Baltic Cities is one of the best places to go in summer. Everything is so green and it never gets as hot as it does in most of the European countries. So what to see when you´ve never been to the Baltic Region before?

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Helsinki

The Baltic Cities

I´m sure 90% would say Stockholm is the most beautiful city in the Baltic region. And it´s true: Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm – they are all beautiful, with a unique history, architecture, and lifestyle. However, my favorite Baltic city is definitely Oslo. What about you?!


Oslo is a very modern and cutting-edge city. But once you see it´s beautiful nature – you feel yourself exploring “The land of Vikings”. One of a few places in this world I would come back to for a Fjord Cruise (indeed it´s on my bucket list). Oslo is less touristic than other three most famous Baltic cities.

Don´t miss The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, Vigeland Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, Vigelandsparken, The Nobel Peace Center.

I really enjoyed all of these places. None of them was too crowded, as it happens in Europe, but they all were quite impressive. I also tried whale meat at Rorbua. (Read more: 5 PLACES YOU CAN’T MISS IN OSLO)

The Viking Ship Museum

2. Tallinn

I´ve spent only one day in this beautiful city, coming from Helsinki by boat. The Tallinn´s Old town is magical and feels like a fairytale. If you have a chance, it´s a great place to buy amber jewelry. I also bought once a hand-made sweater on one of the local markets – it´s already been 4 years and the sweater looks like a new one. Don´t miss the medieval dining at Olde Hansa, loved the place and food.

Tallinn´s Old town
Felt like eating a cloud… / Dessert at Olde Hansa

3. Stockholm

Stockholm old town, canals, museums – everything about this city is elegant and sophisticated. Head to The City Hall Tower or Monteliusvagen for the best views. If you have a chance, don’t miss a boat trip to Drottningholm. It looks less fancy and expensive on the inside than the majority of European palaces. But the multiple islands and the boat tour itself was really nice.

4. Helsinki

If you´re lucky with the weather do both: boat tour and a seaside stroll. I was so lucky to have a walk from the harbour area towards Merisatama on a sunny day. The views were amazing and I also got a delicious artisan ice-cream on my way. But it didn’t stop raining for a min during my boat tour, and in general, during the other three days of my stay. Don´t miss the Rock Church, Fortress of Suomenlinna, cathedrals, National Museum of Finland, Sibelius Park & Monument. The city is nice, but my brightest impression of all the trip was a piece of fresh salmon I´ve bought in the harbour area. The fishermen sell it fresh-grilled straight from their boats- never had anything so delicious.

Merisatama, Helsinki

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