Known as a major port city in Northern Germany, Hamburg is one of my favorites in the whole country (alongside Berlin). Full of impressive landmarks, captivating architecture and unique history insights, Hamburg is considered to be one of the most innovative European cities for a reason: its vibrant old warehouse district, the biggest port in Germany, the mind-blowing Miniatur Wunderland and even one of the coolest tea shops I´ve ever been to.

Such a cool city to visit, despite the fact that the weather here tends to be horrible in January. And it´s not only cause I´m used to the mild Spanish winters – the humidity in Hamburg makes you feel like it´s twice colder outside. In addition, I haven´t seen the sun in 3 days. Welcome to Germany in winter!

As one of my friends currently resides in Hamburg, I had an amazing opportunity to explore the city with a local. And despite the weather, we´ve made the most of this weekend.

My 5 Favorite Places in Hamburg


The largest warehouse district in the world, built from 1883 to 1927, is also the ultimate business center and tourist attraction. This place has some special retro vibes and it´ s like nothing else I´ve seen before: only over the last decade, the industrial area full of abandoned docks has turned into one of the trendiest shopping and residential area. That´s only in Hamburg.

No wonder, the splendid Speicherstadt was one of the ultimate “muses” for a world-famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, who shoot here his 30th anniversary Chanel collection for the iconic Vogue.


2. Miniatur-Wunderland

The second place that impressed me the most –  the world’s largest model railway exhibition “Miniatur-Wunderland”. To be honest, I´ve expected something like Mini-Europe in Brussels, but Germans took the details to the whole new level. The exposition has miniatures of countries, regions and even objects, like airports or stadiums. And most of them are connected. They even have the light control system – the day is followed by the night, and everything looks so real till the last detail.

3. The Port of Hamburg

In the evening we took a night harbor cruise to see more of the Port area and learn about its history. But even a simple visit to the largest port in Germany is a must.

4. Hamburg-Altstadt / The Old City

As every huge German city, Hamburg literally has everything: museums, churches, restaurants, shopping centers… It is so diverse and international that over the years Hamburg has had a reputation of “Germany’s Gateway to the World”. Take a walk through the Old City Center to experience its vibrant city life. As I´ve already said, we were extremely unlucky with the weather, so my walks were fast [lol]. Later on, my friend said that weekend was one of the coldest they have in years [lol].

It´s hard to beat Germany when it comes to the Christmas markets. Nevertheless, winter is not the best season choice for the long city strolls…

Hamburg Town HallMönckebergstraße

5. Wasserschloss Tea Shop

Tea lovers can’t miss this place. It is not the cheapest tea shop, but they have amazing quality and a great variety of teas from all across the globe. You could also enjoy some hot drinks at their cafe. To be honest, every tea I bought in Wasserschloss store was simply perfect and every time someone from my friends or family travels to Hamburg, I still ask for a new flavor.

Have you ever been in Hamburg?

Which is your favorite German City?

With love,


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