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The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus is such a magical place to visit. Have you ever thought of visiting Cyprus? – Birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite and one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean.

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Visiting The Blue Lagoon of Cyprus

While my favorite art moment in Cyprus was visiting Kato Paphos Archaeological Park and wandering around its marvelous mosaics, my best re-connect with nature instant was definitely a swim at The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus.

The Blue Lagoon – a Caribbean Paradise in Europe?!

We all need to re-center and refresh our mind every once in a while and there’s no better way to do this than through catching some waves and rays in the middle of a magical natural setting. So once I´ve heard about some of the bluest waters in Cyprus, I couldn´t miss a chance to visit the Blue Lagoon and to experience this Caribbean Paradise in the heart of Mediterranean for myself.

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You can definitely find some amazing beaches in Europe, especially in Spain, Greece, or Portugal. But my favorite place from a paradise-like swim is currently The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus. Plus, it is a very romantic place – I´ll tell you why a bit later.

Pink flowers and white-blue houses in the small village of Latchi in Cyprus
Latchi, Cyprus

How to visit The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

The Blue Lagoon is definitely one of the most isolated and paradise beaches in Cyprus. All thanks to its not-so-easy access.

By car

The Blue Lagoon of Cyprus is located in Akamas Peninsula National Park, in the region of Paphos. It is a sheltered bay with warm water and a sandy bottom. The best way to visit this place is to rent a boat in the small village of Latchi. Latchi is an easy drive from Paphos (1h) or Limassol (1.5 – 2h).

Getting to Latchi by bus is possible, but it is quite time-consuming: you´d need to head to the nearest town of Polis and then to catch another bus to Latchi from there.

Sailing the Mediterranean on the boat in Paphos, Cyprus
Little Titanic Moment on the road

Once you get to Latchi, you can walk the town´s beach promenade and check for tour operators who run the boat cruises to The Blue Lagoon. During the summer months, you´ll have several cruise options throughout the day. Some companies have boats with glass bottoms at the lower deck.

However, I visited Cyprus in May and we opted for renting a small boat. It was three of us and we paid around 90 euros for 3h. During the peak season, it´s around 200 euros for 4h and up to 5 people can go.

Organized tours

A group tour is a more budget-friendly option. You´ll pay around 20 euros for a half-day cruise (including snacks, drinks, and free snorkeling equipment). In the summer months, you also have more options, like sunset cruise, cruise with bar and barbecue, etc.

There are two other ways to get to The Blue Lagoon from Latchi – hiking and driving. Although the roads of Akamas Peninsula National Park are quite adventurous, you must have a 4×4 jeep or a quad to navigate there. Nevertheless, you should rather book a tour/group safari at one of the local companies in Latchi just not to drive there yourself.

Top-rated tours to Blue Lagoon:

For a hike, you´d need to leave your car near Baths of Aphrodite and walk 1 -1.30 h.

The views of the seaside from the boat in Cyprus
On the way to The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

The 50 Shades of Blue

If you´re visiting by boat, the watercolor won´t stop surprising you even for a second. I´ve lost count of all the shades of blue on the way to The Blue Lagoon. From cobalt blue and azure to turquoise and electric blue: this place is literally 50 shades of blue…

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Once we arrived at The Blue Lagoon I couldn´t believe my eyes how crystal-clear water was. There were several boats in the area but it didn´t feel touristic or overcrowded. As it was the beginning of May the water was a bit refreshing, but it was a sunny day, so it was fine. Although, if I´m to be completely honest with you – even a quick gaze at this peaceful paradise would be worth the road.

The blue waters of the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus near Paphos
Colors of The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

The Blue Lagoon of Cyprus has a reef area perfect for snorkeling or diving, as you can see plenty of fish around the rocks.

Why is The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus so romantic?

Despite the obvious natural beauty, there´s another fact that adds magic to the area – in Greek Mythology the seashore of Paphos was the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

On your way from Latchi to the Blue Lagoon is nestled another place – The Baths of Aphrodite. It is a small cool pond where according to the legend the Greek goddess used to bath, and also where she met her lover Adonis. Nowadays you can´t swim in the pond, but you can take your significant other to the nearest Blue Lagoon instead and bath together like the Greek Goddess once did!

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While driving back from Latchi, make sure not to miss another Aphrodite site in Cyprus rich in legends –  Petra tou Romiou or Aphrodite’s rock. This stone is the birthplace of the beautiful goddess who had emerged from the sea foam. Aphrodite is associated with youth, beauty, love and new life. According to an ancient legend, the Aphrodite Rock and its surroundings possess magical properties. Rumor has it that those who swim around the boulder three times anti-clockwise would be blessed with eternal beauty. Another belief claims that if you swim in the area at midnight or find a heart-shaped stone on the shore you´ll find your epic love.

Swimming The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus
The Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

Swimming in the blue waters of Akamas National Park is absolutely one of the most romantic travel experiences around the world you don´t want to miss. It´s no surprise that Cyprus is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination. What could possibly be more amorous than following the steps of the Goddess of Love?

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