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Check my 10 Must-Eat Places in New Zealand. Maybe New Zealand is not the first country that comes to your mind when thinking about food, but believe me, it has food options for EVERYONE.

10 Must-Eat Places in New Zealand

There wasn’t even one time that I didn’t enjoy my breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was really difficult to pick my favorite spots but I did my best…*drum roll*…Here are my 10 must-eat places in New Zealand:

1. DKs Burger Bar 

Matamata, North Island 

Located in Matamata, a small town not far from Hobbiton, it is one of those hidden gems that you just CAN’T MISS while in New Zealand. I probably would rate this burger as high as Fergburger (read my Fergburger review here) which seems impossible, but it is what it is. It’s all about the way DK’s burger melts in your mouth and leaves you speechless, and just when you think it can’t get better…you try their fries (*salivating moment*) and you go straight to the moon and back. You think this must be it, but no!

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They also have a VEGGIE burger, which is equally as mouthwatering as a regular one. So make sure you take your time enjoying and appreciating all of the flavors of DK’s burger.

DKs Burger Bar  in New Zealand

2. Atticus Finch

Rotorua, North Island

This was an unexpectedly good lunch experience. It felt like a mix of high cuisine and your regular lunch place. Every dish was unique and every taste bud was included in the process of trying the food. The atmosphere of the restaurant was so chill and comfortable that together it was just a very pleasant and satisfying pastime.

Atticus finch restaurant New Zealand

3. Blue Kanu

Queenstown, South Island

Blue Kanu is an absolute must dinner experience in New Zealand. The restaurant is about “healthy, fresh and exotic Asian cuisine…with a pacific influence” (as seen on their website).

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If I could use one word to describe Blue Kanu, then it would be ‘intriguing’. It seems like you know what you’re getting but actually, you don’t! Every Asian dish is made with a little bit of Pacific cuisine in mind, they call it ‘Polynesian’ food‘. Moreover, their interior design is on point. Everything, starting with color and light, and ending with live performances, is really distinctive.

Blue Kanu New Zealand

4.Fisherman’s Wharf

Lyttelton, South Island

It’s simple. It’s fresh. It’s good quality. What else do you need? If you just want to have a simple lunch/dinner without overthinking, then FW is the place to be.

5. Fat Pipi Pizza

Hokitika, South Island

All I can say is: you gotta try their whitebait pizza! It’s just different and it’s not like you can try it at any pizza place. Of course, it’s also a matter of how you like your crust, thick or thin. For me,  it was perfectly thin and crispy, while the taste was unique and flavorful. And again, it’s a WHITEBAIT PIZZA, people!

Fat Pipi Pizza in New Zealand

6.Food Alley

Auckland, North Island

If you’re as obsessed with Asian Food as I am, then Food Alley is the place to be. It has that authentic feel to it while providing various food options from all over Asia.

7.Stonyridge Vineyard

Waiheke Island

Head to Waiheke Island to try some of the best wine in New Zealand. It’s the whole island of wineries! Since I went there for one day, I visited only three wineries (it was enough for me though).

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My favorite was Stonyridge Vineyard. Besides great wine paired with a palatable cheese plate, it had the most gorgeous view. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of peace and quiet…and a glass of wine 😉

Stonyridge Vineyard

8. Sheffield pies

Sheffield, South Island

Pie-lovers, this one’s for you. These pies, they are perfect. Must I say anything else? Just look at them:

10 Must #Eat Places in New Zealand Maybe #NewZealand is not the first country that comes to your mind when thinking about #food, but it has some amazing food options for everyone!

9. Nest Kitchen and Bar

Queenstown, South Island

If you’re into sharing food but you don’t like eating from other people’s plates or especially when they eat from your plate, then you have to try tapas at Nest Kitchen and Bar. Besides delicious small portions you get the views over Wakatipu Lake, and oh, magic it is.

10 Must #Eat Places in New Zealand Maybe #NewZealand is not the first country that comes to your mind when thinking about #food, but it has some amazing food options for everyone!

10. Bespoke Kitchen

Queenstown, South Island 

Healthy eaters, your time has finally come! This place is perfect for everyone who likes delicious food with a healthy twist. If you don’t believe that healthy can be satisfying, then Bespoke Kitchen is here to prove you wrong!

bespoke kitchen NZ

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10 Must-Eat Places in New Zealand