Let me share this ultimate selection of Spain Board Games: some of them are already must-haves in my family, and others are still on the bucket list.

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Best Board Games for Spain Lovers

Travel From Home via Board Games

Numerous benefits of board games are well-known: they increase brain function, embrace patience and strategy skills, and simply make us spend fun quality time off screens in the company of people we love. In my family, right after Spain Children´s Books, Spain Virtual Tours, and Unique International Illustrators, we use board games as an additional way of traveling virtually.

So, I thought of sharing with you this tiny hobby of mine by creating a list of board games focused on Spain. In this post you with find:

  • popular international board games set in Spain: these will keep your wanderlust fueling, some might even even help you learn about new Spanish landmarks & traditions
  • Spanish board games and limited local editions: you can easily buy these in Spain as souvenirs ( most of them are not available internationally, although some may be shipped abroad via Amazon.es)
  • Board Games for learning Spanish

I hope this list will help you discover more unique ideas for Spain-themed gifts, as well as it might give you some additional inspiration to keep learning more about Spain, its language, and its culture through playing.

Note, that even the Spanish editions on this list of board games usually have English rules included, but please double-check this within each product description on Amazon. Within this article, you will find links to Amazon.com for international purchases and links to Amazon.es for Spanish Board Games (only some of them may be shipped abroad).

The Ultimate List of Spain Board Games

International Board Games Set in Spain


Alhambra is probably one of the most well-known Spain board games. Back in 2003, it won the prestigious Game of the Year Reward in Germany. Alhambra has always been a top pick for all the fans of the Andalusia region.

In Alhambra, you employ the most talented teams of builders to create your own Alhambra and compete against other players. This board game is for ages 8+, so I plan to test it with my oldest daughter soon.

You can quickly check out this Alhambra tutorial on Youtube, to make sure the game is for you.

Also, there is a smaller and simpler version of the classy AlhambraAlhambra Roll and Write Board Game.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada is one of the most visually stunning Spain board games. It´s a great choice to play before visiting Barcelona with kids or to enrich your collection of Barcelona Coffee Table Books.

Sagrada turns one into an artist since you compete to create the most beautiful stained glass window in the Sagrada Familia, one of the most beautiful Spanish cathedrals: each round (out of 10), players will pick dice, cleverly matching the pattern in their board to create a stunning window piece. This game is for ages 13+, so it´s a great match for adults and teenagers.

You can quickly check this Sagrada YouTube tutorial to decide whether you like it.

Sagrada game has extensions for more players, Sagrada 5&6 Player Expansion, Passion Expansion, Glory Expansion, and Life Expansion. Also, there is another Sagrada-based game, Sagrada Artisans for ages 10+.

I have been eyeing Sagrada for quite a while, but will probably wait a few years till my kids grow up a bit so that we can play it all together.

sagrada barcelona board games review spain
Sagrada Boad Game on Amazon

El Grande

El Grande is one of the lesser-known Spain board games. It´s a great match for all the fans of Spanish Medival towns and dreamy castles, since the game takes place in 15th-century Spain, around the end of the Reconquista. The players send out their caballeros to gain control over the 9 regions and become the top ruler of the Iberian lands, or El Grande.

You can check the rules & details in this YouTube tutorial.

Money Heist

If you love Spanish TV Shows, you can check out the Money Heist board game – Casa De Papel Behind The Mask. It was created for adults 18+. With the 44 cards in the game, the player-detectives must discover the identities of the 8 robbers, based on the clues, confidential information, and other details emerging during the game.

juegos de mesa españoles casa de papel
Top Spain Board Games – Casa De Papel Behind The Mask and Casa de Papel Quiz in Spanish

Pandemic Iberia 

Pandemic Iberia is one of the most iconic Spain board games. It is set in the mid-19th Century when the Iberian Peninsula was awash in malaria, typhus, cholera, and yellow fever. As members of The Second Royal Philanthropic Expedition, the players must stop the diseases from spreading. Pandemic Iberia was created for ages 8+, so it´s also on our bucket list of Spain board games to test.

Head to this YouTube tutorial for more details.

