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One of my recent favorites in Spain is definitely Mojacar, Almeria. It could be easily called the prettiest of the prettiest in between the famous White Villages of Andalusia. Let´s get inspired by the white-washed architecture of this quint Andalusian gem!

Visiting Mojacar, Almeria

While Mojacar can’t be called one of the secret villages in Spain and is quite established on the tourist track, it is absolutely one of the most beautiful small towns of the Iberian Peninsula. Not to mention that Mojacar is the prettiest of the prettiest among the famous White Villages and one of the top places to visit in Andalusia.

To put it short – Mojacar, Almeria simply belongs on every Spain Travel Bucket list.

Where is Mojacar?

Mojacar is located in the south of Spain, in the lesser-known part of Andalusia – the province of Almeria. While Almeria is worldwide famous for its wide and dry expanses of Las Tabernas Desert and its iconic Wild West Town experience, there’s more to the story here.

Almeria holds some of the most spectacular off-the-beaten-track beaches in Spain, dreamy castles, and natural wonders on the Iberian Peninsula.

While Mojacar, Almeria gets touristy in the summer months, it is still not as overcrowded as other Spain’s southern coastal destinations. This quint town is made up of two areas: the Old Town/Mojacar Pueblo and the Beach/Mojacar Playa. So the best part about Mojacar is that you´ll find traditional Spanish white-washed houses combined with the modern beach area full of trendy bars, hotels, and restaurants.

No Spanish town can exist without its own fiesta. While Spain´s most famous Moors and Christians feast (in Spanish – Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos) is held in Alcoy, Mojacar also has its own similar celebration around mid-June, including all the typical attributes of the Medieval Fairs in Spain.

Not to mention that Mojacar often appears in the local news thanks to the current Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, who often picks this alluring white village for his vacation breaks. The other Spanish heads of the cabinets used to choose different places for the summer season: Jose Maria Aznar (1996 -2004) opted for Oropesa/The Province of Castellon, and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero liked Lanzarote / The Canary Islands.

How to get to Mojacar?

You can get to Mojacar by bus from the Airport of Almeria (alternatively from Alicante or Murcia). But in case you want to do a few day trips and explore some hidden gems of the region – the best option is to rent a car. Check this Almeria Holiday Guide for more ideas.

As I´ve explained before: Mojacar is made up of two areas: the Old Town/Mojacar Pueblo and the Beach/Mojacar Playa. There’s a local bus connecting them. Keep in mind that the Old Town of Mojacar can only be really explored on foot. There is an elevator above a parking site on the edge to take you up to the old town. 

What to do in Mojacar, Almeria

  • The Old Town of Mojacar / Main places to see: Mojacar Town Hall, Puerta de la Ciudad, Plaza del Parterre, Fuente Mora de Mojacar, Iglesia de Santa Maria, Plaza Nueva, El Mirador
  • Beaches: Playa Marina de la Torre, Playa del Descargador, Playa de la Piedra Villazar, Playa la Rumina, Playa El Cantal, Playa Cueva del Lobo, Playa Macenas
  • local tapas and dining
  • water sports (windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle board) and golf

Mojacar´s architecture keeps historical traces of the Arab presence in Spain (from the 8th century till the 15th century). You can spot the unmistakable Moroccan style on the facades of the buildings in Mojacar, Almeria.

Another typical symbol of Mojacar, Almeria is the Indalo Man talisman, a figure with an arch over the head. It can be often seen on engraved local souvenirs, as the village good luck symbol. You can read more on Mojacar´s tourist info site.

While Mojacar can’t compete with Ibiza vacation when it comes to parties, there are some nice beaches and nightclubs to embrace your social life.

Top things to do near Mojacar, Almeria

  • The Spanish Wild West of Las Tabernas Desert
  • Cuevas de Sorbas
  • La Cueva de los Letreros
  • Cabo de Gata National Park

For more ideas check this Almeria Holiday Guide.

For more travel inspiration on Spain check my Pinterest board Travel to Spain. If you want more hidden gems, make sure you explore my blog section Undiscovered Spain and Andalusia.

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