In this post, you will find everything you need to know before visiting Torrejon de Ardoz – the biggest Christmas Park in Spain.

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Torrejon de Ardoz Christmas Park near Madrid

Christmas in Madrid, Spain

Christmas Travels

Christmas holidays usually serve as the best excuse to plan new family travels.

Over the last few years the month of December has been my favorite moment to get into the holiday mood. My past trips during the winter vacations included stunning destinations, like New York, Colmar, Lucerne, Andorra, and other unique cities in Europe.

Nevertheless, after having kids, we´ve been focused on discovering new winter destinations locally in Spain. Last year our spontaneous weekend getaway to Christmas Madrid was a huge success, but we had no time to visit the nearest Christmas park of Torrjeon de Ardoz.

Therefore, this December, we planned a new Cuenca Road Trip, to finally cross the Spanish Parque de la Navidad off our Spain Bucket List.

christmas in spain madrid with kids
Visiting Torrejon de Ardoz with kids

Visiting Torrejon de Ardoz

Where is Torrejon de Ardoz

Torrjeon de Ardoz is a small town located only 20 km away from the Spanish capital of Madrid. The city is a popular Madrid Day Trip. Torrjeon de Ardoz is mostly known for its Europe Park.

Nevertheless, over the winter holidays (from 30/11 to 7/01), the city of Torrjeon de Ardoz usually houses the biggest in Spain Christmas fair – Magicas Navidades. Inside, you can enjoy Christmas lights, markets, an ice-skating rink, the Christmas house, the Asian Lanterns festival, and the exposition of the Ice Figures.

If you are familiar with Spanish Christmas traditions, in Torrejon de Ardoz, you might enjoy the biggest Belen (e.g. typical nativity scenes) in the whole of Spain.

spain christmas celebration
Belen (e.g. typical Spanish nativity scenes) while visiting Torrejon de Ardoz
navity torrejon de ardoz
Belen (e.g. typical Spanish nativity scenes) while visiting Torrejon de Ardoz

How to get to Torrejon de Ardoz

For visiting Torrejon de Ardoz you can take a train from Madrid (to Estacion Cercanias Torrejon de Ardoz) or a bus from Avda. America Station: both will leave you really close to the park Magicas Navidades.

If you plan to go by car, there is a free 3000-spot space for parking ( you access it via Av. La Luna and M206). When this area gets full, visitors usually leave cars near Poligono Las Monjas. We visited Torrejon de Ardoz by car and had no problems whatsoever.

christmas decorations spain
Holiday decorations at the Christmas Park of Torrejon de Ardoz
spain travel winter Madrid day trip
Holiday decorations at the Christmas Park of Torrejon de Ardoz

Tickets for visiting Torrejon de Ardoz

The entrance to Torrejon de Ardoz Christmas fair costs 3 Euros, but everything inside has an additional fee.

You should book the entrance online for all the additional experiences, like the Ice-Figure Expo or the Christmas house (where you can give your letter to Santa), because you must pick an exact time slot.

Magicas Navidades Christmas Park in Torrejon de Ardoz is open daily from 12 a.m. to 10 p.m. (between 30/11 and 7/01). But it gets especially crowded after 6 p.m. We got there around lunch and left when it was getting dark (most of the visitors were just arriving).

torrejon de ardoz navidads magicas
Visiting Navidades Magicas Park of Torrejon de Ardoz
christmas spain torrejon de ardoz
Christmas attractions while visiting Torrejon de Ardoz
ice spain travel winter
Christmas attractions while visiting Torrejon de Ardoz

My impressions after visiting Torrejon de Ardoz

Did we enjoy visiting Torrejon de Ardoz and its Magicas Navidades Christmas Park? – The short answer is yes, as a one-time experience.

Nevertheless, this trip did not make it to my list of 2023 Spanish Favorites. The only thing I liked was the Ice-Figure Exposition. Especially, since I haven´t seen anything similar in my entire life.

However, on the other hand, the entrance price of 16 euros per person to this Ice-Figure Expo was a bit too much for those 2 minutes we ended up spending inside. To protect the Ice Figures from melting down they need to keep the temperature below 0 all the time, so staying near the Ice sculptures for long is impossible due to the cold.

I did not particularly like the rest of the attractions of Magicas Navidades Christmas Park. Each ride for kids would cost around 4 euros, which would be fine. Except for the fact that those were not sophisticated amusement park attractions, but rather cheap rides you can find at any village fair across Spain.

To be fair, our kids had a blast anyway…

torrejon de ardoz madrid christmas navidades magicas
The Asian Lanterns Festival of Torrejon de Ardoz Christmas Park
ice festival visiting torrejon de ardoz
The Exposition of Ice Figures at Torrejon de Ardoz Christmas Park
ice sculptures spain

But basically, if you plan to check out all the rides the price could top the daily entrance to Port Aventura (visited during our family getaway in Cambrils) or Terra Mitica (visited during our week in Alicante). But the level of attractions at Torrejon de Ardoz is far away from the popular Spanish amusement parks.

So, if you travel to Spain with kids around the Christmas holidays, they might enjoy visiting Torrejon de Ardoz. But if you are looking for fun rides and charming European Christmas markets, this might not be the place.

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Visiting a Christmas Park near Madrid, Spain

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