Spanish Board Games ( That One Can Buy Only in Spain)

Buen Camino

I have recently purchased Buen Camino, since walking a part of El Camino de Santiago (also called the way of Saint James) is on my Spain Bucket List for this year. This game is for ages 8+, but we have already played it with my 6-year-old (it was a bit difficult for her at first, but doable). The best part of this game is that it recreates the final etapa of El Camino.

You have to walk the last 5 stages of El Camino de Santiago while picking up different cards for food, landmarks, and international travelers to reach the Cathedral. It is not about finishing first, but about getting the biggest number of points.

Currently, you can get the Buen Camino Board Game only in Spain. As for it goes for most of the Spain board games, the rules inside are in Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese. Also, there is a smaller version – the Buen Camino Card Game.

spanish board games camino de santiago
Top Spain Board Games: Buen Camino Card Game and Buen Camino

La Viña

La Viña might be a top pick for the fans of La Rioja and Spanish Wineries. It is recommended age is 8+.

Throughout the game, the grape pickers will fight to inherit a magnificent but nearly abandoned vineyard: the players advance along the board, collecting cards with the most interesting grapes. Selling your grapes to the wineries gets you prestige points: the player with the most points wins.

You can check this YouTube tutorial for more details and rules.

Juego de la Oca de San Fermin

Juego de la Oca (or The Game of Goose) is one of the most typical games across the whole of Europe. Spain is no exception, but here one can find interesting editions of this traditional game: Juego de Oca San Fermin (one of the top Spanish festivities) or Juego de Oca Camino de Santiago.


In Barcelona, you will take on the role of builders in 19th-century Barcelona who are working on the new expansion of the city.

The main goal is to construct buildings for accommodating new citizens by creating streets, tram lines, and public services. This game is for ages 14+. It might be not the easiest one to find (since it´s currently not available on the Spanish Amazon). But you might find used offers on eBay or similar platforms.

Spanish Monopoly

If you like the good old Monopoly, in Spain one can get the limited local editions: Monopoly España, Monopoly Spanish National Football Team, Monopoly Madrid, Monopoly Cordoba, Monopoly FC Barcelona, and Monopoly Catalunya.


The classic Mystery game Cluedo (also known as Clue) has Madrid, Seville, and FC Barcelona editions. The recommended age is 8+, so it is going to be my next purchase ( I´ll update the post ASAP to let you know my impressions). I am especially excited to test it since we currently do not have any detective games in our collection. Plus, you know that I simply love the city of Madrid and my last Christmas trip there was amazing.

spain boad games list
Top Spain Board Games: Cluedo Madrid Board Game in both English and Spanish

La Liga

La Liga is a popular game for the fans of football and Spanish Ligue. It´s for ages 10+. Here, I am not sure I’ll be able to give you my feedback since my kids are girls who are not into football. But, I guess, for boys who are into Spanish football this might be a cool gift.

Paella Park

Paella Park is a board game set in Valencia. While playing you will ride the paella-shaped Ferris wheel, dodge zombies, and try to snap a photo with the elusive Valencian Zombie Queen. The player with the highest score wins. This game is for ages 10+, but I think of getting it in a few years. After 15+ expat years in Valencia, everything related to this region already feels dear to my heart.

barcelona board games
Top Spain Board GamesPaella Park


Parchís is a racing game played mainly in Spain (based upon the ancient Indian game of Pachisi). It is one of the most traditional board games in Spain along with Game of the Goose, Domino, and Chess. Personally, I do not feel excited about it, but my husband and kids love playing it online on the phone. The older generations of Spaniards also prefer parchis to other modern games.

Board Games to Learn Spanish

KLOO Learn Spanish Board Game Race to Madrid

KLOO Learn Spanish Board Game Race to Madrid is one of the handiest Spain board games for those learning the language. While having fun with family and friends you keep acquiring Spanish vocabulary and practicing your español.

Card Games

Alternatively, you can also check Lingo Spanish Playing Cards, ¡Dios Mio! Bilingual Fun Card Game, or AGO Spanish Card Game for Beginners, which are all easier to bring with you on the road.

Editions in Spanish

Another alternative is a Spanish Monopoly, especially if you already know the rules, or Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – Spanish Edition.

Top Spain Board Games To Get Right Now - Pinterest

For more tips about Spain check my Pinterest boards Life in Spain and Travel to Spain

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