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Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colors, right?! With its vibrant villages, stunning natural landscapes, delicious food, and fiesta, Spain is the country that is colorful in every possible sense of the word. Enjoy the dazzling palette of my favorite colorful villages that you absolutely need to see for yourself one day…

When All You Need Is A Little Splash Of Colors

The effect of colors on emotions has been a topic of interest for years. Currently, there are several studies that prove: the colors that surround you can change your mood. Well, it´s definitely my case: sometimes I feel like colors energize me even better than coffee. Just imagine the sunny yellow, tropical green, deep blue, vibrant orange – already feeling those endorphins, right?!

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If you add to this “color inspiration” a love for new places and experiences – visiting these most colorful villages in Spain could turn into your personal “wanderlust pill”.

The Most Colorful Villages in Spain


Located a few kilometers south of the famous Benidorm, Villajoyosa is known for its lovely wide, sandy beach and pretty colored fishing houses running along the seafront. One of the most charming destinations of the Costa Blanca coastline, for sure.


Port Saplaya/Valencia

I´ve already mentioned this magical place while sharing with you my Spanish weekends (Read more…). Port Saplaya is often called by locals “Valencia´s little Venice”. Picturesque and quiet in the offseason, it is a perfect place to escape the city life and enjoy a cup of coffee at the seafront promenade. Besides, Port Saplaya is a great day trip from Valencia.

Port Saplaya


Cudillero is often called the most picturesque fishing village of the Asturian coast. And here I couldn´t agree more – it is definitely my favorite one in the North. Despite being quite touristic it has a very relaxing atmosphere: a hidden gem in between the sheer cliffs and the Atlantic ocean. Colorful houses, tiny streets, and great seafood restaurants – Cudillero has it all. Read more...



Before 2011 Juzcar was one of many typical “white” villages in Andalusia. But after Sony Pictures launched the idea of “The Blue Smurfs Village“, as a part of their promotional campaign for The Smurfs movie, locals decided to take part and painted their traditional “pueblo blanco in bright blue…

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However, what was initially supposed to be a temporary project, ended up turning into the city´s trademark. You don´t get to feel like you’re a part of Smurfs cartoon every day, right?! Read more…



In one of the recent posts A Photographic Journey to The Canary Islands I´ve already paid tributes to the impressive nature of these volcanic islands. Nevertheless, Tenerife has many charming little villages that, along with its natural landscapes, are absolutely worth visiting.

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Orotava is one of them: especially when the locals celebrate Corpus Christi by decorating their streets and the main town square with carpets made from sand, flowers, and seeds.

Carpet made from sand, flowers, and seeds

Fuenterrabia/The Basque Country

One of my recent discoveries – Fuenterrabia (or Hondarribia) is definitely one of the most beautiful towns in Pais Vascoloaded with traditional Basque houses, colorful wooden balconies, cobble-stoned streets... Due to its proximity to the French border, the coastal area of Fuenterrabia reminds me of Biarritz and San Juan de Luz. However, the Basque cultural heritage, reflected in its architecture, makes this tiny city truly unique.

Fuenterrabia (or Hondarribia)


A small village in the Province of Castellon (Valencian Community), Fanzara was about to make it to the list of “Spain’s dying villages” until its streets were converted to an open-air Museum. Graffiti is everywhere… Isn´t it amazing?! – Just in a few weeks, a dying village turned into a cultural triumph. Read more…

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Graffitis of Fanzara in Castellon, Spain

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