Happy Monday, dear readers!

July is here. And the new week has started – it was just Friday, like 5 min ago! Where does the time go?! I really need a Pause button between Saturday and Sunday!

Let´s talk what´s happened in the meantime and more of my summer plans …

Summer Plans: What´s New?!


July will be a month of Spain: only Spanish hidden gems, more travel stories from the Iberian Peninsula and some surprises for you along the way.

Plus I´m currently working on the resources section for this blog with some exclusive content for my subscribers. So once it´s all out – you´ll get an access link via email! Maps, wallpaper sets, itineraries, and tips – subscribe here not to miss out.

I know, most of my followers are huge fans of Spain and I honestly have so much to share with you, much more that I currently manage. You know, I mean my crazy schedule and juggling in between motherhood and everything else. But it won´t be like this forever, I promise.[lol] That´s more of a comment I´m making for myself, cause I need to hear it. At times I feel suffocated of all the information I keep getting on the road and have no time to share – it´s like I´m a ticking bomb that is about to explode with Spanish Travel Tips [lol]

Let´s talk more about summer plans. What are you up to?!

My next trip will most likely be to the Province of Castilla de Leon or Extremadura, both in Spain. Doing road trips is currently the most comfortable way of traveling for us! I mean, having 2 babies on the road with you is a big change. I often feel like there´s no point of practicing extreme sports for me – adrenaline is rushing through my veins all the time anyway!

But I still want to keep exploring. Life goes on…

Child Sponsoring

Have you ever thought of making a difference in someone’s life, even the one you don´t know personally?! I have.

Especially when it comes to the most vulnerable part of our Planet – the kids. I´ve already shared with you my dreams about having my own child charity project in this interview, but we all need to start from somewhere, right?! So I´m currently searching for the new kids’ charities to get involved with, any suggestions?!

I´ve recently learned about Child Sponsoring Program through Compassion International. They focus on finding a sponsor for each child enrolled in the program in order to cover his or her basic needs. Their help involves life-saving medical checkups, food, educational assistance & mentoring. It would be amazing to support a child on the other side of the world… I wonder how these kids feel once they learn they were chosen to be sponsored: knowing that someone across the globe cares could mean more than we imagine.  Especially when it comes to a child in need.

In the future, I plan to get more involved with charity organizations across the globe that are supporting children. Maybe, at some point, I could even start my own project. That would be the best way to make sure I truly invest in what benefits those kids the most.

Each morning we wake up to a world where nearly 400 million children live on less than $1.90 a day. Every little bit of help counts!


Every month I set a goal to find time to read more – this currently goes to my summer plans list as well. Audiobooks often save me, cause I can listen and do other things at the same time. As I´m currently very short in time, I´d say it´s definitely better than nothing. Although I´m a paper book fan forever. The ink, the paper, the glue – it´s like being able to touch it adds some magic to the reading process. Plus the paper books change: they age, the pages get ripped, the paper discolorated, the binding falls apart … paper books are like us, humans – they have their own stories besides what they were initially about.

For an avid reader, I don´t currently blog a lot about the books. Therefore, I´ve decided to place Goodreads corner on my right bar (bottom right corner), where you could check what am I currently reading and we could connect, discuss and chat more. My latest book is “Britt-Marie Was Here” by Fredrik Backman and I plan on reading “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes. I´m currently filling in my Goodreads profile, so if you´re an avid reader as well – any book suggestions are welcome. Plus if you´re a Goodreads user – let´s connect there as well!

Why Don Quixote? Despite the summer heat, I´ve recently visited the famous Quijote Route in Central Spain. It consists of the places that have inspired the Quijote book. From the first minute of my trip, I realized that I literally just walked past this book at school. Although it was a part of a mandatory reading list for my Literature Class … I´m not sure whether we were reading a short version, or what on the earth were we even reading? I don´t remember a thing  [lol]. One of the most popular books on the planet – I should at least give it a try!

Any book you could recommend me?!