Sandy Mediterranean Paradise: Benicassim. Tiny and peaceful Spanish city with an amazing coastline, green palms, fine sands and blue waters…

Sandy Mediterranean Paradise: Benicassim

Benicassim is a small city located in the province of Castellon. If you´re a festivals fan, you might have actually heard of it, because of FIB or Rototom Sunsplash.

Benicassim is truly a sandy Mediterranean paradise. However, here comes the best part: it is relatively undiscovered by the international tourists yet. Especially, when compared to Costa Brava, Oropesa or Benidorm.

What I love so much about this tiny city (aside from its amazing coastline, green palms, fine sands and blue water) is that you can always find a quiet place at the beach, but at the same time in summer Benicassim is full of life: bars, clubs, restaurants, multiple activities, festivals etc. There are some really great routes for roller skating or riding a bike. It seems far away from the big city life. Nevertheless, the small port is also nearby and this means a lot of fresh fish and seafood.

The best beach area, in my opinion, is Playa Serradal, located between Benicassim and Grao de Castellon. It is relatively far from the Benicassim city center, there is not much space to park around and almost no apartments in the area, so it is never overcrowded. Moreover, there is a protected bird recreation area there, so it reminds more of a wild beach, rather than a public city beach.  Simply, love it …

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