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Let me share my 2 days in Kuala Lumpur – what a surprising stop on the road!

While coming to Kuala Lumpur for the first time – I must admit I had zero expectations. Yes, Petronas Towers sounded vaguely familiar to me, but to be honest – my knowledge about this city was almost non-existent. However, it was on my way to New Zealand, so I decided to spend 2 days in Kuala Lumpur, especially since I had a friend there.

I haven’t regretted this decision even once… My weekend in Kuala Lumpur was truly epic! KL is the most populous and culturally-diverse city in Malaysia with over 8 million people. It is a hub bustling with life, quite a crazy traffic, numerous huge shopping malls, and really delicious cuisine.

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Visiting Kuala Lumpur

Exploring the city with a local

First of all, this trip has proved me one more time that the fewer expectations you have, the more fun you experience. Well, of course, my friend was one of the reasons I enjoyed my trip so much. We met 5 years ago during the business forum in Mexico City, where we were representing our universities. We haven’t seen each other ever since that event. But thanks to social media, we kept in touch.

So once I knew I’d be in KL, I couldn’t really believe we would see each other again. But there we were, together in KL. I got to explore the city with a local while learning about new culture and cuisine at the same time. The memories of this trip I will cherish forever.

2 days in Kuala Lumpur: Top things to do

1. Batu Caves 

About Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a very special place that you cannot miss during your 2 days in Kuala Lumpur. Just 30 mins train ride from KL’s city center will take you to a whole different world of caves and Hindu temples. You would need at least half of the day to explore this sacred site. 

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The heavenly ambiance at the top of 272 colorful stairs is mixed with the crazy monkeys, ready to snatch everything you have. But as long as you’re cautious and you don’t eat any food, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just dive into this serene world of temples away from the hustle of the big city life.

Colorful Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Batu Caves

Unique Batu Caves tours:

2. Petronas Towers

The tallest twin towers in the world are nothing short of impressive, no matter from what point in the city you look at them. What’s even more important is Petronas Towers were designed to represent the Islamic art and culture (as Islam is Malaysia’s national religion) as well as the modernization of Malaysia. If you look at the building from the top, you will notice that the cross-section of the towers forms the eight-pointed star, which symbolizes the Islamic culture. 

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There’s a high-end shopping mall inside and an observatory, but I personally preferred KL Tower views. However, the Petronas Towers are especially majestic at night when they lit up and you can spot them even from the farthest place in the city. So much magic about that Petronas’ glow!

To save time get Skip-the-Line: Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers e-Tickets.

3. KL Tower

For the best views of the city during your 2 days in Kuala Lumpur head to KL Tower (also known as Menara Kuala Lumpur). It is 421 meters high with various options to enjoy the panorama of KL. You can have dinner in the revolving restaurant or you can walk on the observation deck for a clearer understanding of the city and its limits. Just breathe in and enjoy the view.

You can get Kuala Lumpur Tower Admission Tickets here.

panorama of Kuala Lumpur from the KL Tower
Views from KL Tower

4. Central Market 

It’s not just a tourist trap, even though many tourists visit Central Market. It’s a place for everyone, whether you’re local or you’re coming from far away. You can find anything you need there, from souvenirs and jewelry to art pieces and local food. You don’t need to buy anything, you can just look around and learn something new about Malaysian culture. 

To discover the best foodie locations check this Kuala Lumpur 4-Hour Authentic Local Markets & Event Tour.

Central market in Kuala Lumpur
Central Market

5. Pavilion Shopping Mall

My friend has explained to me that the reason behind so many malls in KL is because those are not just the places to shop. It’s where Malaysians spend a lot of their free time with friends and family. Also, it’s a good place to hide from the heat, so people do spend a lot of time there.

One of the most famous shopping malls is the Pavilion. It has over 550 stores, so you can imagine its size. If you have an unlimited bank account, then this is the place to shop till you drop. Fun fact: every year the mall is beautifully decorated for Chinese New Year, and it’s worth checking out.

Also, you can check this Kuala Lumpur Street Market Exploration & Shopping Tour.

Pavilion Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur decorated for the Chines New Year
Pavilion Shopping Mall

6. Alor Street Food Market 

Alor Street Food Market is a mut stop for foodies during these 2 days in Kuala Lumpur. This place opens every day after 5 pm. Street food is the best way to eat in Kuala Lumpur, it gives you the real taste of the city. Malaysian cuisine is influenced by many cultures (i.e. Arab, Indian, Chinese, etc). You can experience it all at the Alor Street Food Market. Be ready, it can get really finger-licking.  

Diner at Alor Street Food Market in Kuala Lumpur
Diner at Alor Street Food Market

Kuala Lumpur is a very international and diverse city, whether it comes to its people, its culture, or its cuisine. If you’re looking for an entertaining weekend filled with a lot of shopping and sightseeing, then KL is the perfect place to be.

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