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One of the most unforgettable experiences in my life has been our Hawaii island helicopter tour. Let me share my honest review with you!

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Visiting Hawaii

Destination Hawaii

If you had asked me 10 years ago to choose one place on a map I´d love to visit the most – that would be Hawaii without any doubt.

I virtually fell in love with these exotic far-away islands a long time ago. So no wonder, when we started to plan our honeymoon, I couldn´t miss a chance to visit the place of my dreams. Therefore, we gave up the blue see-through waters and seaside houses of Maldives and Bora Bara to jump on a plane to the States, ready to have the adventure of a lifetime.

The views during our Hawaii island helicopter tour

Our trip to the USA

So that you understand – Hawaii has a 12-hour time difference from Spain – getting there was our longest trip so far.

As we also planned on getting married in Las Vegas, visiting the Hollywood hills of LA and strolling down the steep streets of San Francisco, we had time to adjust to the time zones while arriving at the Big Island. Nevertheless, our return ticket only had a day layover in LA, so once back home – the famous jet lag caught up with me. I really couldn’t get myself together for several weeks.

But visiting Hawaii was so worth it! Along with Iceland, The Big Island of Hawaii is officially the most beautiful place I´ve ever been to. Even my husband, who always puts Spanish landmarks first, admits it was one of our most unique and most Romantic travel experiences ever.

Although, as I already told you in my post about the Canary Islands, he tried his best to compare Hawaii to the most impressive Spanish landscapes. But let´s face it, we might all have our favorite vacation spots around the globe, for instance, I have a longtime love story with Greece, but you just can´t deny the obvious: Hawaii is like nothing else you´ll ever experience.

Getting ready for our Hawaii island helicopter tour
More views from our Hawaii island helicopter tour

Hawaii´s Unique Nature

Hawaii´s flora and fauna have evolved in their unique way due to the isolated location. As a result, 90% of all species in Hawaii are endemic, which means they exist nowhere else on this planet.

Every island in the Hawaii archipelago is known for its unmatched natural wonders. Kaui has the largest number of native bird species. Maui is the best place to see the humpback whales migrate from Alaska (ever since I´ve done a whale-watching tour in Iceland, I´m dreaming of living this experience again). And in Waipio´s valley of the Big Island, you can see wild horses.

Nevertheless, the Big Island of Hawaii is mostly famous for its iconic lava-watching experiences, as it is the home of the world´s most active volcano – the mighty Kilauea. This is the ultimate reason why we picked the Big Island as one of our honeymoon destinations.

The Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island (also called Hawaii´s Island) is the largest and yet the least explored one of the Hawaiian Islands. In my view, it is a perfect choice for adventurers and nature lovers.

The 8 (of 13) climate zones can be found on the Big Island, so if you drive around a lot – you get to experience different climates in one day. At times, I felt like we were traveling across the globe, while we actually never moved from this far-away island in the middle of the Pacific. In case you plan to visit the Big Island as well – check out this Big Island Itinerary.

Our Hawaii Island helicopter tour

However, no road trip could beat the views of Hawaii´s Island from the air for me.

It is a one-of-a-kind experience worth every penny you´re paying. When I go back in my mind to this epic Hawaiian trip, deep in my heart I start believing that all my dreams actually come true ( if somehow I ended on this Hawaii island helicopter tour).

My favorite places to book unique experiences around the world are GetYourGuide and Viator. Below, I am living for you a few top-rated Hawaii island helicopter tours:

Unforgettable moments and views

Have you ever wanted a moment to last forever?!

That´s how I felt when the helicopter took off towards the white blanket of foggy clouds.

A helicopter flight over Kilauea is, probably, the best way to get closer to real lava. Walking tours make you see magma rocks and you don´t always get the best views from the boat. I was so impressed by this unique experience: nothing could substitute seeing Hawaii from the air!

While my husband said that seeing real lava in action was the most incredible experience of this trip – I´m definitely standing by Waipio Valley and its waterfalls. Ok, I admit – I kind of expected to see “The Lord of the Rings” sort of lava rivers [lol]. But keep in mind that you won´t get that close. While flying over the dry lava surfaces, it was already hard to breathe.

There were a few moments during our Hawaii island helicopter tour when we saw lava taking down rainforests, roads, and former villages. These were giving me some real goosebumps.

We are all aware of the fact that local authorities monitor potential eruptions and no one would let us on board if there would be even a small risk. But you never know for sure, right?! This was the moment when I felt so little, so insignificant in front of the magnificent power of Mother Nature in Hawaii.

Hawaii island helicopter tour

Waipio Valley

When I felt like nothing could beat the lava fields, our helicopter set a course for Waipio Valley.  In an instant, we were flying near 600m high cliffs with tropical waterfalls that emptied directly into the Pacific. For a moment I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

If only I could fly – I´d jump out ASAP. You approach all these natural wonders so close, that if it was not for the helicopter windows, you could really just extend your hand and touch the cold crystal water.

The helicopter pilot explained to us later that the Waipio Valley is hard to explore in any other way: it is dangerous to get close by boat due to strong ocean currents and sharks. Also, in order to hike, you need to get special permission in advance (a month or so). And even if you manage all of the above, you still could never get the same view as the one on the Hawaii island helicopter tour.

Hawaii island helicopter tour
Hawaii island helicopter tour

Remember how I said that I wanted this moment to last forever?

I forgot to say that the Hawaii island helicopter tour lasted 3 hours. But, honestly, it felt like 5 minutes. We even bought a DVD record of our actual flight. I was waiting for it to be sent for 2 weeks back in Spain. Although at the end the video quality was quite average. I mean we can still watch it and remember the route, but it doesn´t reflect even 10 % of the vibrant landscape palette we saw on this flight.

My memories of this Hawaii island helicopter tour chase me till the present day. They are still like the unique return tickets to moments gone forever otherwise…

Other epic adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii

It was definitely not my last trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, what would I dream of experiencing during the next visit:

Luckily, we managed to book our Hawaii island helicopter tour only a few days before. But the tour to Mauna Kea Summit Was fully booked and we could not go. So, next time I will definitely do the reservations in advance.

What about you?! Would you like to see Hawaii from the air?!

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