisine combines French and Catalan influences. You can save on IG my list of Andorran typical foods to know what exactly to order in Andorra´s bordas.

Having an art moment at Carmen Thyssen Museum of Andorra

andorra museum thyssen

Art lovers can’t miss the Carmen Thyssen Museum of Andorra.

It is such a tiny and cute museum. But they renew the exhibition every year. Around 12.45 pm we were the only ones inside. I loved it so much that the audio guide had a song option for every artwork (created by local artists). I would listen to the explanation first, then turn the song on and marvel at the painting or sculpture. This felt like such a unique way to listen to this dialogue between art and music.

Enjoying a spiritual moment together in Andorra

meritxell basilica andorra

If you want to share a quiet and spiritual moment together – don’t miss The Sanctuary of Meritxell Basilica.

The Sanctuary of Meritxell Basilica is the most important religious temple in Andorra, known for its unique architecture (created by the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill). The sanctuary houses the image of Our Lady of Meritxell, the country’s Patron Saint, as well as statues of other Andorran Saints. You can also walk around the hall to check out the miniatures of all the Romanesque churches of Andorra.

Sharing a cheese fondue in Andorra

cheese fondue andorra

While fondue can’t be considered the most typical local dish in Andorra, it is a must on all of my winter trips.

Andorra has quite a few restaurants specializing in cheese, fondue, and raclette. Sharing a delicious fondue together definitely feels like one of the most romantic things to do in Andorra.

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