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Let me share my favorite places to eat in Copenhagen. There’s no better way to escape the chilly weather outside than taking a cup of coffee with some fresh-baked pastries and there’s no better city to find cozy hideaway places to eat than the Hygge Capital of Denmark. Check this Copenhagen foodie guide and get your daily dose of delicious.

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Copenhagen & The Danish Food

Spring is already here. While in Spain this actually means you should be preparing yourself to hit some of the country´s very best beaches anytime soon, Nothern Europe makes a different story. In Denmark, there´s no better time of the year for layering a few of your favorite clothes into one outfit and taking a city stroll in search of new delicious eats. How about treating yourself to some hot straight-out-of-oven pastries?

Copenhagen is known not only for its spectacular food scene but also for its homely casual settings and Hygge interiors. Cute cafes and food halls are around every corner, while irresistible window displays around town showcase some of the tastiest cakes & tarts you could possibly try in a lifetime.

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Yes, Copenhagen is a lot about sweet dishes! The funny thing is that I don’t usually have much of a sweet tooth here, in Spain. But Copenhagen’s foodie craze for sweet bites appears contagious. Therefore, I can´t escape this sum-up of all the best eats in the city I´ve enjoyed during my 3 days in Copenhagen.

Believe me, there´s no going to Denmark without indulging yourself in a variety of local desserts. Don´t even try!

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In Copenhagen, you´ll find everything from traditional dishes to modern fine dining, trendy brunch spots, gluten-free bakeries, and unique fusion locations. While I´ve previously visited all of the Nordics, it was mainly Denmark that has completely overcome my expectations in terms of food.

My favorite places to eat in Copenhagen

1. Torvehallerne

If your time in Copenhagen is limited and you can swing by one single place that has it all – Torvehallerne is your place. It is a popular market where you can find everything from fresh vegetable stands and potted plants to trendy ready-to-eat meals.

Torvehallerne is a perfect spot to check out the famous Danish open-face sandwich – Smorrebroad. Another breakfast dessert must is Snegl, a dough base rolled and twisted bun with different toppings. Also, check Coffee Collective for a flavorful espresso and Tante Te for a relaxing cup of tea.

Address: Frederiksborggade 21

Smorrebroad in Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Wulff & Konstali

What a brunch they have at Wulff & Konstali – one of the coolest places to eat in Copenhagen.

I must admit that having many flavors on one plate is my personal weakness. At Wulff & Konstali they let you handpick each brunch component from their wide menu in order to create your perfectly-personalized meal. Sandwiches, salads, quiche, squeeze juices, lemonades, iced tea, coffee, freshly baked bread – you´ll be spoilt for choices.

Address: Isafjordsgade 10

3. Conditori La Glace

Conditori La Glace is one of the oldest places to eat in Copenhagen for those who have a sweet tooth. They have beautiful interiors and fantastic cakes. However, one thing I didn’t like that much was their coffee (honestly, if you´re into strong European coffee – this one might feel tasteless). There´s often a queue and everything is a bit overpriced. But the wide selection of pastries at Conditori La Glace is still worth a try.

Address: Skoubogade 3

Conditori La Glace Copenhagen
Conditori La Glace

4. Bertels Salon

Cheesecake lovers can’t miss Bertels Salon in Copenhagen! The place is small and popular, but the cakes are worth it! Many claim that at Bertels Salon they are the ultimate cheesecake experts and could please the biggest skeptics out there. Your only dilemma would be deciding upon a flavor to pick. Cheesecake lovers will be spoilt for choices – lemon meringue or Oreo and caramel.

Address: Kompagnistæde 5

5. Kronborg

Kronborg is one of the most authentic Copenhagen foodie spots: it´s all about Danish food in a cozy traditional setting. Don´t miss their smorrebrod and the marinated herring (a specialty of the house). However, you should keep in mind that this place is probably not the best match for vegans or vegetarians, as they mainly focus on meat, fish, and herring dishes.

Address: Brolæggerstræde 12

best restaurants in Copenhagen - Kronborg
best restaurants in Copenhagen - Kronborg

6. DØP / Den Økologiske Pølsemand

Looking for a more budget option? – Check DOP hotdog stalls. Price starts from 35 DKK ( I know what you’re thinking – that does not sound quite budget for a hot dog, but for Copenhagen, it actually is quite affordable) I guess, we paid around 42 DKK (almost 6 euros) for each hotdog.

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At DOP they serve organic grilled pork and beef sausages with buns made from slow-fermented sourdough bread. They offer a vegan option with tofu and you have lots of things (like toppings) to personalize your hotdog. It´s one of the most popular places to eat in Copenhagen.

Address: Købmagergade 52

Copenhagen hotdog
DØP hotdog

7. Matcha Bar

As a huge matcha fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab something at Matcha Bar. Here, matcha lovers could enjoy a variety of drinks and pastries with matcha. Could you resist a few matcha eats with a creative spin?

Address: Kongens Nytorv 13

8. Kaffebar

Kaffebar is a tiny local cafe near Frederiksborg Castle. I´ve already referred to this place in my Hygge inspiration post. We visited around 9 a.m. and every table had a candle for breakfast. My coffee and grilled avocado sandwich definitely had a homemade touch.

Address: Slotsgade 10, 3400 Hillerød (near Frederiksborg castle)

9. Mirabelle

Croissants and sourdough bread lovers – this will be one of your favorite places to eat in Copenhagen. We stopped at Mirabelle for breakfast on a Saturday morning, which was also good, but I should admit that I especially enjoyed their croissants.

Address: Guldbergsgade 29

best brunch in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Foodie Guide: The Best Places to Eat - croissants

Do you have favorite places to eat in Copenhagen? – Let us all know in the comments.

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Copenhagen Foodie Guide: The Best Places to Eat

